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Brave Healer Productions Publishing is accepting submissions for non-fiction, signature books by healers or healthcare practitioners interested in changing the world with their words.
You'll find info HERE.  

What if the thing you're still a little afraid to share is exactly what someone needs to hear to change, or even save their life? Your fear of not-good-enough is boring. Time to get out of your own way and write brave words that change the world!

The Write Habit online writing club is open for membership! And it's FREE!

Ready to do the writing you say you'd like to do, stay accountable to your vision and start writing words that heal? READ ABOUT IT HERE!

Brave Healing, a Guide for Your Journey is my signature book. You'll find it on Amazon HERE!

Laura Di Franco, MPT was born to lead a revolution of brave healers who are sharing their stories and healing themselves and the world with their words.

She's a poet, inspirational speaker, intuitive writing strategist, published author, holistic physical therapist, and third-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do with three decades of experience in healing. She teaches transformational tools and powerful strategies for nourishing and inspiring your fiercely alive whole self. Ready to begin an adventure to your soul? She's your guide!

Her latest book is a 25-author collaboration: The Ultimate Guide to Self Healing Techniques, 25 Home Practices & Tools for Peak Holistic Health and Wellness. Find this #1 International Amazon Best Seller HERE.

Laura is also the author of an Amazon Best Selling memoir: Living, Healing and Tae Kwon Do, and five poetry journals:
Warrior Love, a Journal to Inspire Your Fiercely Alive Whole Self
Warrior Joy, a Journal to Inspire Your Fiercely Alive Whole Self
Warrior Soul, a Journal to Inspire Your Fiercely Alive Whole Self
Warrior Dreams, a Journal to Inspire Your Fiercely Alive Whole Self
Warrior Desire; Love Poems to Inspire Your Fiercely Alive Whole Self

She's a co-author in What's In Your Web,  SuperWoman Myths, and 365 Ways to Connect With Your Soul. Her next co-author projects include: Dare to Dream, and Your High Vibe Business Workbook

She’s a contributor for several online sites including The Huffington, Post, Wild Sister Magazine, MindBodyGreen, The Elephant Journal, Best Self Magazine, The Wellness Universe, Tiny Buddha,, A Breath of Optimism, Black Belt Magazine and Tae Kwon Do Times Magazine.

She’s serious about integrating mind, body, and soul as a journey to passion and power, and she’ll show you how. When she’s not writing you’ll find her with her kids, dogs or a horse or taste-testing dark chocolate. Find her Healing and Writing workshops and programs at and on Facebook at


Intuitive Writing and Speaking for Healers- Ready to write, speak and publish words that heal yourself and the world? Have a story inside that's been waiting to come out? This program is a 6-week live, online (Zoom) journey. Next one will be winter of 2019/2020.  You can read everything you need to know HERE. 

Your Hight Vibe Business, A Brave Healer Community is my free group on Facebook. It's a place for heart-centered healer types who want to inspire and be inspired. You can join HERE !

WARRIOR LOVE, JOY & SOUL! Find our Facebook page at The Warrior Journals are gorgeous books of poetry, artwork and blank pages for you to create on! You can find them on Amazon too:

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#1 Amazon Best Selling Author
5-time Amazon Best Selling Author

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