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Melanie Booher

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President & Chief Creative Officer
Experience in my field since: 2000
I enjoy my work as: Coach - Individuals, Coach - Groups, Coach - Organizations, Book Author, Blogger, Video Content Creator, Podcast Host, Podcast Guest, Public Speaker, Panel Participant, Panel Moderator, Workshop Facilitator, Online Course Provider, Online Services Provider, In Person Services Provider
My Specialties: Life-work Balance, Creating Positive Change, Other

Life is too short to hate your work (or workplace)!

What would it mean if your company achieved Best Place to Work status? Are you part of the Elite 10% who actually plan for their culture? When leaders invest in culture-shaping work - their organization experiences improved morale, performance, retention and then....profit! Truly thriving. Our motto: Together We THRIVE!

I solve people problems. Most often, that's through recruitment, communication improvements, and retention efforts (CULTURE!). I help organizations clearly define what their culture stands for and how to make it come alive (with visibility and process-driven habits!) When we are intentional - our companies THRIVE!

As a certified Culture Coach, a people connector, and the President of PEOPLEfirst Talent & Retention Consulting, I create meaningful change in the areas of HR, Operations, Leadership Development, and Business Strategy in order to leverage culture as a competitive advantage.

I believe my strengths lie in innate knowledge of valuable culture-shaping strategies and tactics that lead to real results. Whether improving morale or decreasing turnover, my efforts engage teammates, inspire leaders, and streamline processes. I have a successful track record of strengthening organizations and creating "Best Places to Work" by utilizing the THRIVE Model (a people success plan which provides a gap analysis and suggests focused initiatives that will cultivate talent, build teams, streamline processes, and shape culture). I'm an authentic leader who cares tremendously for people, helps organizations celebrate change, and drives towards a culture of success.

In addition to HR and consulting background, I have 20+ years’ experience in the areas of benefits, legal, training and recruiting. However, make no mistake - my expertise is culture – where I help bridge the gap between employees and leaders for one mission. I have a growing team of strategic and tactical leaders with HR expertise across the board - we can supplement any team and fill in any gaps for a well-rounded fractional HR experience.

If people and culture matter to you, and want to schedule a meeting - let's connect!

Melanie Booher

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