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Anna Pereira

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The Wellness Universe, CEO
Experience in my field since: 2014
I enjoy my work as: Book Author, Blogger, Podcast Host, Podcast Guest, Panel Moderator, Online Course Provider, Online Services Provider, In Person Services Provider, Virtual Events Creator, Virtual Events Presenter, In Person Events Creator, Corporate Wellness Specialist, Teacher, Mentor
My Specialties: Mental Health, Stress Management, Social Support, Creating Positive Change
Modalities: Leadership Development Programs, Self-Compassion Practices, Visualization and Imagery

A warm welcome and introduction from Anna Pereira


Hello and welcome to my Wellness Universe profile! I’m Anna Pereira, Chairwoman, Soul Ventures |
The Wellness Universe, CEO | Wellness for All, Well-being Events & Courses, Director | Corporate & Group Wellness | SoulTreat Retreat Producer | #1 Best Selling Author | Women Owned Business | Mentor.

I have a mission and vision to make the world a better place. Knowing it cannot be done alone, I created The Wellness Universe community of professionals and resources that help you to live your best life.

Connect with me: Anna (at)



With a firm belief in the power of happier, healthier, and healed individuals foster global peace, I proudly lead The Wellness Universe in our mission to enable humanity to live their best lives. As an advocate for employee and group well-being, our programs empower individuals and organizations to enhance productivity, profitability, and overall wellness.

As the founder, I wholeheartedly dedicate myself to the mission and vision of The Wellness Universe. Since its inception in 2014 as an online community and its subsequent evolution into a live online platform in 2015, we have been committed to being a catalyst for positive support, assistance, and transformation for all we serve.

For Individuals and Organizations, The Wellness Universe (WU) serves as a reputable community and online directory of wellness providers, offering live events, online learning opportunities, member-generated content, and a comprehensive resource of practitioners—all conveniently accessible on a single platform. WU stands as the preeminent go-to resource for total well-being.

For Practitioners, Coaches, and Trainers, The Wellness Universe serves as a secure sanctuary for wellness leaders, world-changers, and individuals making a difference. As a like-hearted, conscious community of co-creators, we uplift and support one another within our peer-to-peer membership network. Professionals in our network represent their own businesses with an amplified voice, while also serving the clients of The Wellness Universe through our corporate programs.

At WU, we strive to facilitate connections, empower education, and encourage cross-pollination among wellness seekers, allowing them to make informed decisions regarding their personal wellness journeys. On the business-to-business front, we collaborate closely with your organization to develop customized programs and experiences based on personalized assessments. Our approach revolves around people supporting people, employing comprehensive understanding, evaluations, and tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.


Who is Anna Pereira, CEO of The Wellness Universe?

Anna Pereira is the esteemed Chief Executive Officer of The Wellness Universe, an influential platform dedicated to bridging the gap between health and wellness providers and individuals seeking personal growth and improvement. With a profound commitment to empowering individuals, Anna Pereira strives to unleash their true potential and facilitate positive transformations.

Drawing upon a lifelong pursuit of creativity and spirituality, Anna Pereira has cultivated a distinguished reputation as an evolutionary catalyst, propelling individuals towards heightened awareness and positive change. Her illustrious background encompasses both artistic entrepreneurship in the fashion and accessories industry, where she excelled in both handmade and manufactured endeavors, as well as a prominent leadership role within a multimillion-dollar division for a leading pet product manufacturer.

As a widely recognized motivational figure, Anna Pereira’s inspirational posts resonate with a global audience. Her influential Facebook page, Circles of Inspiration by Anna Pereira, has touched the lives of over 700,000 individuals, fostering personal growth and upliftment.

Driven by an unwavering passion to effect global change, Anna Pereira embarked on the establishment of The Wellness Universe, an extraordinary community of world-changers united in their mission to create a better world. With a focus on nurturing a thriving network of heart-centered entrepreneurs, she spearheads The Wellness Universe, providing guidance and support to modern-day thought leaders, wellness practitioners, and transformational agents. Witnessing the realization of their personal and professional goals brings her immeasurable fulfillment.

Anna Pereira’s visionary leadership has led to the creation of a unique and unparalleled wellness resource, serving as an oasis for individuals seeking encouragement, support, love, inspiration, education, advice, and trusted products. This remarkable endeavor embodies her long-cherished dream.

At the core of Anna Pereira’s philosophy lies the promotion of empowerment, authenticity, and spirituality as fundamental building blocks for realizing one’s aspirations. She firmly believes that maintaining a positive attitude is the key to triumphing over adversity, and authenticity forms the foundation for sustained joy and success.

For wellness professionals seeking to join a community of like-minded individuals, Anna Pereira extends an invitation to join The Wellness Universe and become part of this transformative movement. Reach out by clicking the purple button atop her profile to initiate a conversation.

Always remember to be true to yourself, embracing the very best version of who you are.

May you have a truly remarkable day to treasure!

Anna Pereira

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My Books

All books in The Wellness Universe Guide to Complete Self-Care series are Amazon international best-sellers in multiple categories!

25 Tools to Achieve Anything

25 Tools for Happiness

25 Tools for Stress Relief

All books are available on Amazon

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Recommendations & Testimonials 



Tina Plantillas, Officer: Business Support Lead II at Bank of America

“Anna Pereira is a golden soul and a true visionary! I was blessed to work with Anna on a #1 Best Selling book project- one of four in her series. She demonstrates leadership, organization to the highest degree, and empathy. Anna has an extensive network of connections, yet she will make you feel as though you are the most important person in the room. This is on top of her full plate of obligations! I am constantly amazed by the amount of work she can manage and still be patient and kind in every way. When I came across and opportunity to work with Anna on the Goddess book and heard of her vision, I remember saying, “Wow! This is genius and kudos to creating something magical!” I was blown away by her vision. I am truly blessed to be connected with Anna and I am constantly referring people her way as she is everything I described above and so much more! If you have an opportunity to work with Anna, JUMP on it! You will not regret it and your life will certainly change for the better.”

Rosemary Levesque, Licensed Spiritual Healer, Teacher of Healers, Author, Psychic Intuitive

“It was hard to choose in which category this review for Anna Pereira should land. I’ve never met a more diversified, talented, and caring businesswoman . . . aka goddess . . . and I’m honored to know her. These past few years working with Anna on various ventures – the Book Series for Self-Care, The Wellness Universe network of amazing health professionals, coaches, wellness gurus, and, again, all goddesses, and of course Soul Treat, a retreat designed to easily connect professionals and seekers of wellness wisdom – I’m just blown away by the energy and talent Anna shows the world. What you might not see out front is her vulnerability. This, I believe is the core of where she draws her strength and embraces others. I especially remember my experience as a facilitator at Soul Treat in 2019, in Sedona, AZ. Anna was extremely busy running the event seamlessly. I was impressed by every aspect and well-planned detail. I, too, was running in high gear, so to speak, until the very end – almost the last minutes – when my armor finally dropped, and I also became vulnerable. When I shared my experience, I felt nothing but love . . . and the real goal of the retreat – to discover or uncover an aspect of oneself that was ready to be revealed. Afterwards, Anna came up to me and hugged me as if we’ve known each other for a million years. I believe we have. To say that I highly recommend Anna seems inadequate. I’d rather say that, if you choose to work with Anna on any venture, you will be greatly rewarded with every essence of her being.”

Patti Talbot Change Educator – Helping professional women cultivate new skills, refocus their talents, and develop the mindset they need to change the world on their own terms. Best Selling Author/Speaker/Coach

“Anna Pereira is nothing short of a POWERHOUSE! She uses her special powers as a leader of wellness practitioners and healers to inspire, to connect, to encourage, and to provide multiple venues to help us all shine our lights more brightly into the world. I’ve been fortunate to have worked with Anna on multiple projects over the last year including two collaborative books and an in-person retreat. Every time and in every setting, Anna has set the standards for excellence while modeling adherence to her high expectations by her own strong commitment to the work of making the world work better for everyone. She is the model, the guide, the cheerleader, and our constant encouraging companion along the journey. In her most recent book, The Wellness Universe Guide to Complete Self Care: 25 Tools for Goddesses, Anna has gathered the most genuine group of goddesses I’ve ever met to tell their stories and offer their wisdom around how to step fully into our goddess energy and embrace our roles as world-changers. I will look for every opportunity to continue working with this amazing changemaker!”

Debbie Prediger founder of the Empowering YOU Community and Author of #1 Bestseller 25 Tools for Goddesses.
“I highly recommend working with Anna Pereira any chance you get. I have been part of Anna’s Wellness Universe circle for months now and have so much good to say about the great things happening inside the Wellness Universe. Talk about value, and opportunities to connect with other healers, world-changers, and leaders. WOW I’ve been collaborating in speaking opportunities with Anna, as well as a few courses since we met and I have to say Anna is top notch in every single thing we’ve done together. I have recently been part of a collaborative book 25 Tools for Goddesses which Anna spearheaded and to say I am pleased…I AM THRILLED, with the results #1 best seller in 6 categories and the entire process from start to finish (we never really finish) has been empowering, professional, uplifting, and healing. Once again I will just repeat. IF you get a chance to work with Anna on any level..JUMP. say YES HECK YES…you will never regret it. It’s been a real pleasure and the start of something really big.”

Kim Marie Pauline MS, CLN, CNS, CNC – Empowering Achievers Worldwide to Develop and Sustain the Mind, Body, and Spirit of a Champion

“I Kim Pauline, 1 of the top global leaders in physical & mental performance, professional athlete & trusted fitness advisor to media personalities, actors & competitive athletes worldwide, have known Anna Pereira, Founder of professionally for over 6 years. I have been on board with a PREMIUM PLUS membership since the inception of The Wellness Universe. Anna has always demonstrated a high level of responsibility and entrepreneurial dedication to WU members. Organizing meet-ups to personally interact and meet with WU members herself was how I first met Anna face to face. We immediately gained rapport and a business relationship was forged. Anna’s tenacity shines through with all she does to lead and identify opportunities while utilizing all her resources for the good of the Wellness Universe family. Anna has a huge network of high-level influential partners which allow for influential opportunities being available for members to take part in to grow their business worldwide. I know firsthand since, I was invited to take part in a truly inspiring and empowering conference that took place creating awareness around the subject of the inequality for women in sports. This conversation also led to the awareness of how much influence the pro athlete women in the room held. This was a moving and life-changing event as the week-long Commission on the Status of Women events were held at the United Nations Headquarters in NY, NY. Anna’s example in leadership, project management, and the ability to take quick action on a daily basis change lives that change the WORLD. I am proud to be a part of the Wellness Universe community and a college and friend of Anna Pereira. Anna is an asset to any organization looking to partner or invest in The Wellness Universe.”


Laura Di Franco – Brave Healer Productions

“I’ve been fortunate to create a collaboration with Anna Pereira that is serving the world in huge ways; not a surprise if you know Anna’s mission.

An investment in Anna Pereira and The Wellness Universe is an investment in the wellbeing of the planet. Yes, she’s that big of a deal. What you might not know is that when you partner with Anna, not only are you going to breathe a sigh of relief that you’ve finally found someone who can run as fast as you, you’re going to smile every time you communicate with her, completely trusting that the end result will be a win-win, in every way possible.

You can count on her for exceptional professionalism, marketing know-how, no-nonsense-get-to-the-point time management, business savvy, and a sense of humor that makes working with her feel like a dream come true. I’ve only rarely experienced what Anna offers in a partnership and business relationship. Her vetted community of world-changers is proof of her outstanding work ethic, attitude, and strategies. Anna’s attention to detail and out-of-the-box creative thinking makes her a sought-after partner.

If you’re lucky enough to run with her, don’t hesitate on your “Yes!” You’ll not only be happy you did, you’ll be basking in the outcome of that investment in ways you did not imagine.”

Ingrid Auer – SPIRITUAL HELP FOR SELF-HELP. Best-selling author, International Angel Expert, Spiritual Teacher & Coach, Medium

“Anna is a great visionary and what I especially appreciate about her is that she turns her visions, ideas and dreams into reality. She has founded a huge community, The Wellness Universe, and in doing so she enables many people who also have the vision of making the world a better place to connect, share, empower and support each other. Her network supports me to exchange and benefit from so many professionals all over the world, to be seen on a stage that goes far beyond those European regions where I am very well known. I warmly recommend Anna and The Wellness Universe to anyone who wants to expand their own network in the areas of business, mental trainings, alternative healing and spirituality. Anna and The Wellness Universe – they are family to me!”


LaTanya Hill – Reiki Master

“Anna Pereira is a beacon of light in the darkest of places. She has created a sacred space in this universe where experts in the healing community have come together to not only share and help one another on their path, but also assist the world and humanity to be better and do better. She has a natural talent for finding the perfect people to work with and around. Her creative mind and leadership abilities are only out-shown by her compassion to help others be their best. She is a natural business woman who is fiscally responsible, enterprising, and dynamic to behold. Her ability to speak with everyone on various levels is at the highest. She is a change agent who is able to accurately predict the outcomes and knows how to acclimate to the changing tide. Anna’s advisement is sought after by people at every level. She understands how to uphold efficiencies, while still creating marketable products and services. Her company provides services that are highly sought after by thousands, if not ten thousand plus people worldwide. In this time of change, Anna had the foresight and ability to create a company that will only produce amazing results financially and socially. Anna’s company advocates for those persons who want assistance in every area of wellness, from environmental to spiritual, by showcasing and providing top level experts who are willing to work with Anna to put their talents and skills to use for her and her company’s goals. I highly endorse Anna and her company if anyone or any other company that would like to connect with her or her staff to discuss how to become involved or how to contribute. The professionalism, goal-setting, organizational skills, communication skills, and business acumen of Anna and her staff are at the highest level. Everyone should reach out to her for advisement or partnerships. She is on a higher level than most.”


Jennifer Wren Tolo – Integrative Bridge to Health and Whole Health Educator

“I had the pleasure of connecting with Anna and the Wellness Universe through SoulTreat and felt instantly seen, heard and appreciated by her. She is an extremely hard working, dedicated and organized force to be reckoned with when it comes to helping Wellness practitioners do what they do and help people access the healing they need and desire. Anna is truly altruistic and heart driven in her passion and purpose to create a Wellness Universe and help people spread the light, love and gifts of healing.


Laura Sharon, MA, ACC, CDTLF, CDWF – Executive & Life Coach, Certified Dare to Lead™ and Daring Way™ Facilitator, and Management Consultant

“Anna Pereira is a visionary leader with incredible energy and passion for all things well-being. Her call to and enthusiasm for making the world a better place is contagious, and she inspires me to elevate my contribution to the world with her generosity of time, resources, and talent. Anna is a connector of people who share her enthusiasm for helping others be the best version of themselves. Her spark is igniting many of us to show up in ways we may not have done on our own, and that is making the world a better place.


Deborah Roth –  Interfaith Minister, Spiritual Life & Career Transition Coach, and Relationship Coach

“I’ve been involved with the Wellness Universe since January 2020 and have already been blown away by the professionalism, unlimited opportunities for connection, creativity, and continual support by Anna and her team… and all of it offered with so much heart and authenticity! I’m not sure exactly when they sleep since new ideas and projects seem to be rolling out continuously. I’m excited to deepen and expand my relationship with Anna and the Wellness Universe for a long time to come.”


Alex Bowden – People & Culture Strategist, Career Coach

“Anna has put together a truly powerful community of experts who want to share their knowledge and passions with the world. It’s a unique community in that everyone I’ve come into contact with has been truly genuine, encouraging, and willing to help build other entrepreneurs.
Anna is at the forefront of this as the fearless, passionate leader who sets the tone and culture for all of us to follow. She creates countless opportunities for involvement and ROI and does it in an authentic way that makes us see the value of being part of a movement like Wellness Universe. Now is the time for organizations like hers, where we help usher each other through challenges and into innovation. She’s always a pleasure to work with and I hope to continue learning and growing through her and WU!”

Judithann Walz – Founder at New England Writers Guild

“Anna changes lives. She is the penultimate visionary in the ever-changing Wellness Universe. She brings together practitioners in the healing, coaching, and wellness fields to collaborate and grow as entrepreneurs and World Changers. She is a rare Avis of business acumen, professionalism, and heart. Anna cares about each member of her organization, showing them love and offering guidance to help promote themselves and that what they have to offer is valued and well-received. She is the original WU World Changer, setting the standard for how every member hopes to be.”

Janette Stuart – Emissary of Joy at Angel Angles and Well-Being and Wonder

“I have benefitted from coaching with Anna Pereira in many areas of my business as she suggested several takeaways which I was able to implement immediately to increase my visibility, enhance my business offerings, grow my email list and ramp up my website. Anna has a heart of gold and impressive business experience and connections. Her true heart and soul shine forth in all she does, and she is great to work with. She is a true visionary. Over the past several years, Anna has encouraged and guided me to step more fully into my power and has provided amazing opportunities for me to shine. Some of these opportunities include joining her in several networking events, being a speaker and presenter at my first expo, increasing my blogging reach, teaching my first few online classes, fostering connections, and suggesting collaborative prospects and ideas.
I am so grateful to know and work with Anna. She has so much value to add.”

Jo Wenner – Holistic Transformation Coach

“I’ve had the great privilege to be a part of Wellness Universe over the past year and most recently, to work closely with Anna Pereira, Co-Founder, as both practitioner and participant in Wellness Universe’s, SoulTreat Retreat. Incredible doesn’t convey my experience. Anna is a Dynamo! Anna Pereira has a tremendous ability to adeptly motivate and inspire individuals to show-up and step-in to a collaboratively creative process that produces an outcome far greater than can be elicited by their individual parts. She generates the power of the Whole and it’s transformative. Anna leads as an example of true servant leadership – welcoming and walking along-side all members and guests of her events and groups with authenticity, an open heart, and in the spirit of collaboration. She asks each to show up in All of who we are, and to see and respond to a call to Love and Be Loved – to Inspire others and to Be Inspired – to Say “Yes” to raising our consciousness and supporting those around us to also do the same. She “walks her talk” and requires the same of all of those who work with her. I am deeply grateful for the time I was able to spend with Anna in one-on-one conversation after the close of SoulTreat. Although she needed some time to gather herself in after this huge, 4-day event, she invited me in to conversation as two women, two leaders, and two hearts and souls with a shared desire to support others to rise up in greater love, compassion, authenticity, and power – to heal and renew – both in their own lives and in supporting others to do the same. As I shared with Anna, I understood we also align in knowing that as we give, we also receive. Working with Anna Pereira has been, and continues to be, both inspiring and a greater call to ramp up, to stand taller, and to step more confidently into my own work in the world as a holistic wellness leader and professional. I highly recommend Anna as a leader, mentor, and guide and encourage engagement with the Wellness Universe and SoulTreat Retreats to all wellness leaders, holistic practitioners, and to those who consciously seek to make a positive difference in their lives, the lives of others, and in the world.”

Laurie Levin – Transformation Coach

“I have worked with and alongside Anna for almost a year. She’s a force of nature! My first experience was SoulTreat 2019 as a guest and participating Health Practitioner, and then several Wellness Universe events in 2020. She is incredibly focused, passionate, smart and committed to excellence on all counts, including each and every time she interacts with someone, never leaving out a thank you. I’m always amazed at how she gets it all done, including that very important thank you and note of appreciation. Thanks Anna for all you do, how you do it, and for the profound difference you are making in the world.”

Rajan Narayanaswamy, Ph. D. –  Yoga and Vedanta Teacher

“I know Anna Pereira since more than 3 years having worked closely with her in her many projects and activities she leads and conducts for the Wellness Universe of which she is the founder. I have found her to be an extremely active and responsive leader with a dynamism that I have rarely seen. One quality that stands out in her work is her enthusiastic proactiveness – she is always thinking of new ways to advance her organization with new ideas implemented as projects that attempt to make best use of the wellness resources registered with the Wellness Universe. I have found her very responsive to queries and requests for clarifications which is a sign of her sincerity to help people working for her. But above all is her true dedication to the cause of wellness, good health and inner peace for the audience she serves. In this cause I see very little of selfishness but a genuine need to improve the lot of highly stressed individuals in today’s corporate and business environments. Such dedication is commendable because this is what is really needed in today’s super competitive workplace to improve all aspects of the corporate environment including employee satisfaction and retention. Anna is a great leader and I wish her all success.”

Lynanne Cottle – Founder at Divine RESET

“First of all, Anna, thank you for believing in me! I recently had a coaching call with Anna Pereira. For the last couple of months I have seen her from afar and finally got to meet her in person at SoulTreat in Sedona. She is even more dynamic and heart-centered in person as she appears to be online. To be on a one on one call with her really let me see her raw, definitive core and I deem her as an up and coming world leader in enlightening humanity. Her abilities in helping me to see my strengths and what I can offer the world impacted my belief in myself, such that I have the vision and clearer picture of what is next for me. THANK YOU! And, I have her full support and confidence. Anna is a source of immense strength and passion in overcoming obstacles and she knows how to come out on top! Becoming a top-tier member in The Wellness Universe was an easy choice not just because of all of the incredible and effective business and personal perks I receive with my membership, and because of the awesome “club” of world changers I get to rub shoulders with. I highly recommend Anna Pereira and The Wellness Universe movement!”


Dr. Toni Warner – I help ambitious leaders gain balance & ENJOY life without sacrificing themselves, relationships or impact. “Anna and I connected on LinkedIn, and I could immediately tell that she cared as she took the time to first read through my profile before connecting with me. Once her and I got to talk more, I could see how passionate she is about her work at the Wellness Universe. She’s put her heart and soul into ensuring the resources for coaches and impact makers like me, are best supported as we do our world-enhancing work. I had the opportunity to have virtual face to face conversations with Anna more than once, and every time, whether it was in group format or one to one, she has shown up for our time together fully. Although she is caring and supportive, she is also honest, so I never get the sense that she’s saying what I want to hear. Our conversation is fruitful because of the pure authenticity, honesty and integrity that is brought by both of us, allowing us both to benefit from the interaction. Thank you for your work to support the passionate and compassionate change makers of our world, Anna. I feel honored to have been able to connect with you and I am greatly looking forward to what we will do together in the future!”

Dear James – Intuitive Insight, Answers, & Advice…To Your Life Questions

“Anna Pereira is an absolute GO GETTER! She utilizes her entrepreneurial instincts, insight, and spirit in the furtherance of her mission and objectives, while simultaneously seeking out and advancing unity based creative / spiritual endeavors. Her business acumen and discernment in producing retreat events like SoulTreat Fall 2019 was readily evident as the event flowed flawlessly as those of us in presenting/participating/and/or in attendance never experienced or witnessed a single hiccup. She is a leader, a visionary, a business woman, and a heart-centered humanitarian. I’m honored to both know and recommend Anna.”

Stacey Siekman – Author, Intentional Movement Coach

“There are people that are placed in our lives that immediately bless and inspire—this is ANNA! Our paths crossed at the SoulTreat Conference in Sedona, AZ. Her bold presence and welcoming energy filled the room as she shared her dream and vision for the Wellness Universe and the SoulTreat experience. Her love and passion reached out and into the hearts of every individual that was sitting in the room. Her spirit lifted the energy and cleared the way for great things to be experienced and shared throughout the weekend. Her personal and heart-felt approach created a safe and friendly environment; one that would embrace vulnerability and truth. Anna is a generous woman and an exceptional leader. She blessed my life, both professionally and personally. I am grateful that our paths crossed!”

Carrie Doubts  – Founder of Life’s Next Chapter Coaching

“I have experienced Anna’s leadership through participating in her Wellness Universe platform for several years. She’s a visionary and a doer, having created this space for World Changers of all kinds to connect and share their expertise. She works tirelessly for the good of all concerned. I had the pleasure of meeting her for the first time in person at the SoulTreat event in Sedona, AZ in the fall of 2019. One of Anna’s many gifts is her ability to be fully present in her executive consciousness while also being a loving, supportive human being. Things just run smoothly with her in charge.”

Jennifer Moore – Mentor for sensitive, intuitive women who need to control empathic overwhelm that keeps them stuck in life & business.

“Anna Pereira brings much needed light and hope but also essential wisdom and business strategy to the world of transformational entrepreneurs, healers and light workers. Through the Wellness Universe Anna has created a vital community where holistic practitioners can find the support and resources to thrive. I knew it was something special the moment Anna’s very first email magically arrived in my inbox a few years ago. I’m so glad I clicked and joined the Wellness Universe then. I’m even more glad I followed my gut and signed up to teach a WU Expert Workshop when the opportunity arose. I KNOW from experience what goes into creating marketing content and what it takes to promote an event. The truth is, it takes a lot. The energy and effort Anna devoted to our project deserves an eleven out of ten stars. While I was initially excited for the opportunity to teach a WU workshop, I was completely blown away by Anna and the WU team. It’s one thing to have a great idea and stellar materials but getting actual attendees is a whole other challenge. Anna’s support made Empathic Entrepreneur’s Secrets to Success not only a blast to teach but also totally worth the investment. Anna is a delight to work with. She is amazingly organized, professional, knowledgeable, soulful and warm. Given an opportunity to work with Anna again, I’d do it in a heartbeat.”

Ilene Dillon – Mentor and Coach, an author (more than 20 books, workbooks and CDs), radio host, professional international speaker, Marriage and Family therapist, workshop leader and expert in Mastering Emotions (especially Anger and Fear) Parenting Consciously, and Ending Co-Dependence.

“Anna Pereira, CEO and Founder of Soul Ventures and The Wellness Universe, is a unique, integrity-filled, hard-working and amazing individual. Working to bring Wellness to this world, Anna’s visionary abilities led her to create a worldwide organization to bring together people who are working in a wide variety of ways to bring health and wellness to others, giving them a platform for cross-pollination, co-working, and on-going support. She is a true leader, ahead of her time, and has proven her ability to stick with her vision and create it. What a blessing it has been for me to have this platform from which I can share my healing message. And did I mention Anna’s heart? Everything she does is infused with her calm, loving, heart-centered presence. I don’t know if Anna has the time….but if you have an opportunity for Anna to speak with your group, inspire your members, or share her vision for the world, you could not ask a better person for the job. Anna is dedicated to opening doors for people. She cares. Working on a world-wide basis, Anna is leading the charge to bring our world what it needs–a surfeit of love and caring–as we move into the amazing transformation now engulfing us all. Ilene Dillon, MSW, LMFT, aka The Emotional Pro Author, Speaker, Creator of Emotional Mastery Wellness Universe Life Changer”

Manuela Rohr – Owner of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, which is a powerful mindfulness-based practice that assists students in connecting with their core essence

“I got curious about The Wellness Universe after it was highly recommended by several women in my book writing group. In my first online meeting with Anna, I not only felt her passion for her work but also her deep interest to serve each member of her community. She empowers, supports and stands up for her lives work as a leader and created a network of WU World-Changers like no other. I met Anna in person at her first WU SoulTreat in Sedona. It could have well been a lifetime of friendship in our first hug. Anna is real. An inspiration and a visionary you can’t help but listen to and follow. Her leadership and wisdom, her presence and genuine quality of heart created an amazing space for 50 people to immerse themselves in soulful authentic healing. Her commitment to gather wellness experts and healers to share their talents with the world is clear in every word she says. The world will indeed be a better place as long as we have people like Anna in charge. Thank you, Anna I look forward to many years of being inspired by you and all the people you gather. I HIGHLY recommend joining the Wellness Universe and working with Anna.”

Jim Phillips – Speaker, author, seminar leader and certified L.I.F.E. Strategist and Spiritual coach

“I finally had the honor of meeting Anna Pereira at The Wellness Universe’s SoulTreat summit in Sedona. I had an idea of what to expect due to our collaborations in The Wellness Universe however we had never met in person. The best way to describe our initial meeting is by asking a question. You know that excited feeling you have about how someone would be when you finally meet them in person? I mean someone you really respect and who by all appearances is genuine, caring, considerate, kind, loving and truly wants to impact the world in a positive way. That’s Anna! When I walked into the hotel where the event was taking place, not knowing a Soul, I was greeted with a very loud, there’s Jim Phillips! Immediately I was made to feel welcome and truly cared for. She was everything and so much more than anticipated. She is a thought leader, entrepreneur, writer, speaker and founder of The Wellness Universe, an online community of other thought leaders, healers and wellness experts from all over the world. Anna’s vision was exactly what The Wellness Universe is becoming, a platform for those who have something important to say and share, to do just that, and in the process actually change the world for the better. She is a visionary and an inspiration who follows through on everything she says she is going to do. I am blessed to have been introduced to Anna a few years ago and look forward to the many years of collaboration that lie ahead. The world will continue becoming a better place as long as we have folks like Anna leading the charge. Thank you Anna for your vision, your inspiration and your friendship.”

David McLeod – Fighter pilot. Software engineer. Mentor. Aerobics instructor. Poet. Musician. Graphics designer. Father. Student. Teacher. Photographer. Ordained minister. Yogi.

“Anna is a rare breed of entrepreneur and leader. She has the ability both to envision and create what she wants to see in the world–kind of expected I think among entrepreneurs. But what really sets Anna apart is her gift of being able to plant the seeds of her vision within the hearts of so many people, and she does this artfully and completely without manipulation or artifice. Somehow, she touched me in a most genuine and compassionate way, and I couldn’t help but experience an immediate resonance with her ideas–almost as if the ideas had sprung up within me on their own. It is both magical and exciting, but Anna’s “Wellness Universe” vision is very real, and it is fast growing into reality right before our eyes. Bless you, Anna, for spawning this amazing collaborative space for us all to share, and thank you for inspiring me to be a part of it.”


Catherine Gruener M.A., M.A., LCPC, NCC, BC-TMH, PDTC  – Counseling and Psychotherapy. Catherine is known for her collaborative results-driven work with those suffering from intensities, anxiety and unresolved childhood issues.

“Anna Pereira shares her knowledge, wisdom and soul with all the members at The Wellness Universe. She gives 100% of herself and more to support those around her. Community, collaboration, health, growth, kindness, professionalism and genuineness are only a few of her incredible strengths. She knows how to run a business and offers her expertise to Wellness Universe members, guiding and supporting them so that they can grow and learn in business, and together through The Wellness Universe make a positive impact on the world. I personally have learned so much with her guidance on expos and public speaking. She has a heart of gold that shines through every project and endeavor. Anna is an inspiration to wellness practitioners, entrepreneurs, and woman in leadership positions. It has been a pleasure to learn from her and work with her, and I look forward to many more years.”

Gloria Grace Rand – Award-winning SEO blogger, professional speaker, workshop leader and mastermind facilitator

“Anna Pereira is a true visionary and inspirational leader. As the founder of The Wellness Universe, she has created a vibrant community of health and wellness professionals, coaches, healers and environmental advocates who are committed to serving the greater good. I have worked with Anna on a couple of different projects for the WU, and am continually impressed by her dedication to the organization and her willingness to explore and develop new marketing avenues that benefit the WU as a whole, and its individual members.”

Cristina Smith – Founder and CEO of the Subtle Energy Center and award-winning author of the Yoga for the Brain series

“Anna is one of those rare, brilliant visionaries who are able to make their big picture dreams come true in the business world. She is an exquisite blend of an authentic global thought leader, world changer, masterful marketer, compassionate, collaborative communitarian, supreme supporter, and networking innovator. As soon as I met her here on LinkedIn, I joined network and have been working with her ever since. I highly recommend working with Anna.”

Diane Achatz – Freedom from Diabesity = Lowered A1C and weight loss. Let’s find the perfect strategy for your win!

I came to know Anna, one of the founders of The Wellness Universe, when I joined the amazing group of people comprising the membership. Anna is selfless (she loves to share ideas, tips, and her appreciation of others). She is well-organized and efficient (two traits that enable her to stay on top of the day-to-day activities of The WU) and she is hands-on in the best of possible ways! When you interact with Anna you feel as though you are definitely a VIP. Anna is a true lightworker, she finds and nurtures the best traits in everyone she meets. She is a strong, compassionate leader and a fabulous mentor who finds time to give you exactly the support and guidance you need while encouraging you to spread your wings and accomplish more than you can imagine for yourself. With Anna’s guidance, I have comfortably stretched beyond my comfort zone to achieve more.




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