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Joy Andreasen

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Shamanic Energy Healer, Author, Spirit Communicator

I have always had a yearning for a connection with the Unseen World. Even as a child, I received messages and experienced things that I could not explain.
Brought up in a traditional religious home, my connection was limited to my understanding of my faith. As time went on, I began to explore different traditions, and it seemed that something awakened within me that had been long forgotten. Messages from the other side began to come through. Whether these messages came from Angels, Guides, or loved ones who had passed on, I knew that I had to share the messages I was receiving.
My goal at this time in my life is to be of service to others and to share the messages that are given to me. Whether this happens in private sessions with clients, or in sharing the lessons that I have learned or the healing practices I have been given over the years, I am here to relay messages from the world of spirit to those who have ears to hear the messages that are coming through. My study of different traditions has given me a unique perspective on the healing of the soul, and I have combined many of the techniques I have learned through my studies into my own personal cosmic soup. My sessions combine different techniques such as Reiki and Shamanism, as well as my direct connection with the world of Spirit to bring healing and comfort to those who desire to hear from Spirit or receive healing in their soul.
Many find that when their soul finds healing, their lives begin to change. My goal is to inspire that change that already resides inside  of you. You truly have the ability to heal your soul. I am just the one facilitating that change. You can contact me or further check me out at

Joy Andreasen

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