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The Wellness Universe presents Ahana Lara, MindShift Marketing Expert Leader guiding you through ‘MindShift Marketing: How to Ensure Results in Your Marketing and Your Business’ 6-month program that will help you accelerate your business success and enjoy marketing. Register 👉

Ahana is a Results Coach and Marketing Mentor for motivated business owners who are seeking better results in their marketing, through a deep dive into themselves and their business.



Ahana Lara is a Business Transformation Coach, Amazon Bestselling Author and Podcast Host on Transformation Talk Radio. She helps conscious business owners, coaches, consultants, authors and holistic business owners create a high-growth business visibility plan so that they can attract leads, clients and opportunities effortlessly to their business. 

Ahana has worked with both large corporations and hundreds of small business owners crafting their authentic marketing and market domination strategies. She has worked with marketing teams of companies like The Body Shop and IT giants like Autodesk. She has also build hundreds solo/small online businesses.

In all these roles, she combines her experience in business building, content marketing, media marketing (PR, radio, video and print), social media marketing, her personal development and leadership coaching, transformation coaching to create unique and high growth solutions for her conscious business clients.



Life Planning Business Mapping Session

One of the biggest challenges for conscious and holistic entrepreneurs is aligning their purpose and life goals with their business and financial growth.

How do you choose a business model that serves both? How do you get clear on the marketing process you need to use to attract your ideal tribe to your business?

Find the Life Planning Business Mapping sessions, along with other sessions on


Rise and Be Rich

Stop building your business the WRONG way. You don’t have to struggle to grow a business borne out of love and purpose. There is a simple path to success, whichever level of business you are at, and whatever your resources may be at this time.

There are 4 essential foundations that you need to move out of struggle and into serenity, creating effortless abundance and cash flow in your business:

  1. Personal brand that can be positioned right in the market – this increases visibility, likability, trust, magnetic attraction to your business.
  2. Authority where you are seen as a go-to-expert for advise, information, inspiration. Planned content and social media marketing starts building your list, your tribe and brings you high quality, qualified leads. You can amplify this with authentic influence where you collaborate with key players in your niche to establish your market positioning and client attraction.
  3. Signature series that are trademarked to you – building products and services that sell themselves. Arranging these products in a way that you get repeat sales.
  4. Joint venture and collaborations – learning authentic and purposeful scaling strategy to get your work, your message out to maximum people and serve a larger audience.

We use the Rise and Be Rich high growth format to ground this foundation and grow a business. If you want to see this system in detail, log in for free on

(P.S. Once you log in, on the other side there is a special video for you, and on the bottom left a full presentation of our entire system for you to see – happy learning!


The RBR Show

Podcasts, newsletter magazines, masterclasses, resources and so much more. Please join us for enlightening interviews and in-depth masterclasses with some of the top experts from around the world. Sign up on



These are some of my social pages. I am quite active on them and would be happy to answer any of your questions.

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Miracle Manifestation Practice Circle FB Page (this is a private paid membership but we have a free page for non-members):

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Email: [email protected]



Ahana took my sketchy ideas and created a business structure and a plan that would help me grow fast and build my brand.

~ Lori Thomas, Amazon Bestselling Author, Spiritual Ecologist

I was able to create a six-figure business plan, create my signature system and I’m in the process of launching my own coaching program!

~ Janet Chui, Artist, Author, Publisher

RBR has helped me fill my appointment book. My brand is now recognised and the reach has now increased globally rather than just locally.

~ Kim Wagner, Coach, Healer, Online Show Host



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