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Shari Alyse

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TV Host | Media Consultant | Speaker | Author
I enjoy my work as: Book Author, Video Content Creator, Public Speaker
My Specialties: Mental Health, Life-work Balance, Social Support, Creating Positive Change

Known as “America’s Joy Magnet”, Shari Alyse is the Host & Executive Producer of top-rated TV Talk Show "Good Morning Joy"!
Shari is a 2x TEDx & Inspirational Keynote Speaker, Media Consultant and Bestselling Author on a mission to spread joy!

Shari’s deep commitment to others is motivated by her own journey through childhood sexual abuse and other childhood traumas. At seven-years-old, Shari found herself having to use her voice on a witness stand to testify against the man who had abused her.

For years, she carried around guilt for using her voice to imprison him, but now she powerfully owns her voice and uses it to help reconnect people back to their joy in what she affectionally refers to as a joy revolution!

Shari speaks on connection, self-acceptance, positive mindset, post traumatic growth, overcoming obstacles, and joy.

Shari’s audacious goal is to bring JOY back into the heart of everyone! Her true love is television, film and stage and that is the medium she feels most alive and most in her joy.

Shari is currently developing an unscripted television show that will bring joy back into your homes and hearts.

Watch latest TEDx talk on The Power of Being Wrong

TEDx Talk – How Self-Connection Leads to Joy

Shari’s gift has always been her ability to connect with her audiences whether delivering inspirational keynotes or on TV. Shari’s theatrical background combined with her deep belief in peoples’ potential makes her a highly sought after speaker and TV personality.

Shari recently began hitting the stand up comedy stages and you can catch her performing all over LA!

Shari takes her love for TV and her own experience of getting into the media and helps small business owners, speakers, coaches and entrepreneurs get more visibility by helping them get booked on TV media.

She consults 1:1 with her clients teaching them everything from how to write a pitch to on-camera interview tips and techniques.

Want to grow your brand and business by getting on television? Book your free discovery call here!

When it comes to the workplace, Shari believes that joy doesn’t end when you begin your work day and so she helps organizations build more positive, connected and joyful workplaces. Shari is passionate about sharing her vision of Joyful Leadership and how this will completely change the way leaders show up for their teams, communities and families.

In 2013, Shari co-founded The Wellness Universe – one of the first online holistic wellness directories and communities. She is regularly featured as an expert on numerous media outlets including ABC, FOX, NBC, CBS radio, Huffington Post, Thrive Global, to name a few. She has gone on to produce and host multiple online TV and radio shows, most recently, the talk show – Heart to Heart.

Shari’s book, Love Yourself Happy, quickly became a #1 New Release and International Bestseller.

Shari takes her years of building successful communities and delivers keynotes and workshops on building more meaning, purpose, and connection within your organization positively impacting the overall joy, culture and your companies bottom line.

Shari is interested in:
✅ TV Hosting
✅ Speaking opportunities
✅ Interview opportunities

Speaking Inquiries:

Check out my latest Best-Selling book, Love Yourself Happy and grab your copy HERE

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Shari Alyse

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