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Jennifer Tasker

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Writer/Poet, Tarot/Oracle/Light Worker, Wellness Universe Social Media/Lounge Manager

I am a 70's indigo child, a spiritualist whom has endured many difficult struggles in life.
I continue to overcome these 'lessons', with faith and belief in my incredibly resilient light.
I was born an Empath, a Seer, and a Psychic dreamer, my other gifts from Source include, Tarot/Oracle Card Reading, Light Worker, Writer, Poet.
Presently, I live with an incurable debilitating condition, that restricts me from leaving my home. I have been given a very important mission, and being stuck at home, wasn't going to stop me.
I started Jenny's Positive Posts, as a way to reach out and make a difference in the World. My dream, is that one day, very soon, everyone will easily see how incredibly beautiful and perfectly unique they are. That we are only given the struggles/lessons we must learn, in order to move forward on our journeys.
Keep believing that your incredibly resilient light will carry you through, because it absolutely will!
Always be mindful of your moments, and be thankful, for YOU!
Most importantly, always remember that no matter how it may feel at the time, you are NEVER truly alone.
May you always see your light to guide you, feel your love to warm you, and enjoy the brightest of blessings that reward you!
Jenny Tasker

Causes and Organizations

I suffer from a rare form of Mastocytosis called Mast Cell Activation Disorder.

If you would like to learn more about this organization, or how you can help please consider visiting these sites:

Jennifer Tasker

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