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I'm Miche Meizner.
I work as a Healer, Transformational Coach, Consultant for women on a spiritual journey in life and business.

I  help others learn to extend loving-kindness and compassion toward themselves as easily as they extend it to others.In work and in life I am quirky, funny, intuitive, insightful and determined to make this world a better place. 

We are divine beings in human suits, here on a journey of self-discovery and co-creation with all of life.
Somehow we mostly forgot that we are already enough, already worthy, deserving.
Did you miss the memo?  I certainly did.  The one that said - go ahead, try things out, be yourself, share the gifts and talents you came in with, expand on that, become more of YOU.

After many years of trying to be someone I am not in my attempt to deem myself enough, worthy, deserving -  I have given it up for a plan much more rewarding and likely to succeed - to be the best version of myself I can be.  What if we are each here to be exactly who we already are inherently and our work if to nurture that and grow it and share it?
When we allow ourselves to breathe and expand into the whole of who we are, we are allowing life to live itself through us.

I love the Rumi quote - You are not a drop of water in the ocean.  You are the ocean in a drop of water.
And each us of in one particular way that the vastness of the ocean gets to express itself.



I teach people how to bend spoons using mind over matter ( and their hands too) to awaken to the great capacity they hold within, the power of intentional thought and action and the profound influence we have over our circumstances and environment.



I am the developer of Cosmic Attunement Process a holistic system of energy work and coaching activating healing and deep change for my clients on the personal and the spiritual levels.
You can learn more about it HERE

Over the years I have trained in many different modalities of energy work, personal transformation processes including The One Command, Theta Healing, Pranic Healing, The Reconnection.



When I was about 8 years old someone asked me how old I was and I answered - 5,000.
I do feel like an "old soul" here to bring more light to the planet and whatever place I am in at the moment.

I have been self-employed or freelance worker most of my life.
I have owned  my own custom jewelry studio for 45+ years both online and off.  Selling via galleries, jewelry stores and craft fairs.
I was one of the first jewelry companies to go online in the 90's, coding my own webpages and the first company in the US to work exclusively using with fair trade gold and platinum as well as recycled metals.
You can see some of my jewelry work here:  Custom Jewelry by Miché

Certifications and Credentials

Certified Life Coach

Certified Practitioner:
The Reconnection, Reconnective Healing
The One Command Wealth Circle
Theta Healing II
Reiki Level II
Pranic Healing Level I

Miché Meizner

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