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Jim Phillips is a LIFE Strategist, speaker, and America’s Leading Authority on Living in Full Expression. In fact, he wrote the book on it. He has also been engaged in the business world for over 40 years, of which 30 or so have been spent inspiring others to higher levels of achievement and understanding through his strategy sessions, coaching, writing and more than 20 International Business Conference presentations.

Jim is a bestselling author with 3 books to his credit. “The Key to LIFE; living in full expression”, published by Sacred Stories Publishing, “From Inspiration to Intention”, that was self-published, and a collaborative book entitled, "The Wellness Universe Guide to Complete Self-Care, 25 tools for Stress Relief" published by Brave Healer Productions.

Jim is a featured expert in “Becoming the Keys,” a movie in The Key Movies Trilogy” alongside other notables as don Miguel Ruiz (The Four Agreements), Dr. Joe Vitale (The Secret) and Dannion Brinkley (Saved by the Light), Michael Bernard Beckwith, Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul), Marci Shimoff (The Secret), John Gray (Men are from Mars. Women are from Venus) and others.

Unlike many in the field of Self-Help and healing Jim hasn’t had to endure the difficulties of a devastating life event to gain an understanding of the inherent power we all possess to overcome anything and everything life presents. It is through this understanding Jim is able to help others understand their “current reality” as an opportunity to experience and express there inherent power to live one’s best as it was intended.

Through a unique and profound experience in church at the age of 13 Jim was told “you are going to do this one day” (ministering), “however you will do it differently.” His life has unfolded in many ways that opened him to the work he currently does that is reflective of ministering to others, only differently.

Operating with the life perspective that “life is an equal opportunity experience and withholds nothing from anyone” he works with clients who are ready to create and live their best life possible.

His passion is the exploration and application of spiritual law as it applies to prosperity and overall quality of life. One of Jim’s gifts is his ability to help others understand and apply spiritual concepts to their personal life. This has lead to the development of his L.I.F.E. Strategy Programs. (LIFE- living in full expression)

Jim’s first book, The Key to LIFE Key to LIFE, Living In Full Expression, is the result of a knowing and understanding that he had a very specific message to share of our connection to Divinity. This message was to be shared when the time was right, that time is now.

His second book, From Inspiration to Intention, is an e-book that delves deep into the theme of how we create our life experiences through our thoughts, beliefs and intentions, whether conscious of it or not.

Jim graduated from James Madison University with a degree in Business Administration and Management. He currently resides in Aldie, VA where he continues his writing, coaching and speaking.

To learn more please email Jim at [email protected] or visit his website at  Follow on Twitter at: @inspired10

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Member of International Coaching Federation (ICF)

Featured expert in "Becoming the Keys." Inspirational movie produced by award winning film producer Robin Jay. Also stars Brian Tracy, don Miguel Ruiz, Dannion Brinkley and Dr. Joe Vitale.

International Best Selling Author for his contribution to "The Wellness Universe Guide to Complete Self-Care- 25 Tools for Stress Relief"

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Certified LIFE Strategist and Coach

Certified Reiki Master

Jim Phillips

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