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The Wellness Universe introduces you to Debbie Prediger Empowerment Coach and Strategist, as our official Business Momentum Guide hosting Business Momentum and Strategy. We couldn’t think of a better leader to bring you this empowering, educational, and transformational series with an abundance and variety of resources for your business acceleration and growth! Debbie enthusiastically hosts each session live, empowering you, heart-led business-minded entrepreneur, twice a month!  Register Today  👉



Debbie Prediger Empowerment Leader and Strategist specializing in helping world-changers, thought-leaders, visionaries, and healers realize their highest path and calling. I am an international best-selling author, speaker, workshop facilitator, emcee, moderator, events producer, and online course creator. 

My calling is to help these leaders break free of any physical or emotional pain, limiting beliefs, old habits, patterns, and stagnant energy held in their physical bodies. To have the freedom to decide, declare and go after the life they desire, both personally and business-wise. 

In order to answer their purpose-driven calling and step into the person they were designed to be, they must identify who they are. It all starts with a simple question.  “Who am I?” Once they have clarity around this simple question, they will live their life on purpose, for a purpose with passion, and integrity, aligned in harmony, courage, and certain of the work they are here to do. 

My signature Empowering You Release sessions, conscious leadership, masterminds, and intuitive coaching programs are centered around my clients getting more clarity, confidence, and courage while diving deeper into their true essence and the message they bring to the world. 

In my experience, if there is a gap between where you want to be, who you desire to show up as in this world, and the life you are living, you could have emotions holding you back such as self-judgment, hopelessness, frustration, overwhelm, and even anger show up asking to be seen. I help you find the gap, empower you to choose to release the old story around it, and then step into who you truly are. At the center and core of you, the real you, and then empower you to lead from that strong, vibrant place where anything and everything is possible. That’s the leader the world needs, that’s the world-changer here to serve, and that’s the clients I LOVE to work with. Ready to step up, lean in, and get out of your own way as you align with your true highest potential. Unleashed and unstoppable.

Over the years I’ve witnessed so many thought-leaders, coaches, healers, and world-changers that get stuck in the “I’m going to get it ready” phase. They have a beautiful message, a beautiful world-changing calling, and yet they believe they have to be perfect before starting, therefore they get stuck on the “to do” list instead of being aware of the opportunities that come with “just” getting started. My message and my purpose-driven calling is to empower others to take action, to Dare to Dream, to implement success and tweak along the way without judgment of right/wrong, and to “simply” try again. I encourage others to listen to their audience. When you align with your mission in your heart and soul you are guaranteeing success, impact, influence, and abundance.
I had a huge mindset breakthrough to reach this empowering leadership role. A mentor from above, not in hierarchy, but above me in experience, witnessed what was going on and was able to say, “No, no, no, I have you, you are not alone. I understand what you’re going through. I understand you. I hear your needs. I hear your desires. Most importantly, I hear your fears and I am going to help you get out of your own way.” This transformation naturally led me to lead others feeling alone on the path of empowerment. Now I build communities for others just like me.

Many of you have already heard this, but as a reminder, our thoughts lead to feelings, which lead to emotions. Change your thoughts, change your reality, change your life! Our perception or the meaning we attach to life’s experiences determines whether we see it as a good thing or bad. What if it wasn’t either, what if our minds don’t have to search for good, bad, right, wrong, safe, or unsafe? How freeing would it be if we could learn to shift our thoughts, and perspectives, take our power back, and know we can choose the emotional state we live in. Love, peace, gratitude, and joy are all choices available to each of us.
I empower you to choose your emotion and then bring it into your body so you can then choose to release all that keeps you stuck in that old yucky, dense, dark emotion you’ve been running from.
I started to see patterns in the people I helped and that there were certain emotions that occurred over and over. It is the habit or pattern that we automatically return to. So, if your trigger reactive state is anger, you may not recognize that it is actually fear that drives you there. I am driven to show people that we can shift this to make hope our response. Allowing all the amazing emotions that we truly desire to drive our bus and create the life we LOVE is magical, freeing and so empowering.
Wouldn’t it be great to feel empowered by choice?
A choice means once you are aware of the emotion you are feeling, decide which emotion you want to feel. You’re feeling fear but you want to feel confidence, peace, or joy. Choose it with intention. Be that emotion you’ve chosen. Declare it, step into it, embody it. BE it be Love, Be Peace, Be empowerment = Be the leader.
I believe it’s the key to fulfillment and success in your life. Growth happens when we can stretch ourselves through the uncomfortable moments all while being empowered by choice.
I feel extremely honored and blessed to live the life I have created through healing from the past, choosing the life I want to live, and implementing change. Always choosing love first, and being empowered by choice.

Awards and Affiliations

A small-town girl who loves the simple life, I am a retired Licensed Practical Nurse, turned Vet/animal technician, turned the owner of 3 computer stores and IT certified, the award-winning photographer specializing in telling stories through photos, and following the energy, the light along the way lead me into intuitive healing, certified Aroma Freedom Technique practitioner, angel card reader, intuitive channeler and more.

I am an avid learner and love evolving, stretching myself, and bringing expansion to the communities around me. Today I serve as a moderator, events producer, and facilitator for many huge transformational experiences, summits, online challenges, and expert panels. In 2021, alone Tony Robbins, and Dean Graziosi's online events touched more than 1 million people with these events in 138 countries around the world and it was such an honor to serve in this capacity alongside them since 2019. 
I’ve studied and worked with the best in online course creation, personal development, energy healers, and alternative wellness techniques. Today I bring all these together in a beautiful recipe that works. Mindset reset, release the stuck old habits, patterns, and energy that is holding you back, tapping into what you truly love, opening your mind to the possibilities and watching you step into your power as the world-changer, thought-leader, and visionary that your soul is helping you rediscover. In 2021 I received a Global Leadership Award, and in 2022 was nominated for the Women's Empowerment Business Leadership Award. 


Causes and Organizations

I believe we are here on earth to use our unique gifts and talents to give back and make this world a better place. I am often called a volunteer extraordinaire as I am always traveling and finding a cause to give back to. If there is a need, I jump in and fill it is the most fulfilling experience. I've volunteered at Hurricane Katrina, Costa Rica, Mexico +++, and of course locally as well.   I am co-founder of the We Empower World which is a membership platform with a social enterprise tied to a non Profit that serves those affected by Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES). I've received awards and special mentions for many of the volunteer opportunities I've created. See a need and fill a need is my motto.

Certifications and Credentials

I am blessed and grateful to say I have taken programs from the best. Since 2019 I became certified as A knowledge Broker and then entered into the Mastery Program, Amy Porterfield taught me the best techniques in online course delivery, Tony Robbins, UPW where I did 3 rounds back to back and Unleash Her Power Within 💕 KK 2 rounds of 11 weeks each lead me into 2021 like a rocketship, Brendon Burchard, Grace Lever, John Assaraf, Sara Landon, and many more mindset spiritual mentors.
At the end of 2021, I became an international best seller and in the first quarter of  2022, I launched and co-founded We Empower World membership platform.
I feel extremely honored and blessed to live the life I have created through healing from the past, choosing the life I want to live, and implementing change. Always choosing LOVE first. See Awards and Affiliations for more information.

Debbie Prediger

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