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Lolita Guarin

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Modalities: Anxiety and Depression Management, Confidence and Self-Esteem Building, Emotional Regulation Skills, Healing the Effects of Historical Trauma, Leadership Development Programs

Life Without Limits: Freedom & Success by Healing Childhood Trauma.

This 12-session course is for adult children of addicts seeking to understand how their childhood trauma holds them back from their desired success and gives them resources to claim health, happiness, and healing in life. The program will address 12 struggles over 12 sessions, why they appeared and how they hold an individual back. Participants will learn easy to implement exercises that help release blockages to personal success and attain financial freedom.

Each month, practice exercises and emotional management tools to feel more in control of your life.  Know in your gut that you are not damaged and there is nothing wrong with you. Stop holding yourself back from the goals you want because you experienced a traumatic childhood.

These sessions offer Q & A and personalized coaching time. Lolita will support you in clarifying how 12 specific blockages hinder you from achieving success and what to do about it.  Engage in this healing experience knowing that you are capable of living a fulfilling life.


Lolita Guarin is a passionate author, empowering speaker, and trustworthy coach for busy professionals and adult children of addicts. She is a licensed and certified Stress Management and Life Coach, author of the book “Crush Stress While You Work” and “Stress Management for Adult Children of Alcoholics. “Lolita has been featured as a guest on the “Ask Dr. Nandi Show” and many podcasts. She is also a featured author in the best-selling book “Complete Self-Care 25 Tools for Goddesses.”

 She is a founder of Be Amazing You who provides coaching and online courses to lower burnout and increase energy and well-being. To teach stress management, Lolita has organized and facilitated online and in-person workshops for groups and individuals. She also teaches stress management in the workplace one company at a time by speaking. In addition, she founded a membership for continued support to those who have suffered childhood trauma due to an addicted parent and others who suffer from burnout, low energy, and stress.

Lolita has dealt with stress and tried many stress release techniques over the years as a busy professional and childhood trauma. After her health deteriorated due to stress, one night, she ended up in the emergency room. Lolita didn’t want to medicate herself, so she went on a quest to find a solution that consisted of natural remedies and practices. Managing stress without medication became her priority.

And now, after years of researching stress relief techniques, attending workshops, coaching, and practicing on her own, she found that there is a better and natural way to battle stress than go on chronically depleted. And it starts with recognizing and healing childhood trauma as a precursor to how we deal with stress, in general, became one of the teaching pillars to managing stress.

To register for stress management consultation “Kick Stress in the Butt!” visit To learn great tips on stress management get a copy of Lolita’s book “Crush Stress While You Work”.

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Lolita Guarin
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Lolita Guarin

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