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Donna Burgher and her business partner, Lisa Meisels, are international leaders in manifesting, spirituality and business. They specialize in activating their clients highest frequency so they can magnetize clients and actualize their dream business. 

Donna and Lisa intuitively guide spiritual seeking coaches and experts to positively navigate life circumstances, shifting their energy so they become manifesting magnets. 

They take their clients on a fun, high vibe and magical journey that quantum leaps their success, impact and prosperity focusing on The New Way of doing business. They use both practical and “invisible” tools to align their clients to a joyful and abundant life.

Donna and Lisa are Spiritual Manifesting Guides, Alignment & Ascension Mentors, Heart-Centered Business Paradigm Shifters, High Vibe Reality Catalysts, and Illuminators of Joy, Love & Light.

They are the Founders & Biz Partners of Divine Manifesting Academy™ and Creators of The 7-Step MAGICAL Method™ 

You can find them at


Align 💕 Ascend 💜 Magnetize 💞 Quantum Leap

Guiding Spiritual Seeking Coaches & Experts to Magnetize Their Dream Clients and Manifest Prosperity

⭐We Specialize in Activating Your Highest Frequency to Actualize Your Dream Business⭐

It is our vision to elevate consciousness and infuse the planet with more Love and Light helping others do the same so together we change the world.


Become Magnetic to Attract Your Dream Clients!

Take this FREE Quiz and discover 14 positive qualities that will raise your vibration and magnetism. Once you begin to implement these qualities into your business and life, your energy will shift and you will begin to activate a higher vibration which will naturally attract your dream clients.

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Are you a heart-centered entrepreneur? Are you seeking to connect, collaborate, and network with other heart-centered, conscious entrepreneurs? Look no further, we’ve got your back!

Our Conscious Community Circle is a LIVE, virtual, global, networking group to support conscious business owners. By connecting with other like-minded, heart-centered entrepreneurs you could build real relationships, collaborations, affiliate partners and so much more.

You just don't know who you will meet and who they know. Think, "ripple effect."

So, if you're tired of running to networking meetings only to find out that no one gets you, you can join the Conscious Community Circle where you can get maximum results with minimal time commitment!

Are you ready to gain momentum in your business by building relationships, visibility and sharing your message with YOUR tribe?

If this resonates with you, we’d LOVE to have you!

Learn more and Register to join:



The Conscious Community Circle Membership:

A new way of networking virtually with a tribe who gets you!

Private Programs (with both me and Donna):

Accelerate Your Business- 3-months "next step" laser mentoring

Manifest with Donna & Lisa- 3-months private intensive

Group Programs:

Manifest Money, Magic & Miracles

Quantum Manifesting

Retreat 2021- TBA

Are you curious to find out if we have been divinely guided to work together? 

If your #1 priority is to shift your energy to quantum leap your success, impact and prosperity, this video is for you. 

Here’s Who Should Watch This Short Video: 

Spiritual seeking coaches, experts and heart-centered entrepreneurs who’ve been in business for a while. You’ve worked with a coach before. You’re ready to overcome the life circumstances that have kept you stuck and you’re excited to discover how to do business The New Way using “invisible” tools. Your highest priority is learning how to align your energy so you can magnetize your dream clients who happily pay you for your services so you can manifest prosperity.

Watch the video here. 

We believe we are here on earth, to find joy through our service to others. We love being catalysts for Magic, Miracles, Love, Light, Joy, Fulfillment and Prosperity. 

Our clients get amazing results as they activate their highest frequency becoming more magnetic and authentic, allowing the essence of who they’re here to be shine through while creating a positive impact as they manifest their dream business.

Awards and Affiliations

WU Feature Expert, for The Wellness Universe, Featured Expert Series 

SoulTreat VIP Experience Provider - Nov. 2019

2017 - 2019 WU Influencer

2017 - 2020 WU Ambassador

Multiple #1 Amazon Best-Selling Author

Multiple #1 International Best-Selling Author

2019 Eppiy Award BestSeller

Leaders Across America Magazine Recognizes Donna Burgher as an Established Leader in America for 2012-2013

Covington Who's Who - Executive of the Year 2013

Donna Burgher

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