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Build Trust, Share Your Support & Educate

May 15, 2019

Emotional Metrics Key to Success: How to Build Trust Are YOU the Solution? Do they feel that you are? Building a great customer experience starts with someone feeling good. Building trust requires showing up, being you, sharing your knowledge and how you can help someone. The way you do that allows a person to decide…

The Conscious Choice to Make Money: 8 Tips for Financial Freedom

December 26, 2018

The New Year is upon us and I know one thing is for sure, you want it to be more spectacular than 2018. We are down to the wire and if you are reflecting on your challenges and unsatisfactory areas of life, you are contemplating what must change in 2019. Maybe it’s health, maybe it’s…

Wellness Professionals 11 Must-Do Tips for Business Success

January 23, 2018

I made a huge boo-boo, I led on the dreamers. To my defense, I thought that everyone who has a dream and a passion pursues what it takes to achieve success. Then I am reminded of the horrible auditions on talent shows in which people think they can actually sing and hold a stage performance…

Ultimate Guide to Successful Webinars & Classes Online

June 30, 2017

It’s not enough for you to be respected in your circle, have years of experience, or hold the key to alleviate pain points if you do not lay the foundation, present and follow through with these steps. Don’t be ‘that guy’ (or girl) who thinks everyone will flock to your webinar or class to be…

Mother’s Day Without You

May 14, 2017

Missing my mom today. It’s Mother’s Day in the U.S. December of 2012 my mom was visiting me in Portugal. She was a transplant patient and riddled with health issues. You would never know how sick she really was from her spunk and bold personality. She was always teetering on the edge of it being her…

Confidence in Any Situation

May 7, 2017

Even the most confident people get shaken. It’s all about mindset. In life, have you ever been shaken because of energy you came into contact with? Or how about feeling insecure when you are generally a confident person? When you are in the company of others who operate from fear-based thinking, they may be projecting…

Sharing Your Good Deed is A Good Deed

April 17, 2017

Have you given gifts of your kindness and time? Have you shared the story with someone to hear them say ‘You shouldn’t tell people about your good deeds if you seek recognition’ or something to that effect? I remember once when I gave blood, my friend said to me that I shouldn’t tell people, as…

Value Your Attention

February 12, 2017

More than your love or time, your attention is the most valuable thing you posses and can control exactly where it goes. Once you give your attention to something, your thoughts can change, and the thoughts of those who have your attention can change. Your attention give power and purpose to its focus. This is…

3 Tips for Inner Peace

February 4, 2017

The country is in a state of great change and many of us are feeling lost, angry, sad, scared and uncertain. My Friend, please go within and when you start to feel these negative feelings, pray and focus on love. Tips to maintain positive health thorough this shift: 1. Each of us has the power…
A Wonderful Journey – The Story of WU

January 27, 2017

What a wonderful journey it has been! In September of 2013, I was blessed with the vision to create an epic space for real people, really changing the world. I had an almost ‘urgent’ call to duty to serve. Our space, The Wellness Universe was being called into creation and I was excited and terrified of the…

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