The Institute for Integrative Intelligence
​The Wellness Universe preferred partner for your coaching certification.

About The Institute for Integrative Intelligence

We are global leaders in our trademark coaching approach, Integrative Intelligence®. We specialize in ICF credentialing, education, and training standards. No other institute around the globe offers the high-caliber training, service, and commitment to your success than we do. 

​How do we stand out?

  • We are global leaders in our trademark coaching approach Integrative Intelligence. No other program teaches these frameworks around the world!
  • We have a 100% first-time pass rate for our students that have applied for ICF Credentialing and taken the ICF Exam (previously the Coach Knowledge Assessment (CKA).
  • We have 97% first-time pass rate on our internal ACC Level Performance Evaluation.
  • We have a 96% first-time pass rate for our internal PCC Level Performance Evaluation and 100% second-time pass rate. 
  • We now offer a “Walk With You Guarantee“. We guarantee a student will gain their first five clients, or we walk with them until they do.

We’ve noticed that people find us when new career potentials are ready to awaken!​They are also ready to pivot away from the old paradigms that are no longer working. They acknowledge there is a difference between ancient wisdoms that support success and old models that keep people and companies stuck. The people who love us also understand, at a gut level, that humanity could be doing so much better, and they are excited to play a key role in the shifts happening!If you resonate with this and love being a part of solutions in people’s lives, then we invite you to get to know us and our programs. We are considered the hidden gem of coaching schools!Our students report feeling a deep calling to coach others. If you feel this calling as well, are seeking ICF Credentialing, and love learning new impact-driven methodologies, we invite you to explore the variety of options we offer!Not sure where to start? Sign up for our free coach training class: Coach Training 101Or download my paper on: Becoming A Professional Coach: 3 Critical Considerations That Save You Time, Money and Headaches Our core program options include:

We educate and train heart-centered professionals in the following fields:

We are here to help you successfully lead from your calling to double your positive impact in the world. I congratulate you on following your calling and I hope you enjoy exploring the variety of programs we offer you. We look forward to connecting with you to see if we are a fit for your coach training journey!

In Service to Your Success,


Laurel Elders, MCC, CEC
​Institute Founder / CEO
Leadership Coach / Author / Mentor / Trainer