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Terri Lynn Murphy

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Experience in my field since: 2012
I enjoy my work as: Book Author, Blogger, Podcast Guest
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First, I think of myself as a mom. I am most proud of being the mother of two wonderful sons.   I love and enjoy our family time together. I am so happy to be alive today and to be living such a fantastic life.

My family and friends are among my biggest blessings. I was raised in a family that understood the meaning of love. Being the youngest of five girls I had many, fantastic role models. I am so grateful for the strong roots of my childhood.

My first book is titled Journey to my Soul Following Divine Navigation and tells my story of putting happiness first and how to tap into our built in navigation system. My second book is 10 Minutes to a Happier You, Start Your Day in a Positive Way  is an international Best Seller and provides  simple exercises to help boost your happiness vibration.

I am also a co-author in two more international best sellers. The Wellness Universe Guide to Complete Self-Care 25 Tools for Happiness and bLU Talks Business, Life and the Universe. 

For over twenty years I worked as a Sales Manager/General Sales Manager in a several different high-line stores including Porsche, BMW and currently Audi.

As a manager and  as a trainer I witness many people at different levels of sales. Some rise to the top while others can not get out of their comfort zone. Sales is not an easy task, and I respect every salesperson out there that succeeds. Sales professionals face many challenges and need to keep a positive attitude in order to gain success.

A few years ago I was given the nickname ‘Fortune Cookie’ due to my enthusiastic, optimistic attitude. My positive outlook came natural to me plus my enthusiasm is over the top! Having trained my brain to keep a positive focus during a long, difficult period in my past, now that my life is great I don’t have to think about being happy anymore, happiness has become a habit.

When the nickname ‘Fortune Cookie’ came to me it ignited a passion in me that inspired me to reach out to the world. I see so many people who are unhappy and don’t know how to change. My intention is to assist as many people as I can find their own happiness.

As a Sales Manager and Trainer, I’ve coached and trained many people. The experience of someone lighting up inside due to a message I give, amazes me. I am delighted when I experience someone awakening to a new possibility and to see them succeed in sales..

My own challenges in life have given me the understanding and ability to help others in a painful or difficult situation. Coaching someone and motivating them to become inspired is exciting to me.  The possibilities in life are as endless as the stream of thoughts that continually flow to us. Our imagination is a powerful tool when we use it in a positive way.

My intention is to help as many people as I can find  happiness. Giving energy and focus to happiness will help expand its presence in the world, and the world can certainly use some more happiness. This is my vision and I hope you will join in the conversation about happiness.  The more people the more power.

Together we can change the world, one smile at a time.




Terri Lynn Murphy

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