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Soulful Female Entrepreneurs

Raise Your Manifesting Frequency

Gain Clarity, Align Your Energy & Accelerate Your Success

Hello Beautiful Soul!

My business partner and I are the Founders of Manifest Magic And Miracles, LLC, Creators of the Manifesting PODS™ and Hosts of JOURNEY BEYOND THE VEIL Podcast.

So, allow me to introduce us. I am Donna Burgher and my business partner is Lisa Meisels.

We are Frequency Activators and Advanced Manifesting Mentors for Soulful Female Entrepreneurs who feel confused and overwhelmed in their business. We help them gain clarity & align their energy to easily realize their next best steps so they can achieve their ultimate results. We assist them in becoming a vibrational match to their desired manifestations, igniting more joy, success and freedom. 

Using our 5-C’s framework, our private clients & students accelerate their outcomes. As they master their energy, they raise their Manifesting Frequency™ giving them a leading edge in their soulful business & life.

We are International Leaders in Manifesting, Spirituality & Soulful Business. You can find us at

Gaining clarity will automatically raise your vibration and align your energy so you can accelerate your success!

You have so many ideas but because you’re not clear you can’t focus. So you spin in a looping cycle of chaotic energy. This brings your vibration down and you experience the lower frequencies that repel your success no matter how hard you try.

Without clarity, you end up wasting years.

No matter how many strategies or mindset elements you put into place, when you lack clarity your energy is out of alignment and you won’t achieve the outcomes you desire.

If you’re ready to gain clarity, so you can move into alignment and create more success, then you won’t want to miss our workshop “From Confusion To Clarity 90-Minute Kickstarter Workshop”.

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JOURNEY BEYOND THE VEIL Podcast…Giving Soulful Entrepreneurs an Edge in Business & Life

Discover how to create more freedom, fulfillment and success as we explore the magic and miracles that lie beyond the veil. As you expand into the higher dimensions, easily accessing your multidimensional self, you can create the edge you’re seeking while enjoying a full and rich life.

Show guests explore awakening, ascension and the mysteries that lie beyond the veil providing listeners with wisdom and experiential processes and tools so they can expand their consciousness, raise their vibrational frequency and create outcomes from their multidimensional BEingness that will give them the edge in their business and life.

Listen on iTunes here 
Or visit our JOURNEY BEYOND THE VEIL Podcast website to listen on your favorite platform!

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Awards and Affiliations

WU Feature Expert, for The Wellness Universe, Featured Expert Series 

SoulTreat VIP Experience Provider - Nov. 2019

2017 - 2019 WU Influencer

2017 - 2020 WU Ambassador

Multiple #1 Amazon Best-Selling Author

Multiple #1 International Best-Selling Author

2019 Eppiy Award BestSeller

Leaders Across America Magazine Recognizes Donna Burgher as an Established Leader in America for 2012-2013

Covington Who's Who - Executive of the Year 2013

Donna Burgher

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