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Kathryn Yarborough

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Unleash your light, manifest clients, and grow a business you love!

Hi! It’s Kathryn Yarborough here. I love working with coaches, energy workers, healers, and other on purpose, heart-based solopreneurs.

If that’s you, I can teach you how to manifest clients by using the Law of Attraction, create solution-based sellable offers, design a client-focused marketing plan that works, and unleash your light on Facebook so that your ideal clients can find you easily.

I provide practical, helpful training. I give useful, caring feedback. And I create a loving, supportive community environment in my group offerings.


“Your manifesting clients program was wonderful as it helped me to remember to stay in high vibrations to manifest the clients in my biz. Thank you for being an awesome, positive, high vibe teacher!”           – Bessie E.

“You give me clarity, support and see me in my fullest potential. You make the impossible seem reachable. You are always positive, creative, supportive and I feel less alone and more capable thanks to your guidance and support.”                  – Justine P.

Details about me:

I’m the creator of the Manifesting Clients Academy, author of the soon to be published book KEEP MOVING FORWARD: A Guide for the Solopreneur, and an inspirational speaker. I provide monthly training to members of the Moving Sidewalk Movement – my membership community. I offer private sessions to my clients who want one-on-one feedback on their plans and ideas. I do a variety of events every year for entrepreneurs. Twice a year, I offer the Unleash Your Light On Facebook 12-week program.

Do you want more clients?

If you want more clients, let’s talk and see what’s going on. It might be that you need to clear some blocks, improve your marketing, or change the story you tell yourself.

Schedule a complimentary consultation:

I offer Manifest More Clients Complimentary Consultations for new clients. If you’re interested, use the following link to schedule one. Click here.

Join my Facebook Group:

I’m very active on Facebook and would love for you to join me in my Moving Sidewalk Movement Facebook Group for on purpose solopreneurs. My intention is that the group is useful, engaging, and a place you’ll want to visit regularly. Join me there so we can get to know each other better. Click here!

More information about me:

I started my business in 2001 as a dance/movement therapist. I added manifestation coaching and integrative breathwork over the next several years. I began teaching heart-based entrepreneurs how to attract clients in 2006 but wasn’t ready to commit to working solely with solopreneurs and small business owners until 2017. Once I made that decision, I haven’t looked back! I love my people!

For more detailed information about me, click here to go to my website.

Awards and Affiliations

I am the creative director of the On Purpose Woman Magazine and a co-leader in the On Purpose Woman Global Community.

I am a member of Omni Toastmasters in Lake Mary, Florida and the World of Difference Toastmasters Virtual Club.

I am a member of the Women's Prosperity Network.

Kathryn Yarborough

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