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Virginia Robin

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Experience in my field since: 2012
I enjoy my work as: Coach - Groups, Coach - Organizations, Book Author, Public Speaker, Workshop Facilitator, Online Course Provider, Online Services Provider, In Person Services Provider, Virtual Events Creator, In Person Events Creator, Corporate Wellness Specialist, Participant in Collaborative Projects, Mentor
My Specialties: Stress Management, Life-work Balance, Other

In 2012 a rather embarrassing event bought Virginia to her knees, literally. Life tripped her up and in doing so introduced her to a state of peace she’d never felt before. Seeking to maintain that peaceful state within her busy legal practice and otherwise turbulent personal life was the catalyst for self-inquiry and exploration into the meaning of peace and life satisfaction.

In a move from practicing lawyer to becoming a Peace Specialist and Nationally Accredited Mediator, Virginia understood that we are collectively regulating ourselves away from the peace we seek. With a Diploma in Yoga Teaching as the basis for further inquiry, Virginia spent 10 years studying with world leaders in the field of consciousness and physics to understand that the keys to peace are found in how we respond to our natural world.

Her niche market is in invoking peace, teaching collaborative skills and enhancing coherence in group settings such as workplaces, boards, clubs or community groups. Her methods of Alternative Dispute Resolution are novel as she explains that discord always stem from relationships with others and so groups foster the perfect setting to course correct.

​Group coherence is only available to the extent of each individual’s access to personal peace and satisfaction.

Peace is a superpower that can be accessed in direct proportion to an individual’s alignment with authenticity. The more harmonious the group, the more creative, productive and successful it becomes. Take Pixar, for example, a company that continues to flourish by understanding the value of authentic collaboration. They a wellspring of fun, no less. The energy arising from fun is vital to success.

Added bonus: As the collective inspiration is given space to thrive, any fears arising around implementing artificial intelligence are more easily overcome. Indeed, the honing of collaborative skills is vital to the quantum era which is fast approaching us.

​Virginia journeys individuals ‘back’ to authenticity via some unique and fun experiential methods. And to her, the idyllic life is all about fun.

She offer various programs to suit your organization’s needs. You can click through here for more detail or to make an initial inquiry.

Retreats and workshops are her specialty. Particularly her new Marking your Mark program for teams. An in-person experience to invigorate team coherence. Virginia guides playful mark making to a completed art piece. Via playful interaction, team individuals learn who they are within the group dynamic. Highlighted for the team is the vital need for individual expression in group coherence. Confidence is nurtured as personal limiting believes are dissolved. There are plenty of ‘a-ha!’ moments and laughter in this program, all finished off with a collaborative art piece to remind the team of their individual contribution.

Virginia puts into practice, her own lived experiences of how we can easily use natural law to align with our natural state of paradise.

More than anything Virginia loves fun and laughs at herself often. You can laugh at her too as she tells her side of life’s story about how she found herself in paradise, and how you can too in recently released book #1 Best Seller in Self Help: Abuse category on Amazon called:

Not Guilty: Finding Peace in Three Simple Steps.

Available on most major online retailers including Amazon: Buy here

Virginia Robin

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