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Hi 🙂  My name is Donna Burgher and I am a believer in positive possibilities, a raiser of vibrations, and an optimist.

One of my unique and intuitive gifts is my ability to empower you to tap into your inner greatness! I actually see you for who you truly are, a Divine BEing. Along with my transmissions of Love and Light, I hold the space for your transformation.

I am the founder and CEO of DB-Conscious Living

I lovingly awaken, empower, and inspire those who are on a path of personal and spiritual growth; desiring to transform their life by powerfully stepping into being Conscious-Choice-Choosers™ and Conscious Creators and Manifestors of their reality.

I joyfully share my expertise as a Conscious Living, Self-Empowerment Spiritual Mentor. I teach transformational knowledge along with self-empowering, practical and spiritual tools that will empower your mind, shift your thoughts, raise your vibration, and expand your consciousness so you can consciously create and manifest your desired life!

I am a Lightworker, Energy worker, Author, Create & Manifest Teacher, Advanced Passion Test Facilitator for adults, teens, and kids, Certified LOA Coach, Early Childhood Educator, a mom of 3 amazing BEings, and so much more.

I have extensive training in many healing modalities, metaphysical and esoteric knowledge, ancient teachings, spiritual principles, and universal laws. I use a combination of these in my programs to facilitate your transformation.

I am an Awakening Your Light Body Teacher. I teach an advanced course for those who are seeking their next level of personal and spiritual growth. This course is for you when your Higher-Soulful-Self guides you to see if you are ready to Awaken Your Light Body. Are you? Get this FREE ebook and take the Quiz to find out!

Please visit to receive FREE ebooks as my gift to you 🙂

Feel free to connect with me and schedule a complimentary, "Let's Chat" call TODAY! This no obligation chat is for you if you are seeking a private mentor/coach. On this call, we will discover if we have been Divinely guided to work together 🙂

Awards and Affiliations

Leaders Across America Magazine Recognizes Donna Burgher as an Established Leader in America for 2012-2013

Covington Who's Who - Executive of the Year 2013

Donna Burgher

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