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Hi, I'm Gayle Nowak. Some people say I was born to turn pain into lessons and shadow into light. Many of my clients, colleagues and closest friends and family even call me courageous and inspiring.

This isn't quite the whole truth. 

You see I used to channel much of my focus and energy into running from my painful childhood wounds. Thankfully, my soul’s mission to help “people who help people” help more people would ultimately lead me to discover that facing my shadows and embracing my healing would help others heal too. That’s why I believe that the entrepreneurial journey IS a healing journey. One that can ultimately lead to a world full of happy, loving souls when we dare to listen to our wounded heart and allow what's hiding in the shadows to give us more life.  

Today, I'm a certified SourcedTM retreat leader, creator of Sage SensationTM, and founder of The Story Stylist, an award-winning expert positioning consultancy for New Earth entrepreneurs. I'm also a speaker, online radio show host and magazine contributor.  Through my intimate retreats and private VIP experiences, I create space for you to expand your visibility and transform your business by courageously revealing who you truly are on a soul level. In other words, I help you get real about your “feels,” because only then can you find the message and story that best positions your magic. As a result, you clear visibility blocks and show up powerfully to speak and lead from a happy, loving heart.

I've appeared in the Beverly Citizen, Boston Herald, Boston Voyager Magazine, as well as on dozens of newspaper, TV and radio news websites across the country. I'm also creator and host of Positive News Now and a contributor to TED-Ed, Small Business Trendsetters and Business Innovators Magazine.

Awards and Affiliations

MarCom Awards Gold 2018

dotCOMM Awards Platinum 2018

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Certified SourcedTM Leader + Retreat Master

Gayle Nowak

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