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Welcome. I’m Dr. Toni, a formerly burnt out, high-achieving, parenting professional. I help the ambitious, heart-centered leaders of our world to stop living in a state of chronic stress and hustle, by creating a practical yet incredibly powerful foundation for an individualized, balanced and joyful lifestyle that lasts.

What does that mean?

It means no longer having to live a life you feel completely out of control of, even though you’re constantly busy trying to control it all.

It means those who feel disconnected at work, angry and on edge, learn how to navigate these challenges in a way that feels good to them. The anger and uneasiness are tended to, replaced by confidence and clarity.

It means the ambitious hard worker who’s use to over-working, over-giving, over-extending and living on exhaust fumes, NO LONGER has to live there. Instead, they can actually feel fueled, reinvigorated and re-energized.

It means the driven leaders who’ve secretly started to wonder “What’s the point of all this anymore…”, are able to get passionately re-connected and ignite a purposeful motivation that feels good.

It means finally tending properly to strained relationships with those you care about, managing time so it works in your favor, and learning how to handle overwhelming emotions without shutting down or lashing out.

It means learning how to manage the constantly chattering, doubt-filled, harshly-critiquing mind of yours, so inner peace, calm, and restful restoration can happen for you.

How does that sound?

I’ve not only helped people through all of these challenges, but I’ve been through them all myself, too. I get that it’s not ideal to admit when having a hard time. However, if the desire is to ENJOY MORE- to enjoy relationships more, ENJOY more of yourself, AND ENJOY making a profound impact in other lives, than commitment to creating balance and tending to your wellness is absolutely essential!

The impact of chronic stress & anxiety is pervasive in our society (especially amongst the ambitious & heart-centered) and statistics show that it’s getting worse. Living in a chronic state of hustle and stress infects our wellness at every.single.level.

More relationships suffer as people lose touch with compassion and instead grow resentful.

There’s more emotional turmoil as anxiety & depression grow; there’s more of a focus on surviving and proving rather than thriving and connecting.

Bodies grow fatigued and mired with various types of pain or illness.

And so on, and so forth…

I’ve been in the helping profession for over a decade and have a deeply passionate mission that extends beyond business, to inspire and enact powerful, rippling change throughout our world. I’ve worked with the disadvantaged, I’ve worked with the wealthy, and I’ve worked with the in between. People at every level feel stressed, over-worked and under-valued.

To help reduce the systemic stress and boost the experience of joy for as many as possible, our impact makers, our leaders- they need their wellness to be properly tended to.

To do this, leaders like you, must be supported in leading, living & loving from a place of balance. That is where deeper connections are made, and it’s where more compassionate, yet powerful impact can happen.

There is a healthy amount of stress, and then there is chronic stress.

There are healthy amounts of relational challenges, and then there’s debilitating strain that leaves people feeling utterly misunderstood, judged and disconnected.

There’s a healthy amount of worry that stimulates productive planning, and then there’s paralyzing anxiety that keeps you running in circles, chaotically worrying and strenuously attempting to control it all, to no avail.

What makes the difference is balance; balanced wellness. Wellness refers to the social, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual areas of your life. Finding the balance that works for you, allows you to create the life experience that you want.

That’s what I help my clients do.

I infuse the practical with the powerful to guide them to a more balanced and joyful way of living and being. Typically, they experience shifts above and beyond what they even thought was possible.

You can spend more time, more effort and more energy worrying about what everyone else thinks about you, what they want from you, what you “should” be doing, what you need to “prove”, and how to reach this goal only to focus in on attaining the next one…

Or, you could choose to experience a different kind of more. More harmony, more feel good moments, more confidence, more clarity, more time, more calm, more connectedness, more purpose.

It’s okay to want more. Even if you feel like you “should” be happy at this point, it is okay to want more. Something is missing; something is not aligned if you’re feeling disconnected, frequently overwhelmed, or unfulfilled. Let’s fill that gap and create a balance that works for you.

Although the results of our work together depend largely on what level of commitment you make to yourself and your wellness, I can guarantee that when you show up to work with me, I show up powerfully to support you and change does happen.I’m excited to support you on your journey.

Together, we will address the thoughts and behaviors that are holding you back. We will get clear on the emotional reactivity that’s helping to keep you stuck, and you’ll learn what to do about it. An individualized schedule will be crafted, that allows you the freedom to expand, explore and engage in your life, work and relationships in a way that feels better for you. I’ll stand by you as your expert guide and accountability partner so you won’t have to “go it alone”. Ultimately you’ll have a sustainable means of maintaining the balance you’ll have created, after our time together.

Are you ready?

If you’re ready to discuss working together, you can apply for a free connection call at here, or schedule a deep dive coaching session here.


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