Thank you for visiting dear one, so glad you are here.  I'm Janette, founder of Angel Angles which exists to spread more love, joy and peace  into the world.  Angel Angles also shares the Divine beauty which resides within us all, helping us remember what beautiful, loving, amazing people we are and what a beautiful, loving world we live in. My first book "On a Path of Joy" is now out. .  This is the first in a series of seven devotional books which are meant to delight your heart and more deeply connect you to your inner joy and your Creator.  I am an author, military mom as well as an angelic practitioner.

I was guided to begin Angel Angles following the death of my dear brother.  The words of my teacher Laurel of Illuminating Souls (also a #WUVIP) were a loving, healing balm to my soul during his illness.  I longed to be able to help others heal, as I was healed.

As a lifelong empath, I have experienced people’s feelings deeply. I have a deep compassion for my fellow man and love deeply.  I choose to live a joy filled life each day and hope to help others do the same.

My hope is that you will feel more love, joy and peace by visiting Angel Angles. I encourage you to shine your very special light into the world and live your life listening to your heart. Your soul knows the answer.  You are more amazing than you realize dear one.

I am so grateful to be a member of and core blogger for The Wellness Universe.  This is such an amazing collective of world changers and I am humbled to be a part of it.

I am a Certified Angel Card Reader through Doreen Virtue.  If you'd like a personal reading you can schedule it through my website  at

Also, I am a Certified Fairyologist with Dr. Doreen Virtue.  Do you love the fairies also?
Sending you so much love,
Angel Angles
Grateful #WUVIP





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