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Kim Marie Pauline DLM, CNS, CNC, CPT, PES & CES, Health, Fitness & Lifestyle Medicine Strategist, #1 International Best-Selling Author, and Pro Athlete

#1 Best-selling Author in The Wellness Universe Guide to Complete Self-Care:
25 Tools for Stress Relief: Peak Sports Performance Mindset – Eliminate Anxiety On & Off the Field
25 Tools for Happiness: Ingredients For a Happy Life – The Secret Sauce That Helps You Be and Do Your Best
25 Tools to Achieve Anything: Food As Medicine – The Key to Peak Athletic Performance, Sexual Health, and Longevity

Kim’s Story

From the beginning of my existence, I suffered structural deformities due to breech birth. So here I was, a newborn baby with a metal and leather bar around and between my legs to help straighten them and my feet out. Fortunately, the cumbersome device kept my legs apart since they were too close and turned in from my hips. This would help position them to grow normally.

My mother exercised my legs daily, but it was too painful for her, so it became my father’s job. Eventually, I learned to roll myself over with the braces, stand, and walk. By the time I was five years old, I was enrolled in ballet to help correct my pigeon toe, gain a turnout in my legs and feet, and have grace and balance.

I danced my way through three dance schools. Ballet, modern, jazz, tap, toe, and acrobatics consumed my after-school time four nights a week. Then, at the age of ten, the owner of the third dance company summoned my mother and me into her office and proclaimed that I would never become a prima ballerina, nor would any dance company hire me as I would stick out like a sore thumb. Mom was appalled; how dare she say that. I just said thank you for your concern; it wasn’t why I was here. I do love jazz dance, though.

In that instant, I felt my heart and body sink. My CONFIDENCE was thrown off-kilter for a day or so. Then I decided to fight back. My GOALS drove my effort and will.

I developed the MOTIVATION to succeed. This was key to maintaining the love I first experienced for my sport while reaching my athletic success potential.

I played lacrosse and soccer in junior high and beyond and ran cross country.

Beating my own personal best from day to day drove my training and built up my COMPETITIVE SPIRIT.

My love of dance never diminished. On the contrary, I found I was happiest on the dance floor. While at college in New York City, I continued to study modern and jazz dance.

As I got older, I found my health and weight became more and more important to my beliefs around how I looked, felt about myself, and affected my athletic performance.

Plus, I grew up seeing my grandmother with diabetes and a leg amputation due to her inability to correct her eating habits and quit smoking. My great aunt was on dialysis in the house; another side effect of diabetes is if you do not address the underlying issues causing you to dis-ease and take medications to lower your numbers. The other side of my family suffered from heart disease and a congenital thickening of the heart wall, called Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy.

Subconsciously, I decided a long time ago that I would not end up like most of my family regarding their health.

Comrades in the gyms I trained in kept asking me when I would compete in bodybuilding. I remember telling them that I couldn’t compete looking like this!

I decided to hire a long-time female bodybuilding competitor to train me for my first show. We did not have the same ideals around training, as she believed that what you can’t lift on your own, you can’t count. I know from experience that if I’m going to hire a trainer or have a lifting partner, we are spotting each other to lift heavy enough to do forced reps and negatives to grow and push past our personal best daily.

The first year I competed, what I was told by one of the judges at the end of the night when I asked for feedback was, “I’m not sure why you’re here; either you don’t have a back or don’t know how to pose your back.” Many people would have given up at this point, but not me. “That’s bullshit,” I said, “I CAN, I WILL, I MUST,” and I showed them resilience, certainty, and confidence.

I was bound and determined from that point on whatever I set my mind to; I would frickin do.

I hired a pro bodybuilder and promoter of The Ironman Classic in Central New York, Jeramy Freedman. I learned techniques, strategies, and routines that helped me perfect my personal best, drive training, and competition. The one thing I couldn’t do was eat like him and get the same results. He competed at 307 pounds, was six feet tall, and had a 59-inch chest with 22-plus-inch arms, a giant compared to me.

I went back to college at Syracuse University, studied clinical nutrition, and then added lifestyle medicine to learn what I needed to get the results I was looking for to optimize my health and conditioning at the highest level.

I continued to compete, and even though I consistently made the top five lineups, I was no stranger to handling disappointments. Denise Gerard, a female pro bodybuilder and NPC judge, saw the frustration on my face during the placing and immediately told me what I needed to focus on. She became my next mentor and contributed to my competing at the national level.

Now the pressure was on. Like a video in my mind of any contingency that might arise, I began to look at the competition and tackle any barriers or problems. You must be careful of self-doubt because it could cause everything you’ve worked for to crumble. Insecurities may creep up on you as you question whether you’re good enough and if your plans will come to fruition.

Here I was, this great achiever and still not getting things right in other areas of my life. I had to find a way to fix things. I went to therapy, and that didn’t work. I talked about my sad story so much that I was beginning to believe it even more.

I tried self-help, but that was like the blind leading the blind. So then, I traveled around the world to work with the best healers, teachers, and universities to search for a solution to avoid heart disease, diabetes, dialysis, and cancers that the family endured and find out why I was sabotaging my success in reaching pro-athlete status. India was my first stop, and John Harricharan and Sri Vishwanath were instrumental in starting the process for me to mentally, emotionally, and physically manifest my dreams.

Sports psychology and neuro-science gave me the most significant edge when it came time for “The Underdog” to take on the best and win despite the odds.

Pre-performance routines and rituals in and out of the gym were designed to help relax, focus, and sharpen mentally, emotionally, and physically for upcoming events. When I started implementing the ones I found that worked best for me, I became a champion, and so can YOU.

I don’t know if anyone has tried to keep you down or said that you couldn’t do something. Or maybe you’re struggling with some health problems like my family did. You may have tried self-help or therapy and thought it didn’t work for you, either. But, I’ve developed a proven system through everything I overcame and all those people who came to me to train them over my career.


Kim Founded, cracking the code on physical and mental performance. Kim Empowers Achievers Worldwide to Develop and Sustain the Mind, Body, and Spirit of a Champion.

As a renowned trusted fitness advisor to the Indian Body-Building, Physique, Figure, Fitness, and Athletic Model community, media personalities, actors, and athletes worldwide seek Kim out for her expertise. Kim’s appeared on Entertainment Tonight, Health and Fitness Magazine, T.V. commercials, Health Tips Radio, and podcasts. Her clients include corporations, health practices, and individuals across 10+ countries.

Kim is also a professor who teaches internationally at some top Universities worldwide, including Mumbai and Brussels Universities. In addition, she is a provider of credentialing certifications and continuing education for the health and fitness industries worldwide, offering CME & CEU credits due to her New York State Teaching License from Albany State University. Gayo Fitness Academy and the Pro PTA have hired her for the past two decades to teach and travel worldwide for their organizations.

Over the past 30 years, Kim has integrated the Healthcare and Fitness Industry by incorporating physical activity and functional fitness into the healthcare system. Kim works with doctors interested in writing exercise prescriptions and educating on Lifestyle Medicine while preventing death and disability. Obtaining optimal health, performance, emotional intelligence, resilience, eliminating food stressors, managing stress and anxiety, recovery from substance abuse and addictions, better sleep, brain function, and even better decision-making are positive outcomes clients have attained working with Kim.

Her programs decreased healthcare spending for employers and patients, improved overall health outcomes, and activated patient autonomy and motivation for sustainable, lifelong behavior change.

Kim uses her trademarked technology to help transform thousands through her exclusive programs that empower you to:

1 – Overcome and breakthrough your physical & emotional blocks

2- Identify the foods and supplementation that your body needs to be healthy and perform at optimal levels

3- Gain confidence and skillset to cope with competitive anxiety and perform under pressure.

4- Identify your self-sabotaging habits and triggers.

5- Maintain high motivation and stick with your training program.

6- Stop hurting yourself with food, alcohol, drugs, spending, or abusive relationships.

7- Improve your decision-making process and leadership skill

You can find Kim’s message delivered in person through one-on-one coaching, online video coaching, books, webinars, seminars, workshops, and lectures that develop more effective and individualized strategies for you, saving you time and money.

If she is not teaching or training in the gym or dojo, you’ll most likely find her out and about, dancing Ballroom, Latin, and Swing in New York, New Jersey, or Pennsylvania.

Go to to book a call with Kim!



Larry Kurzner

Vice President Corporate Development and Alliances October 3, 2020, Larry was Kim Marie’s client

I have had the sincere pleasure of knowing Kim for eight years. In that time, I have grown to respect her knowledge of the body and how to help people (Me) achieve emotional and physical goals and objectives. As a competitive Masters athlete (I am a rower), I have had many physical struggles and injuries over the years. However, as I started a complete program with Kim, balanced with the proper nutrition and motivation has helped me achieve the best shape and minor pain I have had in 10 + years.

As a human being, Kim is bright, thoughtful, warm, and caring. So her personality and knowledge have created the perfect clinician, coach, and friend to work with to optimize my lifestyle. For that, I am thankful and also can not recommend a person any more highly.

Laurence Kurzner


Anna Pereira Chairwoman Soul Ventures

The Wellness Universe, CEO & Head Goddess | Wellness for All | Corporate & Group Wellness | SoulTreat Retreat Producer | #1 International Best Selling Author | Women Owned Impact Business | Mentor | Community Builder August 7, 2020, Anna Pereira worked with Kim Marie, but they were at different companies

It is truly an honor to leave a recommendation for the most wonderful Kim Marie. As the founder of The Wellness Universe, over the course of 6 years, I have gotten to know several coaches, therapists, doctors, speakers, and healers (over 3500). When you find someone who truly shines, embodies their work, is professional, dependable, kind, and effective, you keep returning for more! That is Kim Marie!

We met in person several years ago, and she has been a Premium Plus member of The Wellness Universe for the better part of W.U.’s existence. Kim’s WellnessBod program changes lives as she is not only educated in many facets of health but passionate about authentically changing someone’s life. Mind, body, and spirit. With thousands of members to go to, I go-to Kim time and time again. We have represented W.U. at the U.N. for Women in Sports, and Kim has represented W.U. to vet medical devices and supplement products, including potential partners’ business model(s), to name a few of the ways.

Some more words that describe Kim Marie: Compassionate, tough, trustworthy, focused, kind, wise, keen, problem-solver, driven, ambitious, heart-centered, goal-oriented, people-centric, easy to work with, responsive, and the list goes on…

I will go to Kim EVERY time for Collaboration, consultation, speaking, authoring, leading, and co-creating anything I can. She is a beautiful person inside and out with professional experience and reliability hard to find. I strongly encourage working with Kim Marie. She is an asset to any organization or individual. If you want to work with someone, you can trust and helps you to the life you want to live or teaches your organization and empowers a group. Please connect with her. Highly recommend!

Please message me if you need further information on working with Kim. I am happy to give a personal recommendation.

Thank you, Kim, for your dedication to health and wellness and your life’s work. You are next to none, and I am blessed to know you and have you in W.U. and my life!! Nothing but love for you. Anna Pereira –, founder

PROPTA Institute for Fitness and Nutrition

CEO PROPTA April 19, 2010, PROPTA was Kim Marie’s client

Kim Marie Pauline is a Director/Examiner for the Personal Trainers Association. She is a professional athlete with a massive background in Fitness and Nutrition. PROPTA has hired Kim to work for the company because of her dedication and experience. PROPTA recommends Kim Marie Pauline to whoever would like to hire her. If you want results, you can count on her.

Awards and Affiliations

Clinical Nutritionist & Personal Trainer of the Year – National Multiple Sclerosis Foundation voted patients most changed in a year of working with Kim. May 2006.

Causes and Organizations

Citizens for Health
The Humane Society of the United States
New Jersey SPCA

Certifications and Credentials

Advanced Degrees:

Lifestyle Medicine – ACLM Practitioner Certification • American College of Lifestyle Medicine

Neuroscience – Continued Advanced Education, Neuro Associative Programming, & Neuro-Linguistic Programming • NAP Academy

The University of the State of New York at Albany teaching license; Full Nutrition Curriculum, Exercise Physiology & Personal Training

International Board-Certified Director & Examiner for PRO PTA; Professional Personal Trainers Association (Affiliated with the IFBB & NFL)

Board Certified Diplomat of The American Association of Nutritional Consultants (CNC)

Board Certified Clinical Sports Psychology Counselor

Board Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS)

M.S., Clinical Nutrition, Holistic Health, Applied Kinesiology & Bio-Feedback • Academy of Natural Health Sciences

BASc, Dietetics & Clinical Nutrition Services • Syracuse University

BS/BFA, Digital Branding, Graphic Design, & Health Promotion • Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University

AAS, Advertising & Marketing Communications, Fashion Illustration and Photography • Fashion Institute of Technology


American Board of Lifestyle Medicine (ABLM)
American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) Diplomate Member
American Academy of Personal Trainers (AAPT)
American Academy of Nutrition Counselors (AANC)- Diplomate Member
PRO Personal Trainers Association (PRO PTA)
Certified Performance Nutritionist (CPN)
Functional Movement Screen Certified (FMA & SFMA)
Parrillo Performance, Certified Master Level Trainer
Certified MS Exercise Trainer
Performance Enhancement Specialist (NASM-PES)
Corrective Exercise Specialist (NASM-CES)
Certified Personal Trainer (NASM-CPT)
International Federation of Body Builders (IFBB)
National Physique Committee (NPC

Kim Marie Pauline MS

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