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Jennifer Tasker

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The Wellness Universe, Board of Directors
Experience in my field since: 2014
I enjoy my work as: Book Author, Mentor
My Specialties: Mental Health, Stress Management, Chronic Disease Management, Employee Assistance Programs, Workplace Safety, Creating Positive Change

Jennifer was born an Empath and Light Energy Worker and is naturally very in tune with Spirit and the vibrations of Nature. Her intuitive and inventive nature coupled with her boundless optimism allow her to see solutions and opportunities that others may have overlooked. Her passions include writing, spending time outdoors, and uplifting and empowering others to live their best lives despite their obstacles. A treasured resource and support for The Wellness Universe, Jennifer is the quintessential positive inspiration you see online and truly represents all she shares with the world. She serves with authentic, heart-based energy that allows everyone to always feel heard, seen, and supported. For Jennifer, every day is a great day!

MEET JENNIFERMy name is Jennifer, my friends call me Jenny, and I am a Mast Cell Warrior.

Born an Empath and Light Energy Worker I am naturally very in tune with Spirit and the vibrations of Nature. My passions include advocating for a safe, healthy, and peaceful world for us all, spending time outdoors with nature, empowering others to live their best life despite their obstacles, and cherishing each beautiful moment I am gifted.

I first found my connection with spirit during a traumatic experience at the tender age of five, but I never lost my way thanks to this strong connection with Source. I was always guided back to my light and found a way to rise above and beyond each phase I went through. 

I met my Soulmate, Shawn, at 18.  I had been told that I could not have children of my own, due to severe Endometriosis, but thanks to my strong connection to spirit I learned that what these doctors told me didn’t have to come to be. I endured 17 miscarriages and 27 surgeries, but our unlimited faith and perseverance blessed us with 2 beautiful indigo children.

My employment background is primarily in Healthcare looking after resident accounts for a long-term care facility.  I also worked as Shop Steward, helping employees to navigate any job-related difficulties, and providing a bridge for the staff and the management team. 

Upon completing the Non-Violent Crisis Prevention training at the CPI, I began working as the facility’s WorkSafe liaison. I developed a leading-edge ‘Purple Dot Program’ which provides staff the skills and tools they require to ensure the residents and everyone involved in their care, a safe, ‘Person-Centered Care’ environment. This program went on to win the 2012, 2013 & 2014 NAOSH Awards in the Health & Social Services Category and is now an essential tool used in hospitals and care facilities all across Canada.

In 2009, I was diagnosed with a hereditary condition called Mastocytosis. Which causes my body to produce way too many mast cells. 

Normally, our mast cells are a great thing. They are there to protect and alert our body to all sorts of dangers and allergens and actually work to protect us from said dangers. But in a condition like mine with just too many mast cells, we are in a constant high alert mode, always in what we call a ‘flare’ just beneath the surface. Due to our unpredictable and sensitive ‘alert mode’, almost anything can trigger us and cause us to go into ANA. (Anaphylaxis Shock) Basically, you never know what you are going to get each day, as the symptoms and effects are always changing, and adapting. Tricky little cells those.

So, I spend my days going in and out of flares, alternating good days and bad. Waxing and waning just like our Moon. I always do my best to remain focused on the beautiful moments of each and every day and have faith and trust that my light will always show me the way.

I am grateful to be home with my family, and for the days I am able to write and share some inspiration, laughter, or thought-provoking quotes.

I am even thankful for those bad days, the ‘resting times’, as they always make me feel lighter and stronger, getting brighter with each flare I overcome. I feel like I’m literally glowing in all of my light, giving me the courage, and strength I need, to continue to persevere and move through and beyond this recent challenge.

It is an immense blessing and honor to be walking alongside our amazing world changers every day.  This wellness movement is opening the doors to the change we’ve all been working so hard for. Together, we will achieve World Peace and global well-being. has helped rekindle my own gratitude for life. It’s reignited my passion for writing, really deepened the love and acceptance of myself, and has created the deepest connections and life-long friendships.

I am honored to have shared, a piece of myself with you. I hope it helps to remind you to have continued faith. To trust and embrace your resilient light. Always remain grateful, even for those struggles, as they will only make you a stronger, brighter, and much wiser person for it. 

I leave you with a poem I wrote. An expression of how sometimes, I feel just like our ever-changing Moon.

I Feel Like the Moon

I feel like the moon, a sliver of light,

a wink of brightness in the darkness of night.

I feel like the moon, as with each passing day,

I get fuller and brighter, lighting my way.

I feel like the moon, so full and so bright,

as the world is aglow, with all of my light.

I feel like the moon, as my light whisks away,

as the tides rumble through me, and I begin to fade.

I feel like the moon while I rest and I heal,

as my whispering light reminds me to feel.

I feel like the moon, beginning a fresh new glow,

as my strength grows only stronger when I just let it flow.

I feel like the moon, as I boldly shine,

this light that surrounds me, that is completely divine.

I feel like the moon, this ever-changing ball of light,

just waxing and waning with all of my might.


Jenny D. Tasker


 Treasured Testimonial 

Jenny has been an amazing support for The Wellness Universe for over 5 years. As a light-worker and highly sensitive being, Jenny serves with authentic, heart-based energy that allows everyone to feel heard, seen, and supported in the highest and for their greatest good. This very rare ability shines through in ALL she does! Jenny is a phenomenal and most treasured resource for The Wellness Universe, supporting our members, a super resource for inspiration and blog article contributor as well as getting our message out. She is all heart, wise, dedicated, and kind beyond expectations. Jenny is a reliable woman with the highest energy vibe I have ever come across. Every day is a great day! Jenny is the quintessential Positive Inspiration you see online and truly represents all she shares with the world for her own brand. Thank you, Jenny, for all you do and for everyone you touch. You are truly wonderful and cannot imagine WU without you!!

~ Anna Pereira, Founder, The Wellness Universe

Awards and Affiliations

2012, 2013 & 2014 National Occupational Safety and Health, (NAOSH) Award in the Health & Social Services Category for developing the Purple Dot Program, designed to ensure a Person-Centered Care environment in care facilities and hospitals across Canada. 

Causes and Organizations

I live with a rare disease called Mastocytosis.

If you would like to learn more about this condition, or how you can help please consider visiting these sites:

Certifications and Credentials

Non-violence Crisis Intervention - Crisis Prevention Institute of Canada

Jennifer Tasker

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