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Who am I?

Hi, I am Miché Meizner,
an Inspirational Humorist, an Alchemical Wizard and a Healer’s Healer.

I have been bringing light to the planet through multiple healing modalities.
I help activate awakening in my clients, especially through my signature energy work and coaching focused on Knowing, Liking and Trusting yourself as the path to confident expression of  your  True Self.
At the tender age of 5, I knew I was here on a mission to save the world.  I got the message but no instruction booklet. I didn’t know where or how I knew.  Perhaps it was that I came into this life clearly an old soul.  Around age 8 someone asked me how old I was and I replied 3,000.
I spent most of my years searching for the answers, tools, teachings that would allow me to fulfill the mission.
Ultimately, I discovered that the way to make the most impact in the world starts with self-love and self-acceptance.

Gifted with psychic abilities, sharp insight, loving nature, and lots of study, Miché figures she’s earned a masters degree in Wisdom & Woo.

My purpose is to help you uncover your purpose and step into your genius so that we can “save the world” together.


What about LOVE?

Even as a kid wondering what the plan could possibly be it seemed pretty obvious that it had to do with love.  On a large scale I saw the unkindness, lack of courtesy, blatant lack of respect and equality.

On a more personal scale what I noticed lacking in just about everyone, including me was self-love; a sense of kindness and compassion toward oneself.

Through the years, feeling  frustrated, feeling like I was failing in my mission; struggling, surviving and coping with severe depression, a big part of my journey has been to cultivate and deeply anchor self-love and self-acceptance.

Like Felix the Cat ( any baby boomers here?)

I have amassed a magic bag full of tools and tricks to help people heal, love themselves, find their superpowers and evolve.  


Are you ready for CHANGE?

SPOONBENDING is really about mind-shift and bending reality.

When I first bent a spoon,  it was a proof for me that all that I was learning about metaphysics, law of attraction, the importance of mindset really was possible.

I have  taught hundreds of people to bend a spoon using their hands and mind over matter
during free online webinars (and many recording now as well)

You get a direct and tangible experience of just how powerful you are and how much what you say and believe affects your reality. 

For a more in depth experience including coaching to reach your higher level thinking,
hire me for a private individual or group training.
A work, family, celebration spoonbending event
is a great way for people to get to know each other, learn more about how to support one another, and just have an inspiring and fun time.


COSMIC ATTUNEMENT - a profound transformational experience.
Sign up for your session or a free chat about it here

$295 for the Attunement
$895 for 3 month coaching add on

The Attunement is about gaining clarity on your purpose, the confidence and conviction you need to move forward with your vision.

I developed this process after a divine download opened the way with the basic structure and purpose being channeled to me through a fellow psychic/medium.
The Cosmic Attunement Process brings you a personal and energetic upgrade and reboot on a galactic level.

It is a clearing and recalibration that ensures you are operating at the current and highest version of you and tapping into the  energies that are newly available to us and getting unstuck from past stories and habits.

This is individual work which can done in a single session or get ongoing support built into a 3 month program


COSMIC ALIGNMENT TRIBE ….. CATs  - ongoing support and the benefits
of a community on the path to waking up to the truth of who we each are.

A Rising Vibe Lifts All Folks
When one of us heals, we are helping to heal the planet.
Join here

Subscription $33/mo   Lock in your current rate for as long as you keep your membership.  Cancel any time.


In early 2020 I got the message to create a membership group and so the Cosmic Alignment Tribe was born.

Every week you get a live session ( or 2) of  energy clearings, transmissions and downloaded activations.
You’ll experience new tools and  group coaching to find solutions that support your creative evolution.   You will have the benefit of the uplift and upgrade that comes from participating in a group where insights, healings and awakenings occur.
6 – 8 sessions live every month with me and some special guest teachers and healers as well.
This is a terrific way to receive energy work, healing sessions with me at a fraction of the cost of individual sessions.


Private sessions
$75 and up
Focused on the here and now and how to shift into a newer version of you with grace and ease.
The work I do with clients is always customized, tailored to what you need to help you move and grow into your best self.  Whether that is coaching, energetic healing, mentoring to learn new skills and ways of thriving as an energetic being in a material focused world.


I turned 60 in 2020.
If I ever wondered what I was doing here, this year has galvanized and clarified the need for us to move into our hearts as a species, to love ourselves and value others.  In one way or another this has been what I’ve been doing and sharing all my life – so all that wondering and wandering and I was really on my path all along.


What about you?
What are you doing, creating, or reaching for?
How can I help?

If you’d like to talk about where you could use support, book a no-cost call with me here:

Certifications and Credentials

Certified Life Coach

Certified Practitioner:
The Reconnection, Reconnective Healing
The One Command Wealth Circle
Theta Healing II
Reiki Level II
Pranic Healing Level I

Miché Meizner

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