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Anik J. Malenfant

Transforming Dreams into reality - You deserve more then just good enough!

Anik has the uncanny ability to hone in and hit the delete button on what’s holding you back in your life. She will guide you to your own joy, passion and purpose, reminding that you deserve to feel the freedom of living life on your terms.

She did as many of us are told to do to be “happy”, get a job, fall in love, meet goals, achieve great things, give back...  For the first 20 years of her adult life, she created a life that looked great on paper climbing up the corporate ladder in a career she loved, yet left her lacking in purpose and fulfillment.

Having overcome Fibromyalgia, chronic pain, abuse, co-dependancy, chronic anxiety and depression, Anik has discovered a new way of life without suffering and fighting. She took back her life. This is now the gift she shares with the world. She enjoys guiding driven entrepreneurs and all around go-getters to create a supportive, productive, fulfilling and abundant life, both personally and professionally.

Drawing on the lessons learned through her corporate career and real world experience, Anik has notable training in many aspects of energy psychology as well a natural medicine her passion is to support you in getting unstuck and out of your own way so that you can get from where you are to where you want to be.


Awards and Affiliations

Energy psychology qualifications:

ThetaHealing® Basic & Advanced DNA, Manifesting & Abundance Instructor & Practitioner, ThetaHealing Intuitive Anatomy, World Relations, SoulMates, Dig Deeper, Family Ties, Rhythm and Game of Life Practitioner, Certified Chios® Master Teacher, Former Chios® Council Member, Reiki Master Teacher and Choice Theory®, Reality Therapy & Lead-Management.

Causes and Organizations

Anik shares her knowledge openly on her Monthly Radio Show - Dream Life Mastery on News for the Soul Broadcasting (, her facebook group Dream Life Mastery as well as in her blog and social media platforms.

Member of the CAEIT (Canadian  Association for Integrative and Energy Therapies.

Collaborator and…

Anik J. Malenfant

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