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Why I do what I do…There is a famous quote which resonates deeply within me do you know it " I have a dream" words of Mr martin Luther King Jr. And while his speech was about civil rights, the words are powerful for us all and it is how we can bring anything into our life ..we begin with a dream. For  anything we want to make of our life, we need to have a dream . And so my dream is to guide you to bring your dream to be your life to be your reality.

I have always been a non conformist, forever pushing the boundaries that are created to take us away from our truth in our heart and distract us from the wonders and joy that are held in our soul. I am so humbled and honoured to be gifted with the power of the seer, the Sage of lifetimes. To be the vehicle of GOD'S healing light and guidance. I combine these wonderful gifts with my acquire knowledge and lived experience to guide you to the keys to self heal and to know what is truly in your heart, to hear the messages from your soul so that your life is not only a dream it is the living dream of your soul .  Enriching a life is the most rewarding, empowering, motivating experience one can have. Being instrumental in saving (literally) a life is an incredible uplifting experience. I live what I teach, I am what I teach, and I love what I do.

My life's dedication is to guide, lead, inspire and teach people how to regain their personal sense of value, self-worth, know how to self heal  and be empowered into their right of happiness and health.

My vision is to build strong communities around the Globe who are healthy fit and strong; mentally, emotionally and physically.

A vital part of well-being is to be empowered from within.

Will you join me in living an enriched, wondrous life?

I warmly invite you to connect with me by becoming  a member of The Soul Mastery Collective, or my School of W.E.S.H ( Wisdom, Enlightenment, Self Healing). And meet me at speaking events or book me to speak at your event.

Until we meet may you be blessed every day in all that you do.

Causes and Organizations

Wellness Universe

One Woman - Fearless

ALL: All League Ladies Foundation

Women Economic Forum WEF

WEF Organisation ( Women Economic Forum)

Royal Flying Doctor Service Australia

Wilderness Animals


Certifications and Credentials

State Enrolled Theatre Nurse Specialist

CHEK Institute Holistic Lifestyle Mentor

Trigger Point Therapist

Pain Rehab Therapist

Master Personal Trainer

Gwenda Smith

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