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Janette Stuart

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I enjoy my work as: Book Author, Blogger, Workshop Facilitator, Online Course Provider, Virtual Events Creator, In Person Events Creator
My Specialties: Life-work Balance, Life & Career Transistions, Creating Positive Change




Coming September 2, 2023, Self-Care Saturday - Now ON-DEMAND at your convenience

Self-Care Saturday

You care for everyone else and now it’s time to care for you. Self-care isn’t selfish. It is a way to honor the precious gift of your life and it benefits every relationship and connection.

Join Angelic Practitioner Expert Guide, Janette Stuart of Angel Angles and Well-Being and Wonder, for Self-Care Saturday. You’ll want to schedule the first Saturday of the month beginning Sept. 2, 2023, as we gather in sacred circle to focus on an aspect of self-care to bless body, mind, and spirit.

What is Self-Care Saturday? It is a gift of self-care to you, dear heart. It’s just what you need, a time of connection, stillness, and you’ll walk away enriched, rejuvenated, and feeling more centered by honoring yourself. We’ll have time for meditation/angelic attunement, journaling, and discussion to nurture and boost your level of self-care.

Each session of the six Self-Care Saturdays will have a different theme.

Sept. 2, 2023 – What is Self-Care and Why is it Important?

Oct. 7, 2023 – Self-Care isn’t Selfish

Nov. 4, 2023 – Gratitude as Self-Care

Dec. 2, 2023 – Peaceful Holidays as Self-Care

Jan. 6, 2024 – Dreams and Desires as Self-Care

Feb. 3, 2024 – Self-Love as Self-Care

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All 12 Sessions are now on-demand. View at your convenience.

The Wellness Universe in partnership with Janette Stuart Angelic Practitioner Expert Guide invite you to escape to the Secret Garden of Joy!

Janette brings all her healing wonderfulness to a group experience that supports your joy, peace, and well-being with her Secret Garden of Joy monthly gathering. Register 👉

What is the Secret Garden of Joy? Every first Saturday of the month, escape to the Secret Garden of Joy for an hour as you leave the world behind, delight your heart, nurture yourself and fill your cup. Each session will include a meditation or angelic attunement to help replenish your body mind soul and spirit.


Join monthly for an experience that will leave you refreshed, invigorated, and anticipating your next adventure into the Secret Garden of Joy.

Hi friend, I’m Janette Stuart: WU Featured Author, Best Selling Author, Certified Angel Card Reader, Blogger, Military Mom and Emissary of Joy at Angel Angles with Janette Stuart, who will assist you in owning and embracing your divinity by offering 1:1 Angel Sessions, through online and in-person classes that assist you in living a life with more love, joy, and peace, and with less stress, worry, and anxiety. Gentleness and Joy are my Superpowers.

I had a booth at SoulTreat in October 2021 at The Art of Living Retreat Center in Boone, NC and “Drenched You in Love.” My latest book “Drenched in Love” and accompanying inspirational card deck was revealed during SoulTreat.

In 2019, I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and am now thriving. Thank you God! Amen and Hallelujah.

I’m a Featured Author for The Wellness Universe, in the inaugural edition of The Complete Guide to Self-Care,  released on November 11, 2020. My Chapter is about using gratitude as a way to reduce stress, worry, and anxiety.

I have a gift for you, I’ve created a devotion, gratitude and self-care journal for you. It’s a beautiful 26-page printable pdf to enhance or begin your quiet time. It’s an opt-in to my Love Letters from the Angels messages of self-care sent on select Sundays. Get yours here.

Looking for more joy?

My volume set of books, “On a Path of Joy,” are daily devotionals with a unique theme to enhance your quiet time and connection with the Divine.  They are shown below.  I anticipate creating a volume set of 7.

Paperback Daily devotional featuring 31 brief passages with a beautiful message to delight your body, mind and spirit. Small enough to carry around in your bag or have at your desk drawer for inspiration. Loosely based on the 5th chakra our source of being seen and speaking our truth.
Paperback This 31-day devotional is known as the loving-healing edition. Each of the inspiring messages aid in love and healing Divine goodness and grace. Loosely based on the 4th Chakra which is our source of love and compassion and healing goodness.
Paperback This issue is known as the personal power edition. Each of the 31 daily devotions offer divine guidance to enhance your spiritual practice and personal power. Loosely based on the 3rd Chakra which is our energy center for our personal power.
This edition in the set contains 31 daily devotionals complete with an affirmation and beautiful nature photographs by Karen Troy Photography. Loosely based on the 2nd Chakra our source of creativity and passion.

In 2019, I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  I wrote a 6 blog series about my miraculous health journey and an Ultimate Guide to Surviving Pancreatic Cancer in 2020, and 5 ways to thrive in order to give people hope. You can check it out here to benefit you or someone you know and love.  Today, I am healthy, well, and thriving.

My focus word for 2020 is Celebrate, and I am celebrating the big and small things that occur each day this year.

My wish is that it will touch someone’s heart and make someone’s journey easier and give them a big dose of hope.

I was guided to begin Angel Angles following the death of my dear brother.  I was raised in the church, and during the dark days of my precious brother’s rapid decline, I was struggling.  I found so much comfort in learning about the angels and their pure, unconditional love and support.  I had heard about the angels but didn’t know they love and support us all (not just saints and holy ones) always and in all ways, even if we are uncertain about their existence. The angels’ soothing and comforting words helped heal my broken heart, and within 6 months of my first angel card reading, I was guided to start learning all I could about the angels and became a Certified Angel Card Reader.

I’m a life-long empath, and  I choose to live a joy-filled life each day and hope to help others do the same.

My fourth book, “On a Path of Joy,” features 31 daily devotionals, each with a different affirmation. This volume includes beautiful nature photography and a brief passage to help you increase your level of joy and connect more deeply with the Divine. Shop Angel Angles or available worldwide on Amazon.

This is the fourth in a series of seven devotional books that are meant to delight your heart and more deeply connect you to your inner joy and your Creator.  I am an author, writer, military mom, as well as an angelic practitioner.  I’m also in my second phase of life, doing my soul’s work after retiring in 2015.  In 2017, I created “Love Notes from The Divine, “an inspirational card deck set of 44 full-colored, gorgeous, divinely channeled oracle, meditational, or inspirational messages, and images and is also available on Amazon

I have also been honored to have The Wellness Universe post my Angel Affirmations blog each month.  These are channeled messages from the Angels which benefit us all.

I encourage you to shine your very special light into the world and live your life listening to your heart. Your soul knows the answer.  You are more amazing than you realize, dear one.

I am so grateful to be an Ambassador, core blogger, and member of The Wellness Universe.  This is such an amazing collective of world changers and I am humbled to be a part of it.

I am a Certified Angel Card Reader.  I love to help others connect with their angels.  If you’d like to find out more, schedule a personal reading you can visit  Angel Readings by Janette

Angel Reading Testimonials

Janette has provided numerous angel card readings for me over the past couple of years. Each one has been so helpful in many of my life’s challenges and have been so on point. I didn’t really know what to expect out of a session but was immediately put at ease and felt such love, inspiration and genuine caring. Janette’s quiet, kind, and calm manner immediately makes you feel like you’ve been lifelong friends just catching up for a chat. Her initial prayers often reduce me to tears because of their beauty and honesty, I cannot recommend her highly enough. If you’re on the fence, just do it, you’ll be glad you did!

— Darlene ~ California

All I can say is that it was an amazing experience. Janette did not want much information she was using 3 decks and would get her information from the cards, they were beautiful. We discussed things that were happening in my life and how they related to these cards. If you have the chance to get a reading from Janette, I say run,
don’t walk you will not be disappointed.

— Teri ~ Texas

I was hesitant to do my first angel card reading as I am not a spiritual person, but I felt called to have a reading and it was the best decision! Janette was extremely warm, comforting, and gentle during my reading. Janette explained the imagery and meaning of each card and connected it to what I was feeling at the time. The reading helped me affirm my direction in life and gave me the courage and confidence to take my next steps. It was a magical feeling to be connected to my angels, if only for a short time. I would wholeheartedly recommend an angel card reading with Janette, it just might change your life!

— Michelle ~ Arizona

Sending you so much love,
Janette Stuart
Angel Angles
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