One Ripple Peace Day 2017

Join The Wellness Universe movement to spread good, One Ripple, in support of the
International Day of Peace 2017 by the United Nations

One Ripple Mission: To touch the lives of as many people as we can around the world with acts of love, kindness, and compassion.

Social media & mainstream news inundate us with political wars, economic, racial, religious, and gender divide, natural disasters and climate change controversy. While we need to understand the challenges our planet faces, let us also remember and shine a light on the beauty, love, compassion and kindness that exists as well.

So many of us wish and hope for a better world. What if YOU could create that better world? Imagine what the world would be like if each one of us intentionally chose to create One Ripple of good.

Every choice you make creates a ripple!

It’s time to step up and help create that better world!  

The Wellness Universe and it’s World-Changers are inviting you to join us on September, 21, 2017 – International Day of Peace as we spread some goodness out into the world.

“Established in 1981 by unanimous United Nations resolution, Peace Day provides a globally shared date for all humanity to commit to Peace above all differences and to contribute to building a Culture of Peace.” We are thrilled to support the United Nations International Day of Peace theme for 2017, “Together for Peace: Respect, Safety and Dignity for All” and create our very own campaign, One Ripple, to bring together humanity through individual acts of peace, love, compassion and kindness.

It’s a simple yet powerful way to create and be the change. Let’s use social media for good! Let’s step up and remember who we truly are and how connected we are as humans no matter what dotted line separates you in the world from someone else.

Let’s not just talk about a better world, let’s create one!

Every choice creates a ripple.

How can you join One Ripple? 


Step 1: Be sure to RSVP ‘Going’ to our One Ripple FB Event and let us know how you are creating a ripple!

Copy and Paste the text from below for your social media wall and download the image for your profile pic. On 9/21, share it on your wall and tag people from around the world!

• Be sure to use the #PassThePebble and #PeaceDay when sharing.
• Most importantly, enjoy being there for someone else and knowing that something simple you might do, just might make someone’s day or even save their life.

Copy and Paste:

I #PassThePebble to you! It’s super easy to talk about wanting a better world, but let’s you and I create it together. I hope you will join me as we create One Ripple of good across the world for #PeaceDay.

3 Simple Steps To Create One Ripple:

1. Promise (Promise to commit to an act of kindness, love, compassion and peace towards somebody else.)

2. Play (Swap your social media profile pic (starting on 9/21) sharing your commitment to join One Ripple. Share a pic, video or comment of how you spread peace today.)

3. Pass the Pebble (Tag someone(s) to join One Ripple and help you spread the good!)

That’s it! Remember, every choice creates a ripple.

For a list of 100 ideas to get you started and more info on One Ripple, visit:

Download this image to use as your profile picture on 9/21/17

Here is a list of 100 ideas to get you started:

1. Smile at a stranger
2. Spend time with an Elder
3. Get some people together and create a line of hugs
4. Go to a animal shelter and give some love to an animal.
5. Be creative, do something for our Mother Earth.
6. Find someone from another culture, be open and listen to their wisdom
7. Donate needed items to a shelter
8. Volunteer at a non-profit agency
9. Connect with another and tell them what they add to your life
10. Take old blankets and towels to an animal shelter
11. Pick up trash in the park
12. Ask an elderly person their story
13. Put out a bird feeder and keep it filled
14. Volunteer doing anything
15. Sit in a lawn chair at the park and smile at passers by
16. Dedicate a song to someone you love
17. Take turns counting your blessings under the stars with a friend
18. Cook your childhood favorite meal and invite some kids over
19. Mow your neighbors lawn
20. Teach a teen to change a tire
21. Give flowers to someone
22. Go to where help is needed most and lend a hand
23. Organize or get involved in a community walk after dinner
24. Walk your dog rather than just let him out
25. Give up parking in a close spot and park the furtherest spot away
26. Pay for the person behind you in line (coffee, tolls, lunch etc.)
27. Open and hold the door at every doorway you encounter
28. Use the name and make eye contact of the person helping you (cashier, waitress etc) and give a sincere compliment as to why they are awesome.
29. Check in on your elderly neighbors
30. Say Yes when you normally would say No
31. Automatically do another another’s chores just because.
32. Ask if you can be of service to every person you meet even if they don’t look like the need help
33. Engage in and share activities you are passionate about
34. Make others laugh, even for a brief moment.
35. Parents & Teachers – Make a “I Created A Ripple” chart for kids to fill in
36. Parents & Teachers – Demonstrate what happens when you throw a pebble into a bowl of water
37. Parents & Teachers – Create a song about “Every choice creates a ripple”
38. Parents & Teachers – Create “Ripple Badges” to share with kids when you see them helping others
39. Parents & Teachers – Share with kids what YOU did today to create a ripple
40. Let someone else have the parking place you were eyeing
41. Give your shopping cart to someone
42. Send your favorite teacher a “Thank You” note
43. Give an over-due apology
44. Say “I love you” to 10 family members / good friends
45. Connect / Introduce two amazing people
46. Walk an elderly neighbor’s dog
47. Give a colleague support for her business launch
48. Mentor an up-and-coming entrepreneur (for free)
49. Look strangers in the eye, smile and say “Good Morning!”
50. Correct your child gently instead of yelling
51. Donate money to Natural Disaster Funds
52. Volunteer at a soup kitchen
53. Walk dogs at a Humane Society / dog shelter
54. Give your seat on the bus to an elderly person
55. Help a pregnant woman out of a cab
56. Weed the garden at church
57. Carry groceries out to an elderly woman’s car
58. Pick up trash in a parking lot / park
59. Donate old books to a hospital waiting room
60. Hand out free coffee and sandwiches to the homeless
61. Read to children at a hospital ward
62. Bake co-workers cookies
63. Bless everyone you meet
64. Smile at a mom in market who is dealing with an unruly child
65. Wish your grocery checkout person, or customer service person a good day
66. Carry nutritious snacks with you and give out to a homeless person
67. Ask a homeless person what they would like to eat or drink
68. Volunteer at a homeless shelter
69. Volunteer at an elder facility or community center.
70. Grow organic vegetables & contribute them to a local food bank or senior service center.
71. Open your home to a natural disaster victim
72. Bring pet food to an evacuation center for people’s pets
73. Volunteer to become a Big Brother or Big Sister
74. Return shopping carts for people
75. Leave kind notes on the doors of your neighbors
76. Bring in coffee for your co-workers
77. Call somebody you haven’t spoken to in a long time
78. Offer to babysit for a couple of a newborn
79. Donate blood
80. Help neighbors find a lost pet
81. Give a compliment to someone in your friends list online
82. Send someone an unexpected gift
83. Say ‘Thank you’ to your Mom and Dad
84. Take or send pizza (or something) to your local police/fire station
85. Put change in a vending machine change slot
86. Leave coupons you won’t use next to the product in the store
87. Buy someone lunch or dinner
88. Give out coupons for free hugs
89. Let someone go ahead of you in line/traffic with a smile
90. Give a stranger an inspirational note
91. Listen to a friend without offering advice
92. Send flowers to someone you love
93. Send a handwritten note in the mail to someone you love
94. Compliment a stranger
95. Call up a sibling and plan a date with them without the kids
96. Invite your kids friends over for a sleepover
97. Create art for public spaces
98. Invite someone dining alone in a restaurant to join you
99. Foster or adopt an animal
100. Share One Ripple campaign with all your friends and loved ones!

Special Thank You to our WU One Ripple Team

Lisa Dadd
Charles Eduardos
Amy Camie
Denise Povernick
Moira Hutchison
Rosi Goldsmith
Nancy Samaria Cardinal
Kat Tozzier
Tat Jane Bego Vic
Samantha C-Panopoulos
Andrea Warren
Dr. Danielle J. Duperret
Nicole Levac