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Sherinata's passion is teaching people how to get out of stress and into success by teaching them how to tap into their brilliance so they can experience more inner peace, love, happiness and success and manifest the life they've always dreamed of.

She has helped hundreds of people become more heart centered, less stressed, use less medication and become more confident allowing them to live healthier, happier and more prosperous lives for generations to come.  Many of Sherinata's techniques and programs are easy to use and the best part is people notice massive results in less than a minute! Her passion is to revolutionize the way we raise our children by setting the example as a positive influence of personal and emotional freedom as adults and leaders.

With over 30 years’ experience as an intuitive, Sherinata is a dynamic and engaging speaker, author, master transformational life coach, energy healer and positive change activist for humanity.  She is best known for her simple, fast and easy to use transformational products and programs for both children and adults. She is also the founder of Karelia Creations, Caring for the Healing of Humanity, which encompasses wholesale, retail and affiliate opportunities for passionate change makers educate about EMF protection (radiation that comes from your cell phone and electronics).  


Awards and Affiliations

Certified Life Coach
Mastery NLP Certification
Theta Healing 1 and 2
Author/Creator of Blastoff! to Create Your Magic
Founder/CEO of Karelia Creations EMF Protection for Families

Causes and Organizations

Ambassador for the Joseph P. Cory Foundation
Member of Holistic Chamber of Commerce
Member/Leader of the Girl Scouts - USA
Lifetime Member of Women's Prosperity Network

Sherinata Pollock

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