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Kathy Jerin is a Registered Senior meditation teacher and HeartMath Trainer. Each day provides Kathy opportunity to do what she loves most – advocate the benefits of meditation as an integral part of life. As Kathy observes, the pace of life is not slowing down, in fact it is only getting faster and our current strategies for coping with stress is inefficient. Understanding the mechanics of stress gives you the advantage of being more aware of and sensitive to your own level of stress and knowing when and how to take proactive steps. Meditation helps us to stop and consider how our body system is being depleted and helps us to more intelligently manage our energy in order to thrive in a world of flux, change, challenge and opportunity.

Awards and Affiliations

#1Best selling author The Wellness Universe Guide to Complete Self Care 25 tools to Achieve anything. Chapter 13: Expanded Love, where consciousness meets biology.
Best Selling author: The Wellness Universe Guide to Complete Self Care 25 tools for Happiness. Chapter 9 The Intuitive Heart, Step into the power of spiritual…

Causes and Organizations

Drawing experience from her earlier career in Medical administration and from studying Performance Dance full time in her younger years, Kathy intimately knows and understands how the mind and body are connected. Kathy is passionate about teaching how the mind and body are connected through meditation and bringing about a…

Certifications and Credentials

Registered Meditation Teacher
HeartMath Trainer
NLP Master Practitioner
Life Coach
Pilates and Body Balance Instructor

Kathleen Jerin

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