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Hi, I’m Dr. Cindy and many moons ago, I was a chemist with a start-up pharmaceutical company.  Working there gave me a bird’s-eye view of the industry, and I was not impressed with what I saw!   I realized that these formulations that we pay an arm and leg for were just copies of natural therapies that have existed for centuries in other cultures.

I went on to study Optometry as I felt that giving someone the gift of sight was far more noble than creating poisons for people to put in their bodies.  As I studied the eye, I realized there was so much more to this amazing little organ than just the ability to see!

I discovered that the eye is a window into the health of our entire body.  Fascinated by this concept, I studied Iridology and began to delve into other areas of alternative health.  I am certified in several powerful alternative holistic healing modalities including Syntonics, Holistic Iridology, Nutripuncture, Live Blood Analysis, Medicinal Foods, Neuro Design Engineering, and Hypnosis.

Throughout this journey, I’ve had a few health challenges that I’ve treated successfully using these natural means.  I now use these powerful tools for transformation to train people how to sharpen their skills in order to delve deep into their journeys to heal and transform their life and health.


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