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Robert Alexander

Hi Everyone! I am an Audio Alchemist and Content Creator. As a WU World Changer and Content Creator, I help wellness professionals with their audio, graphic design and various other needs. I have music featured on Insight Timer, Pandora, Spotify, Pandora and more! I have assisted many wellness businesses with custom music for their guided meditations, podcasts and more. I also help various online and print design creation and can also assist with web development and other various needs for their branding and advertising. As a WU World Changer, I have also assisted the WU team and various members with my Graphic Design skills. My music has also been featured on numerous WU meditations. I have partnered and collaborated with various WU members and have created some amazing graphic design and sound designs for ever evolving. needs. As an Audio Alchemist, I also offer easeful virtual private sessions to help with mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. I use sound in a very unique way to help my clients gain extra support away from session work. I use informal and gentle self-discovery and design personalized music for each client so they are feeling supported, heard and seen on their journey – in a way that works best for them. Each piece is specifically designed for each client and I have seen clients create radical shifts – many within even the first session! I am so grateful to be a WU Changer and I am incredibly grateful that we are part of an amazing tribe here on this incredible platform. Looking forward to connecting to you and hope you are having an amazing day. And as always, please continue to stay safe and healthy out there! You deserve to be heard, seen and supported in a way that resonates with you in this very moment!

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Self-Care Books by Anna Pereira featuring Wellness Universe Co-Authors

The Wellness Universe Guide to Complete Self-Care, 25 Tools for Stress Relief Available Now
The Wellness Universe Guide to Complete Self-Care, 25 Tools for Happiness Available Now
The Wellness Universe Guide to Complete Self-Care, 25 Tools to Achieve Anything Available Now

The Wellness Universe Guide to Complete Self-Care is a series of collaborative books for mind, body, and soul wellness. It’s what you’ve been looking for to enhance every important area of your life.

Each book is a powerful toolkit with expert wisdom and tools, and authentic stories that will inspire you to take the next best step toward wellness, health, happiness, and abundance.
The authors each step up as trailblazers with their real stories of struggle and triumph, and then lay down their empowering teachings for you in a simple way, so that you can have a practical experience, and a moment of healing. The series started with 25 Tools for Stress Relief and it continues now with 25 Tools for Happiness. Our newest book, 25 Tools to Achieve Anything available now, and much more to come!

Because everyone needs an expert team on their side when it comes to wellness! Grab your copy today.

25 Tools for Stress Relief is an Amazon #1 International Best-Seller in Alternative Medicine Reference category #1 Best-Seller, US in Alternative Medicine Reference and Chronic Pain categories and Best-Seller in 13 categories! Our Happiness book is a International Best-Seller in 5 countries!
25 Tools to Achieve Anything is a #1 Best Seller in 2 categories and Best Seller internationally!

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The Wellness Universe is certified as a Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) through the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), the nation’s largest third party certifier of businesses owned and operated by women in the US. We recognize the commitment to supplier diversity that is embraced by corporations and government agencies today, and we can add diversity to your supply chain. The Wellness Universe provides well-being resources, events, programs, and support which empowers individuals, groups, organizations, and corporation stakeholders and their families.

“WU is a beautiful collection of people promoting positive change by Being the Change. Love my WU family!”

“As both a wellness professional and wellness seeker my home base and beautiful space is BEing in the community here at The Wellness Universe. The connection, care, growth and professional resources to grow my business and myself are all right here!  I had no idea how much I would grow and make such wonderful connections.

As a result of my initial decision to join I’ve been a core blogger, a new member mentor, a talk show host on The Lounge “Soul Empowerment” series with David McLeod, a featured co-author in The Wellness Universe Guide to Complete Self-Care, 25 Tools for Stress Relief book, and an experience provider at our in person site wellness retreat, SoulTreat.

So much richness! The Wellness Universe will always be my home!!

Nancy Stevens – member since 2016”

“The Wellness Universe is the place we all shine, support and share our message of change. I am honoured to be a member of the WU tribe.”

“I highly recommend The Wellness Universe (WU) to everyone looking for personal wellbeing support, delivering wellbeing services/products to others or looking for authentic experts to provide wellbeing services to a group of people they care about. 

Being able to receive and experience support from all 3 categories has contributed to my personal life and my business in immeasurable ways.

A huge thank you to Anna Pereira (Founder & CEO), and her wonderful team for creating and evolving this miracle that is WU!” 


“The place for wellness in any dimension in which you are searching is The Wellness Universe!”

“When you invest in The Wellness Universe as a member you receive extraordinary support from a wide variety of skilled professionals who are focused on your success. And that is just part of the benefit! This is an organization, platform, and community created and operated from the energy of inspiration and love. Members are given multiple opportunities to shine their light. You’ll not only feel like you’ve found your people, you’ll finally understand the power in an authentic, heartfelt, aware community that has your back every step of the way. WU has everything you need to share, teach, and promote your message, skills, and services with the icing of a founder who pays attention to the environment, attitudes, practices, and integrity of her members and the community as a whole, keeping it all super high-vibe and impactful.”

“Being a member and core blogger at The Wellness Universe has been a transformative experience for me these past few years. The founders, Anna Pereira CEO Soul Ventures and Shari Alyse are radiant and so authentic in carrying out their vision of promoting world peace. They bring us wonderful opportunities and exposure and I have met and collaborated with beautiful, like minded souls in this inspiring atmosphere. Bring a member of #WUVIP and #WUWorldChanger has helped me bring more love, joy and peace more easily into the world”

“The Wellness Universe has been easy to use and a valuable resource to help grow my business. I have been able to find other wellness practitioners with which to collaborate and found a number of lucrative opportunities to expand my client base. Further, the SEO value of the WU blog is also a great benefit of my membership. Most of all, I have found like-minded and wholehearted new friends whose friendship will last a lifetime.”

“As a multi-business owner, mom, psychotherapist, life coach and passionate impact maker, I hold integrity and genuine care as a foundational standard. In the online world, these characteristics aren’t always demonstrated. Anna Pereira, the founder of the Wellness Universe, offers an exception to all the virtual white noise and confusion. She truly cares. She cares about the people she supports. She maintains integrity by promoting only those she knows provide quality services. She takes time to get to know her patrons. Her desire is to make an impact, and she holds true to that dream with integrity. I can confidently recommend Anna and her team at WU. Together, we are world changers. Anna demonstrates this not just in talk, but in action.”

“Connection. Having a voice. These are the words that come to mind when I think of the Wellness Universe. There are so many things you can be part of in the WU (I’m a Premier Plus member) that, for me, I’ve selected the things that interested me most at this time: co-author in a book, blog writer, small-group connecting, and participating in the Intentions group. All of these experiences have allowed me to feel part of a community and to exercise my voice in expanded ways.

When I was a co-author in one of the Self Care books, I loved being part of a community of authors writing the same book. The 1:1 have cultivated deeper connections to other members. In addition to that, to be in the presence of Anna is to witness someone with great clarity, that delivers her verbal messages on point, spontaneously, and authentically. Her delivery and expression awes me. I feel like I’m in a beautiful, colorful swirling cosmic energy of connection and voice when I think of WU and its members.”

“The Wellness Universe is home to my amazing family of supportive, like-minded people worldwide, co-creating positive change in all areas of healing”

“I’ve been looking for a platform like The Wellness Universe for years. Your dedication, support, and encouragement inspire me to inspire others. I love being part of a community of leaders, teachers, and healers changing the world into a place for all to thrive. When we contribute our brilliance together we all shine more brightly. Thank you for your leadership Anna Pereira!!”

“If you are looking for a supportive, informative, inspirational collaborative community, look no further than The Wellness Universe. Eternally grateful to be a #WUVIP #WUWorldchanger, WUInfluencer, and Core Blogger for 2018. Thank you Anna Pereira, Shari Alyse and all of the The Wellness Universe team.”

“In this time of uncertainty and change, strong community and united collaboration is necessary for us to change the world. When I joined the Wellness Universe this past year, I finally found my community of like-hearted and open-minded souls. I’ve been part of collectives and memberships before and always left feeling disappointed and non-fulfilled. The energy of true compassion, caring, collaboration, co-creation and love, (yes love!), flows non-stop at the Wellness Universe with the leadership of Anna Pereira. I now have opportunities, beyond what I imagined, to bring my heart-focused intuitive work and service to the world.

Anna Pereira is the most sincere, caring, authentic, trust-worthy, highly-skilled and successful business leader I have ever experienced. Her creativity, passion and endless dedication she brings to the Wellness Universe membership is beyond expectations, it’s simply outrageously blissful and fun! Her ideas on how to promote, support and be a constant inspiration for me have been life-changing. My business has been uplifted to a new level of performance I’ve always dreamed of.

The Wellness Universe is a brilliant diamond in the rough in this vast sea of networks you could join. You can stop searching and trust your experience here where you will find authentic and innovative support with an amazing wealth of talent creating a powerful community and network that WILL change the world.”

“The Wellness Universe is a beautiful collection of people who bring healing light to our world. I’m honored to be counted among them.”

“I LOVE this community of heart-centered, purpose-driven, soul-inspired world changers! SHINE Your Light FULLY at The Wellness Universe!”