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Linda Dieffenbach

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Personal Transformation Coach and Healing Arts Practitioner
I enjoy my work as: Coach - Individuals, Coach - Groups, Coach - Organizations, Podcast Guest, Public Speaker, Workshop Facilitator, Online Course Provider, Online Services Provider, In Person Services Provider, Virtual Events Creator, Virtual Events Presenter, In Person Events Creator, In Person Events Participant, Corporate Wellness Specialist, Participant in Collaborative Projects, Teacher, Mentor, Volunteer
My Specialties: Stress Management, Sleep, Employee Assistance Programs, Workplace Safety, Life-work Balance, Health Coaching, Life & Career Transistions, Creating Positive Change, Equity Diversity Inclusion Belonging
Modalities: Chakra Clearing, Energy Healing (e.g., Reiki, Healing Touch), Self-Compassion and Resilience Coaching, Stress Management:, Trauma-Informed Care

The Wellness Universe welcomes Linda Dieffenbach, Healing Arts Practitioner and Coach, in partnership for Wellness for All programming with her 12-session course, Your Transformational Healing Journey: Heal Your Chakras. Heal Your Life.

This course is designed for adult learners who are passionate about their personal growth and are ready to dive deep into the profound healing available through the chakra system. No prior knowledge needed. Your Transformational Healing Journey: Heal Your Chakras. Heal Your Life includes live monthly classes along with interactive group coaching and personalized support and guidance. Additional online materials enable you to integrate and apply the lessons and tools to support lasting and sustainable changes.  

                                                        Enroll today:


Linda Dieffenbach is a Healing Arts Practitioner, Certified Coach and teacher with a gift for creating a safe, heart centered space to support transformational healing and growth.

Linda guides individuals, couples, groups and professionals to better manage stress and anxiety, navigate life transitions, create healthier relationships, improve self-esteem, overcome chronic patterns and unhealthy habits, heal emotional trauma, and engage in a more supportive and compassionate connection with themselves.

Linda is a certified Usui Reiki Master and Teacher, a certified Heart IQ Master Practitioner, and has training and expertise in a broad range of practices and modalities that enable her to work with the wisdom of the body’s energy system as a method to facilitate personal growth and healing.

Linda also leads workshops on a variety of wellness topics, including stress management, healthy communication skills, meditation, and healthy relationships.

Linda’s Journey as a Healer
On a quest to find effective tools to help overcome personal trauma, Linda began learning Reiki in 2002. The profound benefits she experienced led her on an ongoing journey to gain more knowledge and expand her skills in the holistic healing arts. She is a certified Usui Reiki Master and Teacher, and a certified Heart IQ Master Practitioner. Additionally, Linda is trained to work with the wisdom of the body’s energy system as a method to facilitate personal growth and healing through Coaching and Chakra Clearing.

Throughout her career, Linda has facilitated groups, training’s, workshops and events on stress management, healthy relationships, self care, spiritual growth, trauma, and other healing and personal development topics.

Linda is also the founder and host of the Autumn Goddess Retreat Festival, an annual holistic community event and fundraiser supporting the Domestic Violence Center of Chester County.

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Linda Dieffenbach

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