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Are you making the world a better place one person or group at a time through your support of health, happiness, wholeness and well-being? Are you looking to expand your reach and connect to your ideal clients on a platform specifically created for those who are making a positive impact on the planet? Are you seeking support, to be mentored or to mentor other like-minded professionals?

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The Wellness Universe is the top resource for people seeking wellness, education and support on their journey.

As a WU World-Changer, you will be part of a community changing the world. Your contribution for wellness is recognized and supported here, not only from our platform, but the community. A network like none other of real people who are changing the world!

  • Be included in our searchable directory of over 3000 WU World-Changers with your own profile
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The Wellness Universe is community supported and the leading vetted community for personal and professional support for you if you are in health, wellness and well-being space.

All of these benefits are free and included with your membership with options to upgrade for even more exposure, support and opportunities.

Connect, Collaborate and Co-create in an environment of support.

Be found for your contribution and make the world a better place.

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What You’ll Be a Part Of

As a WU World-Changer Member, you become an integral part of an epic, member-supported ecosystem, on a platform designed specifically to uplift and empower members and the global community in seven dynamic areas of wellness (Environmental, Emotional, Intellectual, Occupational, Physical, Social, and Spiritual). You and your business will benefit from your own personalized micro-site, a network of WU World-Changers to collaborate with, as well as a classified listing in our searchable directory, enabling all seeking your specific resources to easily find and connect with you directly. Whether you’re a veteran in the industry looking to get your leading-edge content to the masses or you’re just starting out, The Wellness Universe provides the platform and a community to get you launched, supported and thriving.

Stellar Membership Benefits

Upon approval, your immediate Freemium Membership offers great benefits. Learn about our other levels of memberships before filling out your application by clicking on the purple ‘View WU World-Changer Membership Levels’ button at the bottom of this page. Here you can view which membership offers the specific type of engagement, connection and influence you desire dependent on your professional and personal goals.

Criteria for Becoming a WU World-Changer

Do you positively impact the world with the work you do and the passion you share in 1 of our 7 areas of Wellness – Environmental, Emotional, Intellectual, Occupational, Physical, Social, and Spiritual?

Are you an entrepreneur, writer, artist, blogger, coach, conscious business owner, author, vlogger, inspirer, motivational speaker, activist, advocate, doctor, teacher, trainer, health professional, environmentalist, heart-based business owner, volunteer, alternative and holistic medical practitioner, intuitive, spiritual advisor or practitioner, musician, healer, preventative care practitioner, aide, OR you’re just so unbelievably innovative that we can’t capture you in just these words? Yes, you.

We believe in the protection and respect of intellectual property. The code of conduct known as ‘netiquette’ is criteria we follow as we review your application. During your review process, we will look at not only your contribution to the world, but how you present it. Your cyber branding and marketing should be done in compliance with netiquette standards. Netiquette is explained in this article: The Core Rules of Netiquette

Images (and video) are a vital part of marketing online, please see this article: Can I Use that Picture?
WE CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH – Protecting copyrights falls under ‘Intellectual Wellness’ and we strictly uphold this for a myriad of reasons. Your application will not be approved if you have downloaded information, videos and images used to further your brand without proper accreditation.

Your online content must clearly convey information that relates to your mission and purpose through the information you post.

WU World-Changer Application

You must apply to join the WU community as a person. Do not apply as a business.
  • IMPORTANT: This for will auto generate your profile. Enter your first and last name as you would like other users to see it. The name you enter will be your name and handle that appears publicly on The Wellness Universe.
  • Please be sure your email is accurate. Double check it is typo free and one you check often. Please add to your email safe list to receive your approval email.
  • Please submit at least 2 of the following:

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

We encourage you to consider our Premium and Premium Plus Memberships which offers benefits like being featured on the front page every day. To make your decision easy, be sure to preview our comparison chart below and see what aligns best for your personal and professional goals.

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If you’ve read to here and all this sounds exciting, but at this point you are looking to learn from these WU World-Changers, to receive support, and resources to aid in your own healing and well-being, no problem. Register as a WU Friend and get full access to the customized information and support you need.