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“A beautiful place of love, support & co-creation among authentic souls. It is more than a community it is a Home.”

“The Wellness Universe has been such a source of inspiration and loving support. There are so many resources available and so many inspiring members. So blessed to be a part of such a wonderful collective. Changing the world one person at a time.”

“The Wellness Universe is the symbol this world needs, conveying a message of, “There is enough for All”, and all we have to do is work together and support one another. It unifies balance and harmony. I’m honored and humbled to be a part of this Society! It’s a Beautiful Place!”

“The Wellness Universe is home to amazing like-minded people doing their bit to change the world and I’m so proud to be a member.”

“Healers come in all shapes & sizes. Co-creating for the good of all!”

“I love my WU family. The support and networking are amazing. The Wellness Universe rocks so hard!”

“Never felt so supported by a group of peers. Encouragement is what you’ll get from The Wellness Universe members.”

“Thankful to be creating a safe environment for Sustainable Independent Wellness through Unified Intentional Energy at WU.” – Sheila Kalkbrenner

“Step into the power of your healing + join with others at The Wellness Universe community on the same path advancing a whole-hearted world.”

“The Wellness Universe is truly a sacred space where you will feel supported and loved unconditionally”

“Wellness at your fingertips. An abundance of wellness choices worldwide. We are here for you”

“The Wellness Universe is a rapidly expanding source of inspiration, education and support, allowing us to shine to our maximum potential.”

“The Wellness Universe is the place we all shine, support and share our message of change. I am honoured to be a member of the WU tribe.”

“The Wellness Universe is a heart-centered & soul-full community where we all share the same mission – change the world by shinning our light.”

“The Wellness Universe community supports, encourages and provides so many resources to make your business dream a reality. Always there; they always care.”

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“The Wellness Universe is home to my amazing family of supportive, like-minded people worldwide, co-creating positive change in all areas of healing”

“The Wellness Universe has been an incredible force to help me soar in all aspects of life in ways I dreamed of. The support, love, connectivity and unconditional acceptance is part of the success. I am honored to be a part of the WU family.”

“It’s a life enriching experience to be part of a community that is committed to sharing each other’s passions and gifts for a greater good.”

“The Wellness Universe is a beautiful collection of people who bring healing light to our world. I’m honored to be counted among them.”

“The place for wellness in any dimension in which you are searching is The Wellness Universe!”

“You don’t need to be saved or rescued. What you need is knowledge of your own power. The Wellness Universe is a strong community of caring life facilitators.”

“I am so grateful for my connection with amazing and authentic people dedicated to wellness for other people around the world.”

“The Wellness Universe is like having a whole tribe of badass cheerleaders who support my mission, dreams and goals. I feel seen, heard and loved here. For a writer, artist or healer, this is priceless.” -Laura Probert


“My career in Health & Fitness is finally complete. Thanks to resources and amazing people of Wellness Universe!”

“Soulful Community, Conscious Co-Creators, Limitless World-Changers – The Wellness Universe is an Epic Resource and Opportunity for All!”

“I knew within days that I had found my networking home and family. The opportunities are incredible, and so is the love and support.”

“The Wellness Universe community has allowed me to share my self-love and self-care message with thousands of healing artists.”

“The place to be your most authentic creative fearless self, surrounded by others that fuel and support that positivity!”

“The Wellness Universe exemplifies the true spirit of community, where wisdom, compassion and healing come together as one.”

“So honoured to be part of an incredible group of people dedicated to making the world a brighter place. Shine on, WU!”

“WU is a beautiful collection of people promoting positive change by Being the Change. Love my WU family!”

“Your vibe attracts your tribe & I feel blessed to have found mine at WU. A stellar community co-creating to make the world a better place!”

“The Wellness Universe is a wonderful extension of my tribe. A community of like-minded people letting their little lights shine.”

“Incredibly honored to be a part of this community of co-creators of wellness warriors & positive world changers! Fabulous guidance for all!”

“The love and support of The Wellness Universe, continually inspires me to take steps forward in the direction of my dreams.”