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LE Saba

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Editor | Digital, Print, Manuscript | Elite Health Practitioners & Wellness Coaches

When people ask you what you do for a living, what do you answer?

Here’s what I say when people ask me what I do for a living. I tell them, I help Elite Health & Wellness Practitioners communicate clearly with their audiences without missing a beat to help their business flourish.

What I really want to say is,

I free up their time so they can build their business in a magnetic, empowered way and do it with unwavering confidence.

But what I really, really want to say is,

I get to play and have fun with what brings me the most joy. I pour over their manuscripts and all sorts of digital copy, polishing every word and every sentence so entrepreneurs and business owners can have a blast doing the things they love doing. And I get to relish my guilty pleasure too...words. Oh how I love, love, love those little critters!

Hi, I’m LE (pronounced Ellie just in case you were wondering), digital and manuscript editor serving leaders in the Health & Wellness space. I help you communicate with your audience in a way that earns you credibility, garners you instant recognition, and increases your profits.

Put simply,

I make YOU shine and help position you as the go-to source in your field.

A Day in the life…
- You’re an agent of change, a trailblazer and you’re not afraid of going against the status quo but you want to do it without scaring off potential clients.

- You’re an influencer who boldly stands-up to share your message. You won’t be silenced because you know that restoring minds and broken-down bodies to their fullest potential isn’t about popularity, it’s about integrity.

- You’re polarizing. You’re comfortable speaking your true voice with unfettered authority. You know you can be yourself in this world and shine your light while doing it all in your own inimitable way.

- You know that people are afraid of what they don’t know and that the only way to get them past their fears is to educate them in a way that focuses on truths.

- You want less chaos and more simplicity in your business and that means you need your writing to flow with ease.

If you’re thinking, oh, doo-doo dingle bells, busted! Then a change in tactics is exactly what you need.

(Hint: enter me.)

I have 29+ years of experience working in the Health & Wellness arena. And, I worked for ten years as an in-house writer, editor, and publications manager for the food industry, healthcare institutions, and engineering technology.

Whether English is your first language or second I can help you turn your manuscript, book proposal, or online copy into an enthralling work of art that turns your readers into a radical fanbase and repeat customers.

Tell Me, Do you…

- Turn into a nutty squirrel when confronted with all the writing you need to do?

- Need help with getting all those words to make sense in a savvy and inspiring way?

- When it comes to offering polished content end up chiseling your fingertips down to slivers from constantly writing and rewriting your copy?

- Have the determination to produce an online presence that is authentic and powerful?

- Want your clients to be ecstatic they know you and follow you in a radical, cult-like way?

Of course, you do! These are all perks of being in business for yourself.

Your eyes really don’t have to tear up from staring at the same page of words for hours on end! Let them rest. You absolutely don’t have to see through a river of tears anymore. The end of the teary-eyed syndrome is nigh approaching!

What makes me different from all the other editors, writers, and content strategists out there, you ask?

- I’m a Biblical Health Coach, Registered Holistic Nutritionist (Canada), and Environmental Health Specialist with a background in journalism. I’m a word whisperer with a soul level understanding of your audience, and that means you’ll have a double-threat in your back pocket to wield as you see fit.

- Working exclusively in the Health & Wellness space means I have my finger on the pulse of the issues that are relevant to your audience.

- I aim to bring ideas that deepen the conversations you have with your clients so you can become their personal beacon of healing.

- I’m here to stand in the shadows of your business and supplement your message when you need it, to champion you on your mission to spread health and wellness to those who need it most.

- And, I have a dogged belief in the power of words.

Stop pulling the hair out of your head. Going bald is NOT an option. You need never be at a loss for great copy again.

Do you feel it’s time to tackle that verbiage and get yourself a wordrobe makeover but would first like to get more info and see if we're a good fit?  Easy-peasy, simply click the message button and we can schedule a chat. No worries, it's on me.

LE Saba

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