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As a WU Best Help featured member that supports you in this time of crisis, I offer 25% off all my regular services. Between March and June 2020, I taught forty-one free session. Thank you to everyone who joined! My one-on-one session are discounted through February 2021.

Manuela Rohr is an expert certified Yoga Instructor, a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist, and Group Facilitator with over 33 years of experience in body-mind healing. She infuses the age-old wisdom of Yoga with the therapeutic mindfulness-based practice of Phoenix Rising Yoga both in Europe and the US to provide a unique and powerful healing experience. 

 She is a Body Wisdom Coach and Healer and believes that we are all born with deep knowing, a deep sense of wisdom – that when things fall apart around us – and they always do – our inner healer steps up and battles the storm to allow for us to regain our sense of peace and power. 

 Manuela moves her students toward a life worth living, no matter the obstacles. Life’s a balancing act, and Manuela chooses to embrace what’s possible every day. She’ll show you how to navigate the bumpy transition from suffering to freedom and is committed to living her life with deep joy. 

 Manuela also conquered the extraordinary challenge of raising a special needs child. Her daughter Sarina, 30, is on the autism spectrum. After losing three children to miscarriage, she was born a micro-preemie four months too soon, weighing one pound and fifteen ounces. 

She calls her daughter her greatest teacher and credits the embodied mindfulness practice of PRY to have saved her from falling apart by her loss. It showed her how to tap into her inner healer. 

She works with women in transition who are curious about overcoming their limitations in body, mind, and spirit. You’ll learn soulful practices to include in your day, so when a crisis hits and no one comes to your rescue, you can help yourself. Caretakers-at-heart and special needs parents are drawn to her because they know she’s walked a mile in their shoes. 

Manuela shares her tools in private sessions and transformational workshops in Germany, the US, and online. She’ll teach you what embodied mindfulness means and to grow a healthy relationship with your body. She’ll help you engage in self-presence exercises and let go of outdated patterns and beliefs to create new ones that support you on your journey.  

Manuela writes about her healing journey with her daughter in blogs and books. She is the co-author of the #1 Best Seller, The Ultimate Guide to Self-Healing Techniques, Stories from the Yogic Heart, and Winning in Life and Work - Dare to Dream. Her soon-to-be-published biographical book, I Cannot Die Until my Daughter Belongs, documents her path as a special mother. Her book 365 🏝Tiny Islands offers resources for soulful self-care practices that help you thrive despite life challenges. 

Born in Germany, she now lives with her husband and daughter in Santa Rosa, CA. If she is not on her mat or writing, she climbs trees, dances, loves to cook, and travel. Find her blogs, book information, and programs at and join her free Facebook group, where she supports her students to Embrace what’s possible!




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Certifications and Credentials

Phönix Rising Yoga Therapist and Group Facilitator - PRYT

Yoga Teacher by the European Yoga Union - BDY/EY

Member of the International Yoga Teacher Association - IYTA

Foot Reflexologist

Three Dimensional Scoliosis Therapist by Schroth

Child Birth Educator

Manuela Rohr

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