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Working in Partnership with a person who wants life to be what s/he imagines it can be, and yearns for, is my passion. I've been helping people improve the quality of their lives, and the feelings they have about themselves and what happens to them, for more than 50 years. I love hearing people's "problems." I like working together to turn those "problems" into puzzles, and then solving them! Whether your "problem" is really challenging, such as abuse, divorce, overwhelming anxiety, money woes or dealing with a difficult teen in your family--or it's less intense, such as problems with co-workers, not being able to create what you want in life, or fear of the dark--those problems are solvable when you work with Emotions and Principle. We are all on the earth to attend "school," so our challenges are meant to be solved.

We teach what we need to learn ourselves....  My childhood held almost every problem one could experience: early loss of birth parent, neglect, abuse of every kind, constant moving and changing homes and schools in my military family, and a whole lot more. It led me to an early marriage (age 19), and filled me with way too much anger, fear, hurt, anxiety, and low self-esteem. What a perfect setup for me to become a psychotherapist (which I did for 45 years)! First, I needed to help myself; then, I was drawn to help others deal with their pain. And, as a single parent for 20 years, I was determined to get on top of these emotions, so I didn't pass them on to my children.

Voila! Years of work, learning, experimentation and working with clients, and I realized I had learned how to master emotions! It's not necessary for any of us to "do" anger, guilt, fear, anxiety, worry, or live in the shadow of others. And we're supposed to grow out of co-dependence, just like we grow out of bed-wetting! These are the things I now share with others through my work with Emotional Mastery for Life!

Emotions are given to us as tools, to help us navigate our lives. Each emotion has a message for us, something we need to learn and complete. If we don't learn it, we repeat a particular lesson over and over. When we do learn it, we are immediately finished, free to move on to other things. I'm totally excited to share with people what I have discovered that will make their lives make sense, and be more peaceful, centered, positive, powerful and fun. The changes people make are lasting.

I am a Mentor and Coach, an author (more than 20 books, workbooks and CDs), radio host, professional international speaker, Marriage and Family therapist, workshop leader and expert in Mastering Emotions (especially Anger and Fear) Parenting Consciously, and Ending Co-Dependence.

I'm also on the move. Following the death of my husband in 2016, I've taken to the road in the US/Canada in my Leisure Van--an RV. I'm free to come present everywhere! I'm excited to bring my message to as many people as I can--because we all need to stop allowing emotions to run our lives, and become emotionally masterful, instead.



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