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Lolita Guarin

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Certified Stress Management Coach, Author and Speaker

I help my clients to lower stress, burnout and increase health, productivity, and profitability by implementing simple stress reduction strategies.

Like you, I have dealt with stress and tried many stress release techniques over the years as a busy professional. I often wondered, is being stressed in today’s fast-paced environment normal? Can only pills lower anxiety, stress, and fatigue? Or is there a different way to battle stress?

I used to have a very stressful lifestyle, like many. I had no energy. I was empty. I had nothing to give. Also, my health deteriorated, and one night I ended up in the emergency room because of consequences of being constantly stressed. And that had to change. I didn't want to medicate myself, so I went on a quest to find a solution that consisted of natural remedies and practices. Managing stress without medication became my priority.

And now, after years of researching stress relief techniques, attending workshops, coaching, and practicing on my own, I found that there is a better and natural way to battle stress than just pop a pill for extra energy or go on chronically depleted.I want to extend that lifestyle to you!

I am a certified Stress Management Coach and Life Coach, speaker, and workshop facilitator. I am also the author of a book Crush Stress While You Work: tips and tricks on how to stay energized, organized and happy in your work environment, available on Amazon.I also have been featured as a guest on the Ask Dr. Nandi Show, Real Talk with Ash Abori, Successful Living with Bill Knapik, Dream Achievers Podcast with Kamran Akbarzadeh, and The Mark Struczewski Podcast.

To register for stress management consultation "Kick Stress in the Butt!" visit To learn great tips on stress management get a copy of my book "Crush Stress While You Work".

If you are looking for daily inspiration and empowerment, follow me on Facebook page and Twitter. To contact me, please visit or write an email to

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Lolita Guarin
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Lolita Guarin

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