About Us

Overview of WU

The Wellness Universe is your resource for health, wellness, well-being, and transformation. We serve and support professionals who make the world a better place and individuals and groups who seek their best life.

A woman owned company; having the vision in 2013, Anna Pereira launched the first directory in 2015 bringing together a community of members making the world a better place to be found by those seeking their best life. The Wellness Universe has grown since then to be a one-stop shop for total wellness support! We are a vetted community, online directory, book publisher, resource center, event producer, content platform, and so much more, supporting whole-health and well-being on a global scale.

The Wellness Universe is a home that connects industry professionals in the health, wellness, and well-being fields to seekers of total well-being. WU provides our WU World-Changer members with peer support, Wellness Universe produced events (live and online), projects, visibility, business mentoring, and community. Through The Wellness Universe our WU World-Changer members serve WU Friends, seekers of health, wellness and transformation, with coaching, workshops, content and more.

The Wellness Universe provides individuals and groups seeking their best lives with access to our members, wellness content, educational resources, and guidance in all areas of wellness to transform visions of how they want to live life into the life they experience.

Through the directory, WU Featured Blog, SoulTreat wellness retreat, Self-Care Books, group well-being programs, and online learning center, The Lounge, The Wellness Universe provides many avenues to support whole health, mind, body, spirit and planet.

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Our Vision

Global peace by way of happy, healthy, healed human beings.

Our Mission

To make wellness accessible to everyone.

Our Purpose

We offer diverse, positive experiences in emotional, environmental, intellectual, occupational, physical, social, and spiritual well-being to support the overall health of individuals and groups.


World-Changer Manifesto

As a Wellness Universe member, I commit to work toward creating a world of well-being for all.  


    • Bring my best self into all my personal interactions with honor and integrity 
    • Treat myself with loving care to serve as a role model of wellbeing for the community
    • Listen inward for inspired action from my higher guidance  
    • Ask for what I need from WU staff and providers to contribute toward the success of my WU courses


    • Treat WU providers, WU staff, and clients with respect, dignity and loving kindness
    • Honor my commitment as a WU service provider to the best of my ability and take responsibility for offering the services I agree to provide
    • Contribute to the success of the Wellness Universe community through active engagement in WU activities and WU social media


    • Offer services and programs to be a guiding force for positive change on the planet 
    • Embody the bold WU vision of contributing to global peace by creating more happy, healthy, healed humans

All You Need to Know About WU

The Wellness Universe is revolutionizing the wellness industry and the world, by offering people across the globe, a community to connect with for support and collaboration in the pursuit of total well-being.

We provide wellness-seekers with an easy to use, searchable directory and content that is relevant with contribution articles from our members and approved partners. We provide wellness professionals with empowering tools allowing them greater impact and freedom via a leading-edge, fully-interactive, online platform to showcase their expertise. Some of the benefits are: personalized micro-sites, a vetted network of industry peers to connect and collaborate with, and, the ability to increase their impact through a collective members’ social reach of over 40 million followers. There are currently over 3500 members whose expertise, passion and content attract over 100k visitors each month, and these numbers are growing daily.

Members/World-Changers, (#WUWorldChanger) and the public (#WUFriend) are able to access resources and receive education and support, in 7 areas of wellness and in business development, to vitalize an increase in wellness leaders and ultimately inspire peace globally. The Wellness Universe online relationships have evolved into countless face-to-face co-creation opportunities, events, personal and professional opportunities that would not have been possible before.

You will … Walk Away Feeling Better!

People who are positively impacting the world with the work they do and the passion they share, with integrity, responsibility, and commitment to well-being. Entrepreneurs, writers, artists, bloggers, coaches, authors, vloggers, inspirers, motivational speakers, activists, advocates, doctors, teachers, trainers, health professionals, environmentalists, sustainability advocates, conscious business owners, heart-based business owners, volunteers, alternative and holistic medical practitioners, spiritual advisors and practitioners, musicians, healers, preventative care practitioners, aides, etc.

Please note, that in our commitment to do our best to ensure all World-Changers are offering and delivering services and products in keeping with the highest integrity, we do vet all potential members by way of a comprehensive application process.

If you help the world to be a better place, uplift the people in your own unique way, have a desire to connect with kindred co-creators, expand your reach and network, want to share your message across multiple social media platforms (blogs, webinars, creative and collaborative projects) and be supported by wellness industry leaders the world over, well then, The Wellness Universe just may be the evolutionary community for you. We welcome your application here.

With the intent to support and empower wellness in the world, we provide our WU World-Changers with opportunities to highlight their passion and expertise via this first-of-its-kind, one-stop online directory and resource center. Our unique and expansive platform is supported by leading-edge technology and a dedicated team with the expertise and ability to tap various social networks that reach an audience of those seeking their best lives.

Specifically, our members provide: support to each other, content on their personalized micro-sites, share and network with each other and with the public, provide content, share their message, and serve as a provider, teacher, and guide for publishing opportunities, social media content, events, wellness programs, and more.

In addition, The Wellness Universe website contains a vetted directory of professionals in 7 categories of wellness. We personally vet each professional to ensure they are a resource for wellness and are in alignment with our integral vision, and once approved, each member then become a resource for wellness, a WU World-Changer, with their listing in our directory, enabling visitors to search and connect with them directly. This allows not only an opportunity for business transactions, but provides visitors with access to resources in response to their desires and goals for living a better life.

In keeping with our strategic goals of perpetual expansion to meet growing needs, we are constantly undergoing additional ways to support our members so WU World-Changers can serve better.

Finally, while The Wellness Universe is an online platform for expanding wellness and business, most thrilling for us, is that our members are now taking The Wellness Universe, face-to-face, through business connecting and collaborating and fund-raising events. Our main event for well-being and self-development is SoulTreat and information can be found at www.WUSoulTreat.com

  1. We are committed to integrity on all levels, therefore each of our WU World-Changer members are vetted through an application process, to do our best to ensure that their business goals are inline with our vision and mission. When you associate with any member of The Wellness Universe, you can be confident that you are dealing with a business professional you can count on. (And if you ever have any questions or concerns, we are here to listen and provide support and assist with solutions, always).
  2. Founded by visionary leaders, successful in their respective businesses before launching this endeavor, the members of The Wellness Universe are backed and fueled by a built-in business and social media savvy network and community who serve well-being.
  3. As a self-sustained, member-supported ecosystem, we are able to provide an environment that is free of cumbersome, baited, third-party ads. The only ads featured on our site are provided by WU, our members, and approved partners.
  4. A technology platform celebrating and supporting members and the global community in seven dynamic areas of wellness, via blogs, a learning platform for sharing, forum of connection and collaboration and member opportunities for writing, speaking, global summits, interviews, sponsorship, co-authoring, etc. that are sourced and/or created exclusively by WU.
  5. And ultimately, The Wellness Universe is the bridge between those seeking support, information and help and those who provide it via an easily searchable directory.

We are extremely grateful for those who have supported us from the ground up and for our team who work non-stop as the embodiment and owners of the mission and vision. We are fortunate to be 100% self-funded while seeking potential investor(s) that will be ultimately and specifically aligned with the superior integrity and business goals of The Wellness Universe.

Because we stand for people of all financial levels, it is essential to us that all people have access to tools and resources that will help them succeed. As such, our funds come through Anna Pereira and her personal investment, memberships, webinars, ad space, live events, sponsors and partners and these funds are reinvested back into WU for the purpose of elevating everyone’s success. We are hard at work developing our technology platform to enhance and further advance WU into a wellness destination for those seeking fulfillment in their entire life and the leaders that offer the resources to assist them.

Beyond the outward successes of our members’ growth in their businesses (social media following gain, collaborations with other members, visibility, exposure, new clients, etc.), there has been tremendous personal transformation. One of our members was experiencing a very low point in her life and was suicidal. She told us after joining WU that she felt like she was no longer alone and has community and family back in her life. Literally her life was saved by her involvement with The Wellness Universe. If you speak to other members, they will continually share how they feel supported and encouraged both professionally and personally. We have seen businesses flourish, passions reignited, and lives enriched and changed because of this remarkable WU community, that has taken on a powerful life of its own and is growing daily.

Due to sponsoring events such as the Social WoW Factor, SoccerEx, and Sustainatopia, not only did the WU help to co-create successful events, the actual community benefited as they had the opportunity for further exposure and involvement in this as speakers and presenters. Now with SoulTreat being a WU produced event, we have even greater impact!

Since the website was officially launched on 1/23/15, we have consistently posted a daily life changing article on our blog, contributed by World-Changers of The Wellness Universe furthering their reach, impact and influence.

Our personally vetted community continues to grow daily!

Enjoy being a WU World-Changer and get involved with:

  • Webinar platform
  • Private community forum
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Sharing your messages through social media
  • Live meet-ups
  • Live events
  • Expert personal and business growth resources
  • The Wellness Universe is reestablishing community, conversation and connection to an often disconnected tech-dependent world.
  • The Wellness Universe believes every single person should be thriving off of what they love doing.
  • The Wellness Universe believes that through collaboration and not competition, we can achieve world peace.
  • The Wellness Universe believes total well-being is achieved through WU’s seven areas of wellness.
  • The Wellness Universe believes that every human being should live a life they love.