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Ricki with    WSA Transforming Video 3 Women      Food and Lifestyle are the keys for most people to prevent and reverse many chronic health problems and regain their health naturally.  My heart goes out to those who’ve been told “you’ll be on this for the rest of your life...” regarding a drug for some conditions that can be controlled and alleviated with foods and lifestyle tweaks.  It’s my experience that with education, compassion and guidance, many of today’s so-called chronic conditions can be reduced in severity, or completely reversed – changing lives forever with real food.   As a Functional Certified Nutritionist, Coach, Chef and speaker, I create awareness and advise re: alternatives to drugs as possible solutions. You ‘ll learn to  control (type II) diabetes, high blood pressure, weight management and cholesterol with non-drug therapies and simple lifestyle modifications.

Awards and Affiliations

National Association of Nutritional Professionals (NANP),  Women Speakers Association,  Houston Area Continuity of Care,  American Health Science University (AHSU),  Houston Wellness Alliance.

CCQH Nutritionist of the Year, Lafayette, CO.,

Causes and Organizations

National Association of Nutritional Professionals, Senior Services Alliance of Houston,  Houston Area Continuity of Care.

Certifications and Credentials

Certified Nutritionist, Speaker, Author, Certified Life /Health Dream Builder Coach

Ricki McKenna

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