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Lisa Barnett

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Akashic Record Teacher, Consultant & Founder of Akashic Knowing School. Author of two Books on the Akashic Records

Lisa Barnett is the bestselling author of "The Infinite Wisdom of the Akashic Records" and the founder of Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom.  As an internationally recognized teacher, healer and author with more than twenty years of experience in the spiritual healing world, Lisa shares resources to bring clarity and healing to you, by using the ancient yet accessible Akashic guidance.  Lisa draws on the healing energy of the Akasha for her clients and she will share that energy with you today.

Lisa specializes in empowering individuals to find greater fulfillment, happiness, abundance and ease in their lives by aligning with their Soul Path. She helps you realize how your Soul Contracts can create and affect your relationships; how unknown Karma may act as a block in your life and how past life vows can hold you back.  Her unique healing technique called "Pain Body Release" helps her clients let go of their accumulated emotional pain, from both their past and current lives. This ancient wisdom is here to help humanity create steps to the life their heart and soul desires.

Lisa has developed  powerful on-line programs that help everyday people learn to access their personal divine wisdom so they can experience lasting transformation. She provides her students with the knowledge to access their own personal soul records as well as how to complete Karma and Vows by incorporating information and healing tools from the Akashic Record.

Awards and Affiliations

Founder of Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom

#1 Int'l Best Selling Author

Transformational Leader Award

Lisa Barnett

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