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Keri Bentsen

I empower women 40+ to self-care to prevent burnout so that they can be more productive, make more money and enjoy life again.
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Donna Burgher

Faith-Based Podcast Host | Dream Catalyst Mentor | Radiant Mindset Coach
Profile picture of Hema Vyas
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Hema Vyas

The Omnipreneurial Psychologist ™ Speaker, Corporate Wellness & Life Leadership Mentor ✭ Founder of Haven ✭ Non-Executive Director ✭ Author of The Silent Heartache of High-Achievers (2023)
Profile picture of Rachel Vasquez
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Rachel Vasquez

Meet Rachel Vasquez, A Grief Warrior Like You! Widow Empowerment Coach | Licensed NeuroAccelerated Hypnotherapist | Senior Partner at The Wellness Universe
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Debbie Prediger

𝗘𝗺𝗽𝗼𝘄𝗲𝗿𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗛𝗲𝗮𝗿𝘁-𝗹𝗲𝗱 𝗘𝗻𝘁𝗿𝗲𝗽𝗿𝗲𝗻𝗲𝘂𝗿𝘀: 𝗨𝗻𝗹𝗲𝗮𝘀𝗵𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗣𝗿𝗼𝘀𝗽𝗲𝗿𝗶𝘁𝘆 𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝗣𝘂𝗿𝗽𝗼𝘀𝗲 with Business Momentum and Mindset Mastery
Profile picture of Laura Di Franco
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Laura Di Franco

CEO of Brave Healer Productions, an award-winning publisher for holistic health and wellness professionals.
Profile picture of Desiree Holmes Scherini
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Desiree Holmes Scherini

I work with multiple modalities, in person and virtually - I am here to help you succeed! Positive change and progress you are waiting for are within reach. I am trained and certified in multiple helping modalities to meet the needs of my clients. I am excited to help you be all that you can be.
Profile picture of Nancy Stevens
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Nancy Stevens

Founder- Uplift Clean and Nancy Stevens Coaching I help women 10x their energy, happiness and confidence.
Profile picture of Janette Stuart
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Janette Stuart

Angelic Practitioner - Author of "On a Path of Joy" series, Angel Angles exists to help you own your divinity and live joyfully.
Profile picture of Mary Lou Rodriguez
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Mary Lou Rodriguez

Brain Training & High Performance Mindset Expert | International Hypnosis Instructor | Money Mindset Coach
Profile picture of Carrie Hopkins-Doubts
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Carrie Hopkins-Doubts

Certified Professional Coach specializing in Grief and Transition. I help people reconnect with their heart, reclaim their power, and re-align with their purpose to create their life's next chapter.
Profile picture of Rosemary Levesque
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Rosemary Levesque

Licensed Spiritual Healer, Integrative Natural Healing for Spiritual Mastery, Detoxification, Psychic Intuitive, Vibrational Sound Master Teacher, Ancestral Healing, Holistic Pet Health
Profile picture of The Wellness Universe
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The Wellness Universe

Your Complete Wellness Resource for Total Well-Being. Join our community as a World-Changer or Friend.
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Mitchell Osborn

Transformational Coach - Psychic Medium - Tarot Card Reader - Animal Communicator
Profile picture of Gayle Nowak
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Gayle Nowak

Transformational Coach for Spirit-Led Wellness Coaches + Holistic Practitioners | Certified SourcedTM Retreat Master | Wellness for All Soul Sessions Guide | Resilience Event Speaker
Profile picture of Kim Marie Pauline MS
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Kim Marie Pauline MS

Kim founded, cracking the code on physical and mental performance and integrating Lifestyle Medicine, Clinical Nutrition, NAP & NLP, Educating on Personal Training and coaching methodologies to support clients’ needs and goals.
Profile picture of Carole Park
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Carole Park

Deep Spiritual Healing with Infinite Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Ling Chi Yoga, Ling Chi Healing, Meditation, Life Readings & Spiritual Counselling
Profile picture of Deborah Roth
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Deborah Roth

Interfaith Minister, Life & Relationship Coach, Ritual Expert, Women's Circle Facilitator
Profile picture of Miché Meizner
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Miché Meizner

Healer, Mentor, Soul-Guide, Certified Life Coach
Profile picture of Gwenda Smith
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Gwenda Smith

As a WU Best Help featured member, I offer sliding scale, reduced rates on my services of one to one Healing and The Soul Mastery Collective Course. Welcome to the realm of living a Harmonious Enlightened Aligned Life; H.E.A.L. My promise to you is that I will guide you to your inner power, innate wisdom and knowing how to be living a passionate, purposeful, H.E.A.L for the rest of your life. Here is a place of embracing new ways, learning, sharing, expanding your consciousness, changing habits for the best life, a glorious life. It is my greatest thrill to provide you with the keys and modalities to living a passionate, purposeful life every day. Through my acquired knowledge, and life wisdom I facilitate programs for you, each one is full of the wonderful aspects of H.E.A.L, I do this in person and online. Shed the layers of old ways, all that weights you down, release your struggle, are you ready, truly ready? Because time is ticking, and you have only one chance at this life so give it your best for your sake and everyone you love!
Profile picture of Maggie Sarfo
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Maggie Sarfo

Author, Speaker, Business/Personal Growth and Akashic Records Consultant - Business leaders/entrepreneurs say they attain their highest potential as a result of our work! Purpose through their own Akashic Records. Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance - CraeteBalance Program.
Profile picture of Bamboo Ilana
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Bamboo Ilana

Comprehensive, whole body, whole being for healing long standing, chronic pain form old injuries, surgeries & traumas.
Profile picture of Elizabeth Kipp
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Elizabeth Kipp

Addiction Recovery | Stress Management| Ancestral Healing & Historical Trauma Specialist |Yoga & Meditation Teacher|
Profile picture of Carol Pilkington
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Carol Pilkington

Carol Pilkington shows Executives and Business Owners how to breakthrough the stigma of shame and guilt of feeling inner despair, anxiety, depression and meaninglessness.
Profile picture of Laurel Elders, MCC, CEC
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Laurel Elders, MCC, CEC

Laurel is an ICF Master Certified Coach (MCC) and the founder and CEO of the Institute. She began her career as a coach in 2005 after noticing that we are living in pivotal times; corporations often place profit above people, individuals are feeling lost in the "rat race" and corporate drive is leaving the largest scale impact on the future of sustainability. Laurel observed how coaching is powerfully tapping into the next phase of human potential in ways never before experienced and is contributing to powerful solutions. Laurel invested in bringing the highest levels of coach training and mentoring, into a world that needs people's gifts, talents, purpose and heart, now more than ever. Her clients and students are torch holders for positive impact, locally and globally, in service to the success of generations to come.
Profile picture of Bonnie Sheldon
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Bonnie Sheldon

I help people relieve personal and work-place stress by improving emotional regulation as well as working with folks who have body issues like exercise aversion. My intuitive, holistic approach combines cognitive somatics (EFT), physical somatics (like yoga and Feldenkrais), emotional first-aid, meditation, Matrix Reimprinting and spiritual work as desired. By working through their limiting beliefs and releasing "the issues from their tissues," people heal trauma, overcome bodily discomfort and achieve a renewed sense of freedom and true embodiment, learning how to practice physical self-compassion and self-care, finding an ease of mind and movement in life. You can also learn how to teach these methods to others and spread the benefits of Embodied Self-Empowerment®.
Profile picture of Susan Cross
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Susan Cross

PR Pro. Nature Conservationist. Author. Speaker. Positive Thinker.
Profile picture of Danielle Marggraf
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Danielle Marggraf

Danielle Marggraf is a leader in the feminine wealth movement. Followed by women worldwide for her inspiring and no-nonsense teaching style, Danielle mixes her spiritual badassery with money and nervous system coach trainings for women using somatic, energetic and mindset practices to literally rewire your body for more freedom, fulfillment and feminine financial flow. Her programs as well as her Prosperous Goddess Retreats transform women in their business and personal lives. She is an activator for women to be wealthy and worthy banishing shame from their body systems and growing lucrative, soul-enriching businesses as well as understanding that their bank accounts and their lives are a reflection of their body patterns. As a result, graduates of Danielle’s wealth consciousness programs quickly begin to massively uplevel their capacity to receive, let go of past money blocks, and experience deep, soul-level breakthroughs in claiming their worth, connecting to their wisdom and up-leveling energetically so they prosper in every area of their lives. Guiding women navigate relatonships throuh healing and understanding their nervous systoms by healing past traumas so they stop operating from their trauma amd drama to make awesome money doing what they love!
Profile picture of Susan Lataille
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Susan Lataille

Certified Master Grief Coach Susan Lataille specializes in helping women navigate the healing process through the power of writing. Offering Individual, Group, and Author Programs, Susan provides a nurturing space for transformation and growth.
Profile picture of Lisa Bonta Sumii, LCSW
Select Changer Member

Lisa Bonta Sumii, LCSW

Athlete Mental Health & Performance
Profile picture of Tafiq Akhir
Premier Changer Member

Tafiq Akhir

Tafiq Akhir, known as Mr. Menopause, is an award-winning menopause specialist and healthy aging expert. With over 24 years in health and fitness and 19 years focused on menopause relief, Tafiq empowers women over 40 to thrive through his Menopause Made Simple program. He also offers practical solutions, training, and policy creation for companies to address menopause's impact. Through workshops, media channels, and corporate wellness consulting, Tafiq provides comprehensive support and education for managing menopause confidently.
Profile picture of Brooke L. McKeever
Premier Changer Member

Brooke L. McKeever

Brain Health and Body Wellness with Advanced Photobiomodulation. Light Therapy, PBM Sales and Rentals, Consultations, Education and Support. Supplying the right light, with the right vibes (frequencies) to help you heal yourself.
Profile picture of Kerryn Van der Merwe
Premier Changer Member

Kerryn Van der Merwe

Pain-free movement and physical wellness made simple with easy-to-follow, safe and effective routines. Join our FREE weekly classes, check out our Youtube Channel or spend some time browsing our video library. We manage pain, condition and tone the body and help you live your life to the fullest! Support your body, eliminate pain, improve your life!
Profile picture of Michele Phillips
Premier Changer Member

Michele Phillips

Energize Your Results
Profile picture of Cindy D. Whitmer
Premier Changer Member

Cindy D. Whitmer

The Mid-Life Makeover Coach. I teach people how to love themselves unapologetically and build unwavering confidence so they can live full, meaningful lives personally and professionally. Through coaching, speaking, and writing, I provide a makeover for you from the inside out so you can turn your midlife crisis into the best years of your life.
Profile picture of Sharon Sayler
Premier Member

Sharon Sayler

High Influence 'Tough-Talks' | Body Language Trainer | Leadership Communications | Certified Virtual & In-Person Trainer | Master Virtual Body Language | Advocacy | Award-winning The Autoimmune Hour Host |
Profile picture of Lolita Guarin
Premier Member

Lolita Guarin

Learn how to become emotionally grounded in stress environment
Profile picture of Ilene Dillon
Premier Member

Ilene Dillon

Transform Your Life with Lasting Changes, Reducing Stress and Increasing Love!
Profile picture of Dr. Janet Smith Warfield
Premier Member

Dr. Janet Smith Warfield

Founder: Planetary Peace, Power, and Prosperity Legacy Foundation, Inc., word energy alchemist, retired attorney, consciousness educator, best-selling author, international speaker, workshop and circle facilitator
Profile picture of Deanna Won
Premier Member

Deanna Won

Founder of Keynotes to Life, LLC | Speaker | Leadership Consultant | Holistic Health Coach
Profile picture of Tyhson J. Banighen, M.A.
Premier Member

Tyhson J. Banighen, M.A.

The Illuminator, Mentor and Master Inner Game Coach to help you get out of your own way so you can get from where you are to where you want to be in the shortest amount of time possible.
Profile picture of Theresa Micheletti
Premier Member

Theresa Micheletti

Spiritual Life Coach: Guiding you to find your most JOYFUL path personal and spiritual.
Profile picture of Jennifer Moore
Premier Member

Jennifer Moore

Empathic Mentor, Author & Accredited Trainer for EFT International
Profile picture of Bonnie Chase
Premier Member

Bonnie Chase

Business success tools for holistic & spiritual healers and entrepreneurs. Yes, you can create beautiful digital marketing products for your business so you can standout online..
Profile picture of Susan Eckert
Premier Member

Susan Eckert

The Feminine Path to Soul Purpose Coach | Wellness Universe Author | Speaker
Profile picture of Sherinata Pollock
Premier Member

Sherinata Pollock

Passionately Educating about 5G and Technology Radiation ☆ Energy Healer ☆ Good Vibes Expert ☆ Author ☆ Speaker ☆ Brain Tumor Survivor
Profile picture of Rochel Marie Lawson
Premier Member

Rochel Marie Lawson

I unlock your bliss by balancing the pillars of Wellness, Wisdom and & Wealth so that you can step in to having and living your dream life.
Profile picture of Manuela Rohr
Premier Member

Manuela Rohr

I'm a Body Wisdom Guide and Mentor, Expert in unconditional Happiness and creator of the Tiny Islands .
Profile picture of Ahana Lara
Premier Member

Ahana Lara

Help conscious entrepreneurs create High Growth Visibility, Authentic Marketing and Client Attraction for their business. 6-Figure Success for conscious business owners.
Profile picture of Kamini Wood
Premier Member

Kamini Wood

Life Coach | Relationship Coach | Leadership Coach | Helping people overcome stress, anxiety and heartbreak
Profile picture of Brian Surowiec
Premier Member

Brian Surowiec

Co-Founder and CTO of The Wellness Universe
Profile picture of Jean Voice Dart
Premier Member

Jean Voice Dart

Certified Expressive Arts Coach, Certified Grief and Trauma Coach, Credentialed Teacher. LIFE CAN BE CHALLENGING. Many people are experiencing grief and trauma. The expressivearts are a highly effective coping strategy. I'm a Certified Expressive Arts Coach (CCF), Certified Grief and Trauma Coach (CCF) and use the expressive arts to help others identify, embrace, and release blocked feelings through the expressive arts. I am happy to work with you. Find out more at
Profile picture of Lisa Charles
Premier Member

Lisa Charles

An Author, Speaker, Creator and Facilitator of Innovative Wellness Programming
Profile picture of CINDY CORK
Premier Member


Dr. Cindy Cork - Guiding Women Over 40 to Find the Flame that Reignites Their Life.
Profile picture of Lisa Mininni
Premier Member

Lisa Mininni

Step powerfully into your contribution in the world by taking a systems approach to profitability. Learn how our clients increased their productivity 40%; increased sales 90% in 30 days; and increased revenue 75% in just 12 months.
Profile picture of Jiji Chai
Premier Member

Jiji Chai

Walk On WELLNESS Author and Creator of Makinis Natural Skin Care Products
Profile picture of Jim Phillips
Premier Member

Jim Phillips

L.I.F.E. Strategist, America's Authority on Living in Full Expression, Inspirational Speaker, Author, LIFE Plan Design and Implementation.
Profile picture of Ricki McKenna
Premier Member

Ricki McKenna

Ricki provides on-line classes & nutrition consultations, food prep, lessons and recipes from on Thursdays @11 Central: Empowering YOU to achieve optimum health with food. Call Now (970-618--7607) and reserve your spot.
Profile picture of Kathryn Yarborough
Premier Member

Kathryn Yarborough

I teach on purpose solopreneurs how to manifest clients, become authentically vibrant speakers, and grow a business they love!
Profile picture of Nicole Harvick
World Changer Member

Nicole Harvick

I am a Forgiveness Expert and Quantum Energy Healer
Profile picture of Angela Medway-Smith
World Changer Member

Angela Medway-Smith

I specialise in enabling clarity and joy in your life by connecting you to your divine path; enabling your life to flow with ease and grace. I have over thirty years’ experience of supporting, coaching and mentoring people and follow the same principles and teachings of traditional coaching (such as goal setting, working on habits and beliefs) with the addition of divine connection to source energy to consult the soul, align and harmonise mind, body and spirit. Find our more at contact me at [email protected]



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