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Thank you for your interest in promoting your product, service or information on The Wellness Universe. Currently, all ad space is reserved for World-Changer members of The Wellness Universe. You can fill out an application and become a WU World-Changer FREE.

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Blogging opportunities are for Wellness Universe (WU) World-Changer members only. Contact us below if you are already a World-Changer member and interested in this. If you are someone that has a product, service or information that positively impacts the world, we would love to have you! To apply to be a World-Changer member, join us here.

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Contact The Wellness Universe for Interviews, Live Events and Engagements. If you are hosting an event, members of The Wellness Universe can help make it a success. For speakers, workshops and more, please contact us using the form below.

Founders Anna Pereira and Shari Alyse are available for interviews and live events.

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