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Marli Thibodeau

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Professional Certified Coach
Experience in my field since: 2010
I enjoy my work as: Coach - Individuals, Coach - Groups, Coach - Organizations, Blogger, Video Content Creator, Workshop Facilitator, Online Course Provider, Online Services Provider, In Person Services Provider, Virtual Events Presenter, In Person Events Participant, Participant in Collaborative Projects, Teacher, Mentor
My Specialties: Stress Management, Life-work Balance, Life & Career Transistions, Creating Positive Change, Other

Marli Thibodeau is dedicated to healing power of transformation through facilitating a willingness to encounter your divinity and embrace your humanity revealing your radiant nature.

“Oh my GOD, they are all so beautiful….”

And there I sat, in the front seat of a bus with tears streaming down my face.  I had just spent 4 days with a group and as I called to mind each person’s face, instead of their stressed-out burnt-out selves, they morphed into the most beautiful deity and expression of who they really are right in front of my eyes.  As each person took on the expression of their divine nature, I knew in an instant it was available to everyone.

Marli Thibodeau specializes in teaching you how to discover and know yourself as the divine being that you are, fully radiant and alive, expressing your unique energetic signature so that you can embody your exquisite magnificence.  Ready to meet the real you?  Once you do, you will never again doubt who you are, knowing deep down the value of your true purpose – to be the embodiment of your divine radiance.   

You have a unique energetic blueprint that once identified and activated, will allow you to express your energies as a new coherence that will radiate and shine.  You are here for a reason, and that reason is to be You.  Not the you you were told to be, or expected to be.  The real you is what we need, and what we crave.  We are waiting for you..

You can download your free guide here: 5 Ways To Awaken Your Inner Radiance 


The Radiance Way has three phases: Restore, Remember and Radiate.  Using my years of movement, contemplative and creative practices, you will receive a unique experiential curriculum as I work with you one:one in my signature coaching program.

Each phase has a specific intention to heal, as you release the constructs of who you have known yourself to be and rediscover the real you.

Your greatest purpose is simple: To know and embody who you truly are. 

When you are reconnected to the real you, you shine from within.  You become magnetic and powerful.  


“Marli Thibodeau is infectious! She will inspire you to dance and to experience the beauty of yourself through movement. She is a clear compassionate vehicle of love.” ~Amara Pagano, Founder Azul Conscious Movement.

Thank you for your loving support Marli – mostly for the deep presence that you hold. ~Annette

Marli, I am moved by your writing every bit as much as your painting. “Expression becomes the conduit for the synthesis of the experience of life itself.” and ” I have found some comfort in the idea that the liminal provides us very fertile ground for creativity to emerge and move through us.” Because what’s moving through you is divine. Thank you, Annette

Thank you for helping to get me into the workshop. It was such a magical experience. I loved our dance together and the crazy laughter that expressed. So fun and precious. You have a huge heart. ~Susan

Are you ready to see beyond the illusion of who you think you are and come home to the truth of who you as a divine presence?
Are you curious about what is possible when you trust your inner wisdom and honor your intuitive knowing?

Do you long to feel more alive in your body, connected to the world around you and living in Divine Alignment?


The Radiance Way is currently accepting students for one -one coaching. 

You can apply here for a discovery session.  


My admiration for Marli Thibodeau’s commitment to the creative process of transformation, love for nature and movement inspires this in others. When she teaches, it is magical, humbling, energizing, and pure joy to be in her guidance. She gave me permission to be free while she led with subtle instruction, always open to and honored the artist within me. Thank you Marli, Love Jamie


Learn more about The Radiance Way on her website



Marli Thibodeau has a mission to heal the collective trauma by integrating and embracing our humanity while embodying our divinity. Born in the Hudson Valley of New York, Marli currently lives on the Coast of Maine.  With an entrepreneurial spirit, she has started and grown multiple successful businesses in retail, coaching, and branded merchandise. She currently has a painting studio in her home, where she hosts clients for retreat days as part of her signature coaching program, The Radiance Way.

She’s an artist, movement facilitator and creator of The Radiance Way, a coaching curriculum for finding your purpose and embody your radiance.  With a lifetime of experience in transformation, she facilitates with heart and soul to enrich your personal path of embodiment.  Ready to go know yourself as the soul you really are?  Marli will guide you home. 


“You are a gift of a full range of radiant woman, a wayshower of others.”  ~Prema

Painting The Spirit Of Aliveness 
I make art that is infused with the spirit of aliveness, art that inspires us to be more of who we really are. It takes our whole lives, sometimes to arrive at our true nature. We know when we are out of alignment, because we feel the dissonance. The art I make is a portal to remind us to find our way, stake our claim, and continue to move towards who we are meant to be.

I study movement, both in the world around me and movement as it relates to feeling alive in my body. I believe art has the power to infuse a space with energy, bringing to life feelings that reflect our true nature.

Thibodeau finds that movement reveals our inner state, a reflection of our interior world both in painting and dance. Thibodeau says: “I believe that everyone has a unique way of expressing the experience of who they are, and I’ve discovered that mine is through un-choreographed visual and movement art.

“As I paint, I am continuously responding to what is here in the moment – to the instinctual connection of what is rising on the inside and how it is expressing in relation to what is on the canvas, creating a dialog between myself and my work.”


You can find her original fine art on her website


Certifications and Credentials

Certified Divine Navigation Coach

Azul Teacher Certification with Amara Pagano

Shambala Meditation Training Levels l-V

Professional Coaching Certification, InviteChange, WA

Decade study of Nature-based martial arts

Marli Thibodeau

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