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My career took a massive correction in 2015 when I decided to finally leave the corporate world for good. To be honest, I never really knew what I wanted to do after high school and ended up completing a B.Accounting degree for job security. The following 13 years in the corporate provided me with almost no job satisfaction and an extremely volatile commission-based income to say the least.


Nonetheless, I have no regrets whatsoever because my corporate career, especially my 8 years as a financial planner in Asia, provided me with invaluable knowledge and experience. It also inspired me to discover my true passion in life and become a Holistic Life Coach focusing on Wealth and Wellness. As a Wealth & Wellness Coach I no longer sell any typical run-of-the-mill financial products, but instead offer a unique and infinitely more valuable service.


During my training to become a certified 'Law of Attraction' Coach I learnt to let go of all my negative beliefs and social conditioning regarding money & wealth. I consequently began attracting a continuous stream of abundance into my life. Therefore, it is my passion to 'walk my talk' and guide other Coaches and Entrepreneurs to permanently shift their emotional vibration to a higher frequency required to manifest this free-flowing abundance in their lives.

Gus Southey

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