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Manuela Rohr is a Body Wisdom Coach and Mentor, an Expert on Unconditional Happiness, and the Creator of the Tiny Islands Journey.

As a certified Phoenix Rising Yoga therapist with over 35 years of experience in body-mind-healing, she infuses the age-old wisdom of Yoga with modern therapeutic mindfulness-based practices to deepen awareness and presence.

Manuela believes that we are born with a deep knowing, a deep sense of wisdom that when things fall apart around us – and they always do – our inner healer steps up and battles the storm for us to help us regain our sense of inner peace and power.

Manuela Rohr also conquered the extraordinary challenge of raising a special needs child. Her daughter Sarina, 31, is on the autism spectrum. After losing three children to miscarriage, she gave birth to her micro-preemie girl four months too soon.

As a Body Wisdom Coach, Manuela offers you powerful tools to help you not give up in the face of hardship and challenges.

She created The Tiny Islands to inspire and empower you.

The Tiny Islands are mini-retreats you can hop on throughout the day to help you manage stress and activate your body’s natural healing powers. They cultivate a deepened awareness and collect tiny joys!

Manuela’s clients are interested in self-development and curious about how to experience pure happiness in their lives despite constant roadblocks and detours. She helps them be prepared so that when a crisis hits no one needs to come to their rescue, they can help themselves.


This is what her clients say:

“I visit my Tiny Islands every day and can fit them wonderfully into my hectic daily routine; they give me strength and peace. As on occupational therapist for troubled children and adolescents, I am increasingly challenged by my patient’s escalating frustrations triggered by the pandemic.

The Tiny Island ‘Pause your Trigger’” saves me many times a day from losing my therapeutic distance.”

– Andrea


“I have integrated the Tiny Islands into my everyday life as my power places. Some days I go ‘Island-hopping’ and overcome even the most difficult challenges in my life.”   

– Donna


Manuela’s clients learn to establish a new consciousness, to experience deep certainty, and trust their true happiness.

A happiness born in the present moment allows you to master your destiny, no matter the circumstances.

She believes that all those who choose this path of true happiness contribute to creating a more peaceful and content world. A world where they freely share their joy to show others who previously went through a living hell the way to paradise.

She shares her signature programs in private sessions and transformational workshops in Germany, the US, and online. She teaches what embodied mindfulness means and how to grow a healthy relationship with your body. She helps you engage in self-presence exercises and how to let go of outdated patterns and beliefs to create new ones that support you on your journey.

Manuela has written about her healing journey with her daughter in blogs and books. She is the co-author of the #1 Best Seller, The Ultimate Guide to Self-Healing Techniques, Stories from the Yogic Heart, and Winning in Life and Work – Dare to Dream. Her biographical book documents her life as a special needs mom, while her book about The Tiny Islands Journey is in the making.

Born in Germany, she has lived in the U.S. for over 35 years and divides her time between Germany and the U.S. If she is not writing or practicing her Tiny Islands, she climbs trees, dances, and loves to cook and travel.

Find her blogs, book information, and programs at and join her free Facebook group, where she supports her students to Embrace what’s possible! Her Tiny Islands Membership is already transforming her clients lives. Join us here:



Awards and Affiliations



Certifications and Credentials

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist and Group Facilitator - PRYT

Yoga Teacher by the European Yoga Union - BDY/EY

Member of the International Yoga Teacher Association - IYTA

Foot Reflexologist

Three Dimensional Scoliosis Therapist by Schroth

Child Birth Educator

Sport- and Gymnastic Teacher with emphasis on Adaptive Physical Therapy

Manuela Rohr

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