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Hi! I'm Donna Burgher and I am a Spiritual Manifesting Mentor and Ascension Guide. As a "raiser of vibrations", I love empowering my clients to align and amplify their energy which accelerates their manifesting success. Through practical and spiritual manifesting tools my clients raise their vibration, create a powerful mindset, master their energy, gain clarity and connect with their Divine guidance. As they implement these tools they naturally become magnetic and begin to attract their dream clients as more joy, fun, and prosperity manifest into their business and life.

I have partnered with Lisa Meisels, Clarity & Alignment Catalyst for Visibility and Impact. We are the Founders of Impact And, The CHARISMA Method™, The Conscious Community Circle™ and Hosts of The Impact and Prosperity Show™

We are internationally recognized leaders in the world of business, spirituality and manifesting. We love to guide awakening, heart-centered entrepreneurs, coaches, and world-changers to awaken their brilliance, gain clarity, boost visibility and amplify their vibration so they can naturally attract dream clients creating joy and freedom in their business and life.

Our clients are on a conscious journey, who after experiencing a shift that transformed their life, unlocking the message in their heart, are ready to Revolutionize their business by Quantum-Leaping forward so they can Accelerate their Path to Success, Impact & Prosperity.

So many conscious entrepreneurs get caught in the 'guru' marketing maze while desperately trying to create a successful business. Unfortunately, when their energy is out of alignment, even with strategies in place, they spiral into lack, questioning their value and purpose. Their scattered efforts put them into overwhelm keeping them frustrated and stuck in their business, feeling unfulfilled with the minimal impact and income they're actually making.

Lisa and I have merged our 60 years of experience in business, life, energy work, manifesting and the healing arts. We have extensive knowledge and training in many healing modalities, metaphysical and esoteric knowledge, ancient teachings, energy work, universal laws, and spiritual principles.

Together we create and hold an energetic space of Love and Light as our clients step into higher consciousness so they can create & manifest a business and life they love.

It is our vision to elevate consciousness and infuse the planet with more love and light helping others do the same so together we change the world.


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More About Me: I am also the Founder and CEO of Donna Burgher International, LLC, a WU Featured Expert, WU Ambassador, Awakening Your Light Body Teacher, Lightworker, Energy Healer, International Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Workshop Leader, Certified Life & LOA Coach, Advanced Passion Test Facilitator for Adults, Teens, and Kids, a Raiser of Vibrations, and a Believer in Positive Possibilities.

I have extensive knowledge and training in many healing modalities, metaphysical and esoteric knowledge, ancient teachings, energy work, universal laws, and spiritual principles.

A Little More About Me ~

In 2009, I had a Divine "wake-up" call, which led to my awakening. It felt as if a switch was flipped inside of me and I experienced the most amazing levels of love, joy, and bliss.

​I humbly share, that I have manifested just about everything I set my heart and mind on. I, also, have had the honor of guiding my clients to manifest their desired outcomes.

As the founder and co-owner of a company, in an industry I knew nothing about, I began applying and "playing" with advanced manifesting tools. The results were magical. This brand new business soared from zero income to six figures, in under a year. I now teach the undeniable value of doing energy work along with taking practical actions.

I also manifested, in under a year, several opportunities that led me to become a contributing author to seven international best selling books. We all have this innate ability within us to manifest our dreams, but most people have not been taught how to consciously access their creative power.

This Spiritual Manifesting Journey is Fun, Amazing, and Life-Changing.

What Do You Want to Manifest into Your Business & Life?

​You can create, attract, and manifest your heart's desires. The only limits you have are the limitations you place on yourself. We live in an abundant universe. When you get into alignment with the frequencies of love, joy, and abundance, magic and miracles will manifest into your reality.

"If you can dream it and believe it, I can guide you to manifest it."

~ Donna Burgher

Awards and Affiliations

WU Feature Expert, for The Wellness Universe, Featured Expert Series 

SoulTreat VIP Experience Provider - Nov. 2019

2017 - 2020 WU Ambassador & WU Influencer

Multiple #1 Amazon Best-Selling Author

Multiple #1 International Best-Selling Author

2019 Eppiy Award BestSeller

Leaders Across America Magazine Recognizes Donna Burgher as an Established Leader in America for 2012-2013

Covington Who's Who - Executive of the Year 2013

Donna Burgher

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