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The Wellness Universe

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Your Complete Wellness Resource for Total Well-Being

SoulTreat Retreat Fall! The best retreat of your life!
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Join founders of The Wellness Universe Anna Pereira & Shai Alyse and these AMAZING healers, wellness coaches and thought leaders for over 30 workshops and one-on-one healing and coaching sessions:

Denise B. Povernick

David McLeod

Deborah Threadgill Egerton

Donna Burgher

Danielle Marggraf

Carrie Doubts

Ashley-Marie Schroeder

Ingrid Auer

Jo Ann Wenner

Katy Bray

Maya Boston

Jennifer Whitacre Gardner

Gila Nehemia

Tamara Golden

Jim Phillips

Joan Landino

Jane Buckley

Rosemary Levesque

Manuela Rohr

Laurie Levin

Stephanie Benedetto Padovani

Jennifer Wren Tolo

James Wecker

Maggie Sarfo

Scarlet Strapko

Pam McDonel

Tarriss Saurer

Judith Campanaro

Monica Brown

Suzanne Suchan

Raelin Saindon

Harry Sherwood

Melanie McDaniel

and more!


Stay The Arabella Sedona & our retreat takes place at Sedona Creative Life Center

Welcome to The Wellness Universe

The Wellness Universe (WU) is the world’s first, one-stop, online directory and resource center to support and promote whole-health and well-being on a global scale. This unprecedented platform connects world-changers – industry leaders and wellness supporters – online and through live events. WU provides members and the public with access to wellness resources and education, and guidance in strategic development to transform visions of service into thriving businesses. There are currently over 2700 members practicing within 7 areas of wellness.

Join our epic community!

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Overview of WU

The Wellness Universe (WU) is the world’s first, one-stop, online directory and resource center to support and promote whole-health and well-being on a global scale. This unprecedented platform connects world-changers – industry leaders and aspiring entrepreneurs – online and through live events. WU provides members and the public with access to wellness resources and education, and guidance in strategic development to transform visions of service into thriving businesses. There are currently over 3000 members practicing within 7 areas of wellness, attracting over 150k visitors each month, with a collective members’ social reach of over 40 million followers.

Our Vision

The Wellness Universe vision is, quite simply, world peace. We believe this is achieved by supporting, empowering and celebrating wellness professionals and World-Changer leaders around the globe. If we systematically and practically support leaders, provide them with a community and a platform through which to share their passion, message and expertise, they will be positively and profoundly affected and this in turn will increase their reach, impact and ability to educate and inspire true and lasting whole health in people the world over. The Wellness Universe is a catalyst for this.

Our Mission

The Wellness Universe (WU) mission is to revolutionize the wellness industry and ultimately what wellness means, how we incorporate it into our lives and how we access and share wellness resources. Through our leading-edge online directory and platform, we make resources for self-help and empowerment, and connection to an evolutionary global wellness community easily accessible, all under one WU umbrella. We believe that in connecting one another in the pursuit of whole health and well-being, personally and professionally, this causes a ripple effect that will ultimately inspire peace globally.

A Message from our Founders Anna Pereira & Shari Alyse

"We knew a special space had to be had to be created for World Changers, people who support a better world daily, leading the way to health, happiness and wholeness. The Wellness Universe is a community of support for anyone making the world a better place and the one-stop-shop for health, wellness, and well-being for visitors and WU Friends. From our community of real people, offering real support, to our content and classes, we are honored to bring The Wellness Universe to the world. We feel blessed and inspired daily to support this movement."


SoulTreat Fall is coming! Escape and immerse yourself at a retreat that will fill your soul with magic, peace and energy all in one. Surround yourself with amazing folks, talks and workshops that will allow you to release what hold you back and reset your life.
WU World-Changers, this retreat is filled with 3 and a half days of self-care just for you!
WU Friends, this retreat is filled with 2 days of self-care just for you!


Recommendations & Testimonials

"I recommend The Wellness Universe! I am a huge believer in the Wellness Universe, so much so that I am an Ambassador for them. It is a super supportive community. I write blogs for them, am about to run my first class through their platform. The people are wonderful and it is a very supportive community. Both Shari and Anna are fully present and looking for new opportunities to support their members. Wanting to change the world is often a solopreneur job. Each of us is passionate about a different aspect of life, but all of us want to change the world. Its wonderful to have a support community to help us do that." Cheryl M

"I highly recommend the Wellness Universe! The founders and the members are all amazing people with a common goal to create a happy, healthy world. If you resonate with this and are looking to connect with your people, you will find them here! It's a wonderful community!" Lisa M

"I was looking for some online directories to get my name out there. With The Wellness Universe, you get sooo much more! In addition to the directors, there are others who offer several avenues to get your work out there. The free directory service is better than most. However, I highly suggest that you buy into one of the paid memberships because the freebies that come with that are worth far more than I ever would have expected." Theresa C

"I recommend The Wellness Universe! The Wellness Universe is dynamite! Authentic and grounded in the mission of making the world a better place people who gather there including the founders walk their talk and go the extra mile needed to share their passion, knowledge, and wisdom. I joined WU in 2018. The best decision of the year!" Manuela R

"The Wellness Universe has SO much to offer anyone wanting to improve their lives emotionally, physiologically, intellectually and Spiritually!" Penny H

"The Wellness Universe helps to nourish us who feed others. This is a wonderful online community of amazing people to meet and be strengthened and enlightened by others, who love doing heart felt business!" Eliza D

"I recommend that anyone who is interested in personal growth that is based on a heart centered approach listen to Wellness University's broadcasts, read their articles and consider becoming a member." Alan S

"The Wellness Universe provides many talented teachers. Their insights into self-improvement allow one to attend or listen to after." Richard T

"This program about Self Sabotage was my first exposure to this organization. I am impressed." Kate F

"Becoming a member of The WU gives you access to the best up-to-date information throughout the platform but especially in the classes that are offered. The WU is the best gift you can give yourself." Diane B

"I recommend The Wellness Universe. WU creates informative and interesting programs on health and wellness. It is a fabulous forum for all practitioners and those interested in a healthy mind, body and spirit." Ariann T

"Wellness Universe is creating a wonderful space in which we learn and interact with ease." Nicoleta C

"I recommend The Wellness Universe. Excellent heart based community." Eileen B

"I am truly grateful that the Wellness Universe sponsors such excellent programs. I thoroughly enjoyed my class today. It was a wealth of very useful information with a wonderful instructor. Thank you." Catherine C

"I recommend The Wellness Universe! The Wellness Universe provides a GOLDMINE of wellness resources right at your finger-tips! I am so thankful I have a vetted community like this to turn to for authentic, trustworthy support and connections." Jenny T

"The Wellness Universe Is a lovingly and fine tuned place to go for total well being. I am amazed at the wealth of information and help and advice that is offered on this site and I find myself signing in for a 5 minute read and staying hours mesmerized by the wealth of interesting content." Ronnie S

"I don't know of any other site offering such a variety of classes led by such qualified and interesting people. Every person associated with The Wellness Universe possesses a wealth of knowledge, and they are exceptionally generous in sharing their knowledge. The Wellness Universe is hands down, the best platform for professionals in the Health and Wellness industry. The WU also has the most supportive and friendly members; I'd be lost without the WU and the exemplary team led by Anna and Shari." Diane B

"I recommend The Wellness Universe. The WELLNESS UNIVERSE is the hub for ALL your Wellness Needs!" Kim Marie P

"I recommend The Wellness Universe! WU is an amazing resource for so many different facets of wellness, spirituality, healing, energy and all things Woo Woo. So glad I found my way here." Jennifer M

"I recommend The Wellness Universe. This is a great group with excellent resources and lovely, professional people." Sarah R

"I recommend The Wellness Universe! Love you Anna and Shari, and love your passion and vision. So grateful for your hard work. Also I have been rediscovering The Wellness Universe members. So many wonderful people to connect with!" Rosi G

"I recommend The Wellness Universe. Love the connections I have made through the Wellness Universe! Great resource to amazing practitioners, information, and events! Looking forward to speaking at the April 2019 Soultreat in beautiful Sedona, AZ" Dolores F

"I recommend The Wellness Universe. The Wellness Universe brings important topics and facilitators to the classes and the facilitators are topnotch in their fields. I've attended a very diverse collection on classes ranging from nutrition to becoming an author. All facilitators are professionals in their fields and bring up to date information to the attendees. Without the Wellness Universe, many of us would not be able to find such important information, period." Ruth M

"I recommend The Wellness Universe! The Wellness Universe aims to change the world, and welcomes healers, leaders and game changers to get on board! I'm a new member, looking forward to learning and sharing great energy, content, and collaboration. This was a very positive experience, and I look forward to teaching in the lounge, soon!" Rhonda B

"I recommend The Wellness Universe! LOVE this program/website/people!!" Sarah R B

"I recommend The Wellness Universe. So many great people, so many modalities to explore, something for everyone no matter where you are in your journey." Jacqueline W

"I recommend The Wellness Universe. Only wish I'd been referred to WU long ago!" Ray S

"I recommend The Wellness Universe. I'm new to the Wellness Universe but already feel at home!" Leonard S

"I recommend The Wellness Universe. I'm recommending The Wellness Universe because it runs lots of interesting topics on Mind, Body, Spirit. Love it!" Iva C

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