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Donna Burgher is the Founder of Donna Burgher International. She is the Creator and Author of the transformational program and forthcoming book: Create & Manifest a Life You Love: Attracting Your Desires
Donna and her clients embark on a fun journey together that takes them on a path of magic and miracles where they focus on raising their vibration, shifting their thoughts, and expanding their conscious awareness.

Her clients are empowered and inspired to implement practical, fun, and easy ways to attract their desires by applying spiritual principles, transformational mindset tools, and advanced manifesting techniques so they can become manifesting magnets to attract and create a life they love.

Donna shares her knowledge with those who have embarked on a journey of personal and spiritual enlightenment and are seeking their next level of growth. She shows them how to manifest their desires in any area of their life. You may desire to manifest a new car, a career change, a promotion, a new house, a soulmate, more clients and an abundance of money!

She motivates them to shift their energy so they can experience more love, joy, ease and flow in their lives. Donna believes that it is often the every day, smaller things in life that we manifest, that bring us so much joy!

Donna is a #1 Best Selling Co-Author, Advanced Manifesting Mentor Inspirational Speaker, Self-empowerment and Mindset Coach, Spiritual Mentor, Awakening Your Light Body Teacher, Lightworker, Advanced Passion Test Facilitator for Adults, Teens, and Kids, Certified LOA Coach, Early Childhood Educator, a Raiser of Vibrations, and a Believer in Positive Possibilities.

She has extensive knowledge and training in many healing modalities, metaphysical and esoteric knowledge, ancient teachings, spiritual principles, and universal laws.

A Few Testimonials - 

"Her Energy & Enthusiasm Are Contagious!" ~ Kelly

“Donna, You are Light! The love shines in your eyes straight from your heart. And you are a superb & effective teacher” ~ Cheryl

“The Energy Shift in my Life - was Life Changing for Me!

In fact, at the beginning of this process with Donna, I was very, very skeptical about understanding and learning about energy and my higher self. Things like awareness, raising my vibration, karma, ego vs. soul was off the reservation for me. I was told by Donna that the most important thing was going into this with an open heart, mind, and acceptance. Well, I kept an open mind and accepted Donna’s teachings and I was clearly the beneficiary.

I definitely plan to continue working with her. I felt I had the weight of the world on my shoulders. I was dealing with many negative life-changing situations and Donna gave me the tools to sort them out and change my negative outlook (mindset) into positive energy, which changed my life.

I’m now attracting positive energy. Which translates for me that, I’m putting out positive energy, which raises my awareness and vibration, so I’m able to create my reality. I even attracted my Soul Mate!

Pretty awesome—you can do this too.”  ~ Mike

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Awards and Affiliations

2018 WU Ambassador & WU Influencer

2018 Amazon #1 Best Selling Author

Leaders Across America Magazine Recognizes Donna Burgher as an Established Leader in America for 2012-2013
Covington Who's Who - Executive of the Year 2013

Donna Burgher

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