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Find self-care books by members of The Wellness Universe. Many of our members are best-selling authors and leaders in support for your transformation and self-care. From stress and anxiety management books to health and wellness books to empowerment books, and more. Explore journals, books, and guides in digital format, print, and audio books. The featured wellness books below a worth the read and you may find your next, new favorite that changes your life. Connect with the author for personal care, support, and ask for a signed copy of their book!

4.8 Stars on Amazon

The Wellness Universe Guide to Complete Self-Care, 25 Tools for Stress Relief 

By Anna Pereira
Head Goddess and CEO of The Wellness Universe

A #1 International Best-Seller on Amazon and Best-Seller in multiple categories, this book offers personal stories and tools from 25 globally recognized wellness practitioners to help you cope with, reduce, and eliminate stress.

“This book is powerful, a wealth of knowledge to help reduce stress.” Jeanne Marie

4.8 Stars on Amazon

The Wellness Universe Guide to Complete Self-Care, 25 Tools for Happiness 

By Anna Pereira
Head Goddess and CEO of The Wellness Universe

An International Best-Seller on Amazon and Best-Seller in multiple categories, this book offers personal stories and tools from 25 globally recognized wellness practitioners to help you live your happiest life.

“I love this book! There is so much packed in it. I am leaving this book on my coffee table for easy access when my family and friends come over.” Rose K

5.0 Stars on Amazon

The Wellness Universe Guide to Complete Self-Care, 25 Tools to Achieve Anything

By Anna Pereira
Head Goddess and CEO of The Wellness Universe

A #1 International Best-Seller on Amazon and #1 Best-Seller in multiple categories, this book offers personal stories and tools from 25 globally recognized wellness practitioners to help you achieve anything.

“A powerhouse of information on every topic you can imagine. The authors authentic stories have lessons and tools for all to use to achieve your best life.” Terri Lynn

5.0 Stars on Amazon

The Wellness Universe Guide to Complete Self-Care, 25 Tools for Goddesses

By Anna Pereira
Head Goddess and CEO of The Wellness Universe

A #1 International Best-Seller on Amazon and Best-Seller in multiple categories, this book offers personal stories and tools from 25 globally recognized wellness practitioners to help you to embrace and live in your unique Goddess energy.

“Stories of awakening provide powerfully grounded and practical tools to help the reader remember her worth and then embody and fully actualize their potential. The Goddess lives inside each and every woman. This book is a definitive source for anyone yearning to step into their Goddess power for once and for all.” Elizabeth K

5.0 Stars on Amazon

A Life To Die For

By David McLeod, Certified Master Life Coach
Life Mastery Coach

“A Life to Die For” is an authoritative, informative, and life-altering book that provides you with powerful skills to help you rediscover and reclaim the truth of who you really are and why you are really here.

“David McLeod expertly guides you on your very own Hero’s Journey to Life Mastery! You’ll immediately see yourself in David’s compelling journey to fulfillment and purpose, and trust him to guide you on yours!” –Ronda Renée, Creator of the Divine Coordinates® process, Founder of DivineNavigation.com

4.6 Stars on Amazon

Designing Your Dream Life Workbook

By Gael Wood, Success Coach
Business and Life Coach

Come along with Life Design expert Gael Wood who will hold your hand and guide you to creating your unique dream life in the areas of your career, health, family, finances, your home and more.

“Gael is so passionate about helping others and sharing bother successes and failures. Her writing style is conversational, accessible and makes me feel right at home. Love it!” –  Felicia B.

Paths to Inner Peace: A 90-Day Journal

By Elizabeth Kipp, Health Facilitator
Stress Management Specialist

Paths to Inner Peace – A 90 Day Journal offers a place for a daily written record of your life and provides inspirational quotes and plenty of space for creative expression.

“This Journal is gorgeous! Such lovely artwork and the gentle guidance on what to look at is very helpful for people who can’t figure out where to start. This is inspired and creative and very useful.” – Celeste Mendelsohn, Yoga Therapist, Treating Trauma with Yoga

5.0 Stars on Amazon

Seeking Serenity: How to Find Your Inner Calm and Joy

By Leah Skurdal, Intuitive Wellness Guide, Inspirational Speaker
Reconnecting to Wellbeing

Seeking Serenity is a guidebook of tools for navigating the roller coaster of life with grace, calm and an open heart.

“I felt as if I was sitting with a best friend, engaged in wonderful, insightful conversation. I found myself making notes of things I wanted to try or didn’t want to forget. The book is full of anecdotes and easy exercises. It is one you will come back to often, each time learning a little deeper.”

5.0 Stars on Amazon

Magnify Your Magnificence: Your Pathway to the Life & Relationships You Truly Desire

By Marisa Ferrera, Women’s Empowerment Coach & Mentor
Transforming Conflict into Connections

A Guide to Happier Relationships & A Joyful Life:  This book will help you remember who you REALLY are & will show you step-by-step how to tap into your inner wisdom & power so you can experience the life & relationships you truly desire.

“Thank you will never be enough. I can’t explain how reading this book made me feel but I do know that it struck a chord with me in a way I’ve never felt before and I released a whole pile of “garbage.” Marisa, you are an incredible source of inspiration.” – Leslie

4.5 Stars on Amazon

The Way Through Chronic Pain, Tools to Reclaim Your Healing Power

By Elizabeth Kipp, Health Facilitator
Stress Management Specialist

This book is for chronic pain sufferers and those who care for them offering proven techniques to clear pain from a former chronic pain sufferer who searched the globe for answers and found them.

“After reading stacks of books on chronic pain, I can tell you without a doubt that you can just go straight to “The Way Through Chronic Pain.” – Sue Zinck, Nurse, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

5.0 Stars on Amazon

The Gratitude Habit Daily Journal: 30 Days of Gratefulness During Difficult Times Workbook

By Gael Wood, Success Coach
Life & Business Coach

How to reduce your fear, worry, anxiety, and stress during difficult times through the daily practice of Gratitude.

“I was really happily surprised by how much I like this book! My family and I take time to practice thankfulness every night at dinner and have done so for years so I felt a bit like BTDT with gratitude practices but the author’s take on this was sweet and refreshing.”

5 Stars on Amazon

Inspired Living: Superpowers for Health, Love and Business

By Carolyn McGee, Sacred Haven Living Guide, Intuition Coach & Teacher

Living your best inspired life includes recognizing, embracing, and sharing all of your superpowers.

25 stories of transforming pain into purpose and arriving fully into who they were meant to be—with superpowers that allowed them to heal and thrive and will allow you to do the same. This book helps you create a safe, sacred haven for yourself with awareness practices and strategies that break and challenge the traditional mold.

“I was able to see myself and my experiences in so many of their stories. I found the tools offered life altering.”


4.5 Stars on Amazon

The Infinite Wisdom of the Akashic Records

By Lisa Barnett, Founder of Akashic Knowing School & Certified Healer
Akashic Record Teacher

This is an extraordinary book with Lisa’s 5 Step Wisdom Prayer System to simply and easily access your own Akashic Records.

“The clear, no-nonsense approach to access your Akashic Record is easy to follow. And the very pure, high-vibration energy encoded in the book is immediately apparent. As soon as I started clear guidance pouring through right away. And life is getting better and better ever since.”

5.0 Stars on Amazon

Sacred Path to Wellness

Joy Andreasen
Psychic, Medium, Spiritual Healer

Sacred Path to Wellness is a journey of healing for spirit, soul, and body, as you enhance your sense of well-being and increase your connection to spirit through proven techniques and easy to follow exercises.

“Another wonderful book from Joy Andreasen! This is an easy-read that is relevant for both novice and seasoned healers. Readers will find a wide variety of healing techniques that are easy to implement. It is a valuable resource that is worthy of shelf space in any personal library.”

5 Stars on Amazon

Your Amazing Itty Bitty Book of Astrology: 15 Key Questions People Ask About Astrology

Carol Pilkington, Spiritual/Astrological Counselor
Anxiety, Grief, Relationships

15 Key Questions People Ask About Astrology

“The author is clearly quite knowledgeable about astrology. She never evangelizes about astrology and she doesn’t push it. She just answers questions in a very informative and logical way.” Judy Schriener, longtime journalist and author (“Building for Boomers,” McGraw-Hill)

5 Stars on Amazon

Living In Joyful Resilience: A Roadmap for Navigating Life’s Ups & Downs

Kate Olson, Certified Life Coach & Hypnotherapist
Transition & Transformation

In defining the joy/resilience connection Kate creates a Call-to-Action guide for recurring joy and stronger resilience. She offers thought-provoking research into the difference between being merely resilient and being joyfully resilient.

“My goodness did you make me think. This much-needed book is a cross between neuroscience in all its intricacies, ever-changing discoveries and emotional recognition. Kate has such passion and it comes across through the pages.” – Dr. Yvonne Kaye, Ph.D., Author, Podcast Host, Thanatologist

4.7 Stars on Amazon

Love Yourself Happy: The Journey Back to You

By Shari Alyse, 2x TEDx Speaker & Bestselling Author
Positivity and Joy

This book is about love – love for your life, love for your journey and most importantly, love for YOU.

“This book will take you on a journey! You will laugh, cry and feel deeply. But most importantly, you will exhale for the first time in a while. You will finally remember YOU. I am so inspired right now!!” – L. Davis

4.9 Stars on Amazon

The Key to LIFE: Living in Full Expression

By Jim Phillips, LIFE Strategist/Coach
Designing Life Strategies

The Key to LIFE, Living In Full Expression is a thought-provoking guide to exploring, expressing, and experiencing the Truth of who we are.

“Jim has written a wonderful book! He has the heart of a mystic and the mind of a scholar. The Key to Life is rooted in divine love and filled with timeless wisdom that seems brand new because of Jim’s unique anecdotes and catchphrases. Balanced and beautiful, I highly recommend The Key to Life.”

5 Stars on Amazon

Finding Your Fabulous: Paving the Path between Paycheck and Passion

By Lisa Dadd, Certified Soul Language Practitioner and Soul Sales Trainer
Sales and Communication

Interviews and practical advice from ordinary people who defied the status quo, and turned in their day jobs to follow their passions, ultimately transforming not only their jobs but their entire lives.

“A great exploration of what it takes to make a shift in life and work toward meaning and purpose. Finding Fabulous is filled with not only real life examples of people making big shifts in their lives, but also suggestions and framework for the reader to do the same. Interesting and inspiring read!”

Circle of One: The Art of Becoming a Self-Centered Woman

By Deborah Roth, Life & Relationship Coach, Interfaith Minister
Women’s self care

A user-friendly guide to help you reconnect with that divinely feminine power that has always been yours, at your Center… through journaling, simple rituals,  understanding the rhythms of nature, and more.

“Circle of One empowers each reader to honor and celebrate herSelf, and provides practical guidance for doing so throughout the year. To help us find sacred moments in today’s world of endless multi-tasking, Deborah Roth reminds us to slow down and embrace ourselves with intentional nourishment.”

4.8 Stars on Amazon

Empathic Mastery: A 5 Step System to Go from Emotional HOT MESS to Thriving Success

By Jennifer Elizabeth Moore, Author, Empathic Mentor & EFTi Master Trainer
Empath Support & Empowerment

Empathic Mastery is a no BS, tell it like it is, guide written for empaths by an empath who’s cracked the code on how to go from psychic overwhelm and distress to calm, confident and able to use your abilities for good.

“I’ve been reading “self help” books my entire life, always searching, trying to feel better and more at home in my skin. I’ve never read a book so relevant to me. Many times I thought Jennifer was writing to me! I was in a dark time when this book came across my desk. To put it bluntly, it saved me.”

5 Stars on Amazon

The Power of Disruption: A Memoir of Discovery

By Susan Cross, PR Pro. Nature Conservationist. Author. Speaker.

In this refreshingly candid memoir, Susan Cross shares her survival story – her appendix ruptured while vacationing on a remote Caribbean Island – and how nearly dying helped her learn how to create a life of purpose and presence.

“I LOVED this beautiful journey. Susan speaks with total candor and truth to the HEART that lies within us. Reading this book reminds me that I don’t have to experience a near-death experience to embrace a new life. Her description of surrender and trust reminds us of the power of what lies within.”

5 Stars on Amazon

Drenched in Love: Angelic Blessings for Inspired Living

By Janette Stuart, Angelic Practitioner and Emissary of Joy

Drenched in Love is a Daily Dabble in Loving Devotion to delight and invigorate your sense of wonder by the divine gifts in our world which include angelic blessings to cloak you in oodles of love.

“This devotional book offers thought provoking ways to love yourself and others. It helps you to see the beauty around you with the benefit of some lovely photos. It would make a great gift too.”

Pam Bohlken

5.0 Stars on Amazon

Change & Transition Workbook & Journal

By Rachel Vasquez, Grief Warrior

This soul experience is designed to gently guide and encourage you to explore through journaling prompts, exercises and meditations’ ways to support and inspire you for the overall growth of mind, body and soul when navigating change.

“The exercises and writing out my thoughts has been extremely beneficial to starting my healing process within myself I like that you don’t have to go in order (Rachel) helped me even further by giving me sound baths and helping with getting the specific crystals and oils listed in each exercise.”

5 Stars on Amazon

UpLevel Your Communication: Evolve your Presence and Speech to Change Everything

By Dr. Miluna Fausch, HHCP, PhD,
President of Pitch Perfect Executive Speaking

UpLevel your Communication is a book for heart-centered business professionals to learn how to practice the art and science of beautiful, inclusive speaking.

“Dr. Miluna is a creative and compassionate leader with insight into voice that not only helps us communicate effectively but inspires us to use our voice to make the world a better place.”
Vanessa Russell, Founding Executive Director, Love Never Fails