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The Wellness Universe presents Resilience for Everyday: Tools, Tips, and Exercises for Well-being. I’m delighted to have been asked to speak on this expert panel. This mental wellness self-care event is produced, created, and hosted by Leah Skurdal, co-hosted by Janette Stuart, featuring speakers in the self-care industry: Jo Ann Wenner MS, MA-T, Elizabeth Kipp, Lisa Charles, and myself.

Live Saturday June 4 2022 10am EDT/7am PDT

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Facilitated by WU Founder Anna Pereira and member Laura Di Franco (and in collaboration with 24 other WU experts, Ilene is now an Amazon National and  International Best-Selling Author in several categories, as a collaborator in “The Wellness Universe Guide to Complete Self-Care.” She offers the tool of “Living from the Inside, Out.”

One of Ilene Dillon’s favorite things to share with others is that we’re all in school together! Our earth, she says, is a “Giant School,” to which we’ve all come to learn and grow. In this Giant School, the name of our “teacher” is Experience! Every time we have an experience, we have an

Opportunity–to learn and grow.


Ilene has worked for years to help herself and others to know and understand this system, and learn their personal “lessons.” She’s been a Marriage and Family Therapist, Clinical Social Worker, a 13-year radio show creator/host, author, teacher, Transformation Specialist, and global speaker, sharing the message that Emotions are designed as Helpers in learning life’s lessons, brought to us through our experiences. Ilene shows people how to Partner with these Helpers.


Now in her late-70’s, Ilene has had amazing opportunities and incredible experiences (see below), which have helped her empathize with others, know their struggles very personally, and be a leader in assisting with people’s learning. On the earth, we must go through something in order to get beyond it. Ilene has found her way through and out, has helped thousands of clients, audience members and readers to find their way through and out, too, and loves to support people as they transform in this way, too.


Ilene is a Recovered Angry Person, whose own journey out of the wilderness of overwhelming anger led her to identify and develop a system for working with anger and all emotions, which she calls Mastering Emotions. Knowing we cannot actually get rid of emotions, Ilene nonetheless no longer “does” anger, jealousy, loneliness, fear, guilt or shame. She says she is now the Master of Emotions, and therefore emotions enhance her daily life, and no longer tyrannically run her! She seeks to offer this level of freedom to all who want to follow her leadership.


Ilene is a survivor of childhood abandonment, incest and abuse. As a military dependent, Ilene lived in 11 residences and attended 14 schools by High School graduation. Her life is testament that such things are merely learning experiences, and do not have to maintain a lifetime hold over us. PTSD occurs when the energy of emotions is not allowed to move. Emotional Mastery allows us to move it, even energy that’s been stored for decades, resulting in trauma-free living.


As a 20-year Single Parent, Ilene developed a way to Parent Consciously, which she has taught in the US and abroad. Ilene knows how to make lemonade out of lemons—she helps others to reclaim their lives by using their “lessons” to create amazingly improved lives for themselves.


Ilene Dillon is author of Emotions in Motion: Mastering Life’s Built-in Navigation System (Amazon). Starting in 2019, Ilene’s been writing a book a year. With discovery of a big-time Manipulation in 1972, Ilene began her years-long study to figure out what Manipulation is all about. Ilene’s study led her to realize that human beings are designed to outgrow Manipulation (we’re all born manipulative). Her book on Ending Manipulation, which reveals the system of Manipulation and why it’s a part of human living, is currently in the publication process. In this book, Ilene shares how you can end Manipulation in your life no matter what your age or circumstance! Her next book is “Turning Anger into Enthusiasm.” Prior to 2019, Ilene was author of more than 20 books, workbooks, and media sets, including Happiness is a Decision of the Heart,  Stop Anger Now, and 7 manuals that show parents how to help their children with emotions (Exploring Anger With Your Child–and Fear, Hurt, Loneliness, Guilt, Grief, Love–published by Enchante’ Publishing, 1994-95).


Ilene’s courses: Mastering Anger, Mastering Emotions Masterclass, and Fear-less Living, are being released in 2021. With workbooks! She has had amazing partners in creating these classes, including Marian LaSalle, Louise Dewey, and Wellness Universe member Scarlet Strapko (who is a certified essential oils expert). More about courses here:


Some of the experiences Ilene has had that may interest you are…..she lived in Paris, France, and at age 10 experienced the flooding of the Seine River. She lived 5 years in a houseboat on Lake Union in Seattle, Washington, while attending college. She lived 28 years in Marin County (above San Francisco), California. Ilene currently lives and travels full-time in her 24 foot RV, Mariah, with her little 8 pound Maltipoo dog, Pi. She took up this lifestyle after her husband, neurosurgeon Dr. Robert Fink, died in early 2016. Dr. Fink brought Ilene into his OR to view, up close and personal, some of his surgeries, an unforgettable experience she requested. Do you know that once he cut through the skin, everybody was exactly the same color? Ilene also has swum in the ocean with a full-grown Jaguar!

Image of Fear-Less Living Ilene Swam with Simba, a Jaguar, in Honduras, 2014

Ilene Dillon is birth mother of two (with 5 amazing grandchildren), adoptive mother of one, and stepmother of 3. It would take her a week to tell you all the amazing and wonderful things about these beautiful people. One ran a Maternal Health program for indigenous families in the jungle of Ecuador for ten years. We also boast an Equity Actress, a Professional Organizer, a Professional film and video producer, a serial independent entrepreneur, and a college professor. It’s likely Ilene will have both a Rocket Scientist and (another!) Neurosurgeon in her immediate family, since two of her grandchildren are well on their way to accomplishing these careers.

Awards and Affiliations

Member of the Year, San Francisco Chapter, National Speakers Association

Wellness Universe Featured Author Member

Amazon National and International Best-Seller, "The Wellness Universe Guide to Complete Self-care."


Causes and Organizations

Global Ambassador, Parenting 2.0, Linked In

California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists

National Speakers Association

Escapees (RV)

The Wellness Universe: World Changer!


Certifications and Credentials

Gestalt and Multiple Psychotherapy Institute Certificate, 1970

The Family Therapy Institute, San Rafael, CA, Family Therapy Intensive graduate, 1972

Colleges attended:  The College of William and Mary (Williamsburg, Virginia), The University of Washington (Seattle, Washington, BA, 1966), School of Social Work, University of Washington, and School of Social Welfare, University of California, Berkeley (MSW 1972)

California Marriage and Family Therapist license, 1972

California Licensed Clinical Social Worker, 1979

Lifetime Community Education permit, California, 1984


Ilene Dillon

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