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Below are some suggested titles and topics that are sure to do well! If anything speaks to you, comment at the bottom of this post with the # (number) that coincides with the tile you wish to claim and you will be assigned that title.

TOPICS for inspiration for SureFire Hits!:

  • Astrological Events
  • Fitness & Nutrition (Got a great recipe?)
  • An ‘Ultimate Guide’ ‘Top Tips’ ‘How To’ types of blogs
  • Illnesses & Disorders with remedies for them
  • Self Transformation, Self Development, Business Development
  • Relationships
  • Alternative & Holistic wellness practices
  • Excerpts from your book can be used for a series
  • 7 Day Eating Plans for: Detoxing, More Energy, Emotional Well-being, Reducing Cancer Risk Etc.

Below are a mixed bag of suggested titles to inspire you!


If you feel called to write on one of the below-suggested titles, don’t delay, shout it out in comments below with the # of the title! You will be notified with a reply comment within 48 business hours if you got it. First come, first served.

ALL of the titles suggested are to pull a reader in. Your article is to be written highlighting positive, inspiring, informative or educational content. These are ‘one-offs’ and you just need to write on the 1 title. (If you are inspired by a title to write a series, comment below.)

We always welcome blogs that are Holiday, Global Recognition Days, Astrological & Celestial Events. For these time-sensitive blogs, you must let Ashley know at least 3 weeks ahead of the event and submit at LEAST 2 weeks prior. We typically like to publish these a few days before the event to get your article traction.

  1. Numerology for March
  2. 31 Affirmations for March
  3. New Moon (3/6 )
  4. Full Moon Supermoon (3/21)
  5. The History of Valentine’s Day
  6. How to Get Rid of ______ for Good (Fill in the Blank)
  7. The Go-Getter’s Guide to _______ (Fill in the Blank)
  8. 5 Most Strategic Ways To Accelerate Your _______ (Fill in the Blank)
  9. 3 Tips to Emotionally Release _______ (Fill in the Blank)
  10. How to ______  in # Minutes (Fill in the Blank)
  11. 7 Tips for an Effortless _______ (Fill in the Blank)
  12. The Best Ever Solution For ________ (Fill in the Blank)
  13. Is ________ Affecting Your ________? (Fill in the Blanks) 
  14. 10 Ways to Completely Change _________ (Fill in the Blank)
  15. 10 Clever Tools to Simplify Your _______ (Fill in the Blank)
  16. 7 Life-Changing Ways to _______ (Fill in the Blank)
  17. Problem? Here’s How to Fix It (Fill in the problem)
  18. 10 Tips to Skyrocket Your _________ (Fill in the Blank)
  19. Never Worry About ________ Ever Again (Fill in the Blank)
  20. How to Create the Perfect _______ (Fill in the Blank)
  21. 5 Steps to Turn _______ into _______ (Fill in the Blanks)
  22. The Busy Person’s Guide to Getting The Spark Back
  23. Spring Cleaning: Your Master Checklist 
  24. 10 Chemical-Free Cleaners for Your Home
  25. Spring Cleaning the Organic Way
  26. 8 Ways to Clean Out ______ (Fill in the Blank)
  27. Spring Training: 10 Ways to Get Your ______ in Shape (Fill in the Blank)
  28. 5 Passover Recipes from Grandma
  29. Healing Physical Pain with a Spiritual Practice (Name the practice)
  30. How to Ensure Your ______ is Up to Par (Fill in the Blank)
  31. The 1 Thing You Need to Change ______ (Fill in the Blank) 
  32. Confronting Your Abuser: Is it a good idea?
  33. Overcoming Writer’s Block
  34. Know When Fear or Intuition is Talking
  35. Releasing Old Beliefs
  36. Do you suffer from PTSD?
  37. Emotional Trauma: What is it?
  38. Can Bad Choices be Handed Down? 
  39. Becoming a Better Parent
  40. Healing from Emotional Trauma
  41. Healing from Childhood Trauma
  42. Pregnant? 10 Things You Must Do (for your babies health)
  43. Is he/she a Stalker?
  44. Self-care: Recognizing a Toxic Relationship
  45. 20 Confidence Tips
  46. Packing Away: 10 Organization Tips
  47. 10 Ways to Spread Love and Kindness
  48. 10 Tips to Stay on Track This Year
  49. Controlling Chronic Pain: Dietary Tips
  50. Controlling Chronic Pain: Mental Practice Tips
  51. Controlling Chronic Pain: ___________ Tips
  52. Top Mental Wellness Tips
  53. 10 Family Fun Ideas
  54. Top 20 Healthy Snacks
  55. What is Energy Healing & Types of Healers
  56. Tips for Parents: How to help your child shine
  57. How to Make Friends: Tips for Parents of a Shy Child
  58. How to talk to your son/daughter about puberty
  59. Supporting Your Moody Teen
  60. 5 Secrets to _______ (Fill in the Blank)
  61. 5 Things You Need to Know Before _______ (Fill in the Blank)
  62. 10 Emergency Items to Pack for Trips
  63. How to Forgive and Love Them Again
  64. Top 10 Supplements for Men & Women 30-40 (2 lists, 1 for men and 1 for women)
  65. Top 10 Supplements for Men & Women 40-50 (2 lists, 1 for men and 1 for women)
  66. Top 10 Supplements for Men & Women 50-60+ (2 lists, 1 for men and 1 for women)
  67. Think Positive Live Longer
  68. Diffuse the Tension: Mindset Tips
  69. Finding Calm in an Emotional Storm
  70. Prevent a Cold With This
  71. Immune Boosting Supplements
  72. Emergency Care: Cold Season
  73. Emergency Care: Flu Season
  74. Living with Hypo/Hyperthyroidism
  75. Nutritious Nuts! Top Most Nutrient Rich
  76. Role of Lightworkers/Empaths in their awakening
  77. Special dietary requirements vs school lunches
  78. 5 Things Your _______ Doesn’t Tell You (Fill in the Blank)
  79. Fast, easy, and healthy lunches for your student
  80. Marketing your business to a new crowd
  81. 10 Jobs That Will Make You ________ (Fill in the Blank)
  82. 5 Questions to Ask Before _________ (Fill in the Blank)
  83. Your Beliefs are Killing Your Dreams
  84. Balancing the spiritual path with our humanity
  85. 5 Low-Cost Family Fun Ideas
  86. 5 Benefits of Medicinal Marijuana
  87. The Importance of Hydration
  88. Sustainable Indoor Gardening Tips
  89. Prepping Your Garden for Spring
  90. Springtime Juice Recipes
  91. Symptoms You Are Dehydrated, Even in the Winter
  92. Alternatives to Dairy
  93. Facts and/or Benefits of CBD Oil
  94. Common Triggers: Being Sensitive to Them
  95. Common Triggers: How to Not Freak-out
  96. Cortisol, Sleep and Weight Gain
  97. The Science of Astrology
  98. You Know it’s Over When….
  99. How to Rise Above a Knock-down
  100. 10 ________ That Will Motivate You Today (Fill in the Blank)
  101. 10 Essential Steps to ______ (Fill in the Blank)
  102. How to Mingle or Network Authentically
  103. Recovering from a Break-up
  104. Self-evaluation: Should I Leave My Relationship?
  105. Self-evaluation: Should I Leave My Job?
  106. Self-evaluation: Should I Let Go of Friendships?
  107. 5 Strategies to Follow for Small Business Owners
  108. How to Be More Outgoing
  109. How to Achieve Your Dreams
  110. The Truth About ___________ (Fill in the blank)
  111. 10 Habits of Highly Successful People
  112. 20 Tips to Be Your Best You
  113. 7 Must-Have Items in Your Household
  114. Benchmarks of Personal Achievement
  115. Horoscopes Defined: Characteristics of the 12 Zodiac Signs
  116. 10 Symptoms of Depression
  117. Reigniting the Spark in Your Relationship
  118. Is Marriage an end to a Sex Life?
  119. Healthy Relationships: Showing Gratitude
  120. Healthy Relationships: How to Compromise
  121. Healthy Relationships: Being Present
  122. How to Lower Your Expectations & Raise your Joy
  123. 10 Ways to Pamper Yourself – Men
  124. Anger Triggered by Noise? It’s Misophonia
  125. Knowing Your Triggers for _______ (Fill in the Blank)
  126. Stressed or is it Anxiety?
  127. Healthy or Just Hype?
  128. Plan for Success: Hit Your Goal
  129. Plan for Success: Starting a New ________ (Fill in the blank)
  130. Talking to your child about bullying
  131. Types of Arthritis and How to ease pain
  132. Low-Cost Last Minute Weekend Escapes
  133. What is Holistic Healing?
  134. 10 Benefits of Holistic Healing
  135. What is Personalized Wellness?
  136. Why Workout With Weights?
  137. 5 Tips to Experience a Happy Day
  138. Top Fruits/Vegetables & Nutritional Benefits
  139. The Restore/Recover Trend
  140. Nutritious Anytime Dish You Should Try (Please include a recipe)
  141. Top 10 Beans! Nutrition Benefits
  142. Red, Yellow, Banana: Nutrition Benefits of Peppers
  143. Communicating with Your Ancestors
  144. Is Your Symptom Actually a Chronic Issue?
  145. What is Survivalism?
  146. Lessons Learned From My Mom
  147. Top 3 Ways To Maintain Your Cool When Heated
  148. Increase Your Memory & Recall
  149. How I Packed Away My Emotional Baggage For Good
  150. 10 Unique Ways to Say I Love You
  151. How My Disease Saved My Life
  152. How to Travel Well on A Budget
  153. How to Plan A Delightfully Wonderful Date Night
  154. Top Tips on How To Get Out of a Rut
  155. How Do I Get My Partner to Actually Listen to Me
  156. 5 Tips to Trust Again
  157. How Not Getting What You Want Is Truly a Blessing
  158. Top Tips on Becoming a New Mom
  159. Toxic Foods Found Right In Your Home
  160. 10 Uncommon Ways to Earn Extra Income Easily
  161. Learning How To Accept Your Circumstances
  162. Self-Evaluation – Is it a chronic issue?
  163. My Favorite Supplement: (Name supplement)
  164. Living with OCD
  165. Living with a Phobia (Please be specific)
  166. Living with Adult ADD/ADHD
  167. Living with Food Addiction
  168. Living with a Physical Dis-figuration
  169. Live Off the Land to Save Money & Increase Health
  170. Reasons Why Your Weight-loss Seems Impossible
  171. Planning for Retirement
  172. Is Equality a Reality?
  173. Stop the Waste! 10 Tips
  174. Natural Remedies for Menstrual Cramps
  175. How to Measure & Track How Healthy You Are
  176. Eating Nutritiously for Busy People
  177. How to Get Kids to Try New Foods
  178. Hidden Gluten Sources
  179. Micro-nutrients You Cannot Go Without
  180. Could it be Menopause? Reducing Symptoms
  181. How Long Will It Take to Get Healthy?
  182. Delicious & Nutritious _____________________(Please fill in the blank within your comment below. This can be a focus on a specific food or recipe. Either way, please include a recipe)
  183. Staycation Ideas for Families
  184. Carcinogens in Our Food
  185. This is making you sick! (Toxic items, foods, thinking, etc.)
  186. Case Studies for Alternative Medicine (Please give us the issue/disease and what method was used within your comment below) MULTIPLE SUBMISSIONS from various Authors accepted
  187. Case Studies for _______ Therapy (Please give us the issue/disease and what method was used within your comment below) MULTIPLE SUBMISSIONS from various Authors accepted
  188. 5 Fascinating Facts About _______________ (Could be a food, exercise, animal, the body, communication, business, just about ANYTHING that is interesting)
  189. How I made a Comeback from: __________ (fill in the blank in your comment below) multiple authors/articles accepted
  190. 5 Natural Remedies for Pain & Inflammation
  191. Visualization Exercise: Relaxation
  192. Visualization Exercise: Shifting Patterns
  193. Visualization Exercise: ________________ (fill in the blank)
  194. 20 Money-Saving Tips
  195. Long Term Benefits of Less Stress
  196. DIY Projects for Couples
  197. DIY Projects for Non-Creative People
  198. DIY Projects Re-purposing Trash
  199. DIY Projects Using Forest Finds
  200. DIY Projects Using Sustainable Materials
  201. Personal Safety Tips
  202. Coping Skills: Dealing with Unexpected News
  203. How Hypnotherapy Can Aid _______________(Please fill in the blank within your comment below)
  204. Pet Therapy: _______________(Please fill in the blank within your comment below)
  205. How Animals Provide Therapy for ____________(Please fill in the blank within your comment below)
  206. Make Your All Natural, Toxic Free _________________(Skincare, cleaner, hair care, etc Please fill in the blank with your comment below)
  207. 10 Tiny Tips that Help you Save Money
  208. What are Investors Looking for These Days?
  209. Small Business Funding Ideas
  210. How to Attract and Care for Backyard Birds
  211. How to Have a Conversation That Builds Your Influence (Without Arrogance)
  212. Grow a Healthy Indoor/Outdoor Garden: Top Tips
  213. Non-toxic Ways to Rid Pests From your Home
  214. Insulation Tips for Your Home
  215. My Family Tradition:________ (Fill in the blank)
  216. The Best Recipe for __________________ (Fill in the blank)
  217. A Vegan Twist on ___________________ (Your favorite recipe welcome! Multiple authors welcome with unique recipes)
  218. 10 Ways to Volunteer in Your Community (suggest unconventional ways like doing a workshop for the Girl Scouts)
  219. Delicious High Protein Vegetarian Recipe For: ________________ (Fill in the blank)
  220. How Much Should We Get of Each Vitamin & Mineral?
  221. Pair it Up for The Greatest Health Boost (What vitamins/minerals/herbs/spices work together to give the best health benefits?)
  222. 5 Tips to See Through Lies
  223. Is it Really Healthy? ___________ (fill in the blank)
  224. Home Made Natural Remedies (This can be for health issues, skincare, haircare, cuts, and scrapes, etc. *When claiming this, please note in your comment WHAT your remedy will cure. Multiple authors welcome for different issues, etc.)
  225. Can We Cure Ourselves?
  226. My Disease _________ & How I Cope (Open to share your issues to inspire more humility & understanding? We welcome articles from multiple authors for various issues.)
  227. Preparing for Aging: Our Changing Body & its Needs
  228. My ‘Friend’ Always Has an Issue (This can be tips for self-care, boundaries, and advice to keep a healthy friendship)
  229. Turbo Charge Your Weight Loss
  230. 10 Hacking Prevention Tips (online safety)
  231. 5 Natural Hair Care Remedies (and how they help)
  232. Natural Remedies for Thinning Hair for Women
  233. Natural Remedies for Thinning Hair for Men
  234. 10 Tips & Natural Remedies (please note in comments what they are for. ie Skin, Hair, Inflammation, PMS, Stress, etc.)
  235. What is Autoimmune Disease?
  236. What is Hypersensitivity?
  237. Thyroid Issues? How to know
  238. Family Fun Ideas on a Budget
  239. Getting Over Him (or Her) Today
  240. My Journey with _________________ & What I Learned (Many WUVIPs can do this title as long as topics are different)
  241. Best Advice I Ever Got on _______________ (Fill in the blank)
  242. When You Feel More Than Tired
  243. Do You Recognize Your Symptoms? Exploring __________________ (Fill in the blank)
  244. The Worst Decision That Changed My Life by ______________ (Your name)
  245. When Everyone Tells You ________________ (you’re too aggressive, you’re a perfectionist, etc.)
  246. 5 Foods That Literally Melt Fat
  247. What Made Me Decide it Was Time For Me to _____________( fill in the blank)
  248. Did you know __________? (Fill in the blank)
  249. 5 Alternative Natural Remedies to Medication for _____________________(fill in the blank: mirages, pain, high blood pressure, etc.)
  250. The Miracle Herb ____________________ (fill in the blank)
  251. 5 Reasons to Cook at Home
  252. When is the Right Time to Tell Your Child ______________? (Fill in the blank)
  253. Travel Tips to Stay Safe
  254. Self Defense Moves for Women
  255. Self Defense Moves for Seniors
  256. Support for Caregivers
  257. 1 NLP Technique for Prosperity
  258. Increase Success with NLP
  259. NLP Public Speaking Tips
  260. How to Create a New Anchor with NLP
  261. Empowerment Quiz
  262. Confidence Quiz
  263. Finding Your Path Quiz
  264. True Love Quiz
  265. Compatibility Quiz
  266. 5 Signs You Have an Addiction to __________________ (Please list in comments below what you are filling in the blank with. Ex: Working out, Sex, Food, etc.)
  267. 5 Natural Remedies for ________________ (Please list in comments below what you are filling in the blank with.)
  268. 10 Tips for Rehabilitating a Broken Heart
  269. Living Pain-Free
  270. How to Save Money
  271. How to Safely Deal with an Obsessive Person
  272. Walking on Eggshells? Communication Tips
  273. What’s the Difference Between _____________ and _______? (Fill in the blank)
  274. Is Technology Changing Our Chemistry?
  275. Have You Tried ____________? (This can be an exercise, food, technique, etc. Explain what it is and the benefits/ Multiple authors welcome)
  276. What is EFT & How to Increase Joy
  277. My Secret ______________ (fill in the blank)
  278. 5 Sleep Remedies and Tools
  279. (An Illness) ____________ What is it & How to Treat (Multiple Authors for this one! Please note the illness in comments and please do not duplicate another author’s illness)
  280. Do you know these signs of Dementia?
  281. The Amazing Healing Benefits of _______________ (Music, Nature, Forgiveness, Etc. Please fill in the blank. Multiple Authors welcome with different topics)
  282. Hypo/Hyperthyroidism – Symptoms, Effects & Remedies
  283. Healing on a Soul (or Spiritual) Level for Pain-Free Living
  284. How to Come Back from Rock Bottom
  285. My _____ is Out of Control! 10 Help Tips (Multiple authors with different topics welcome. In your comment below, specify what you will fill in the blank with. Ex.: Dog, Thyroid, Weight, Spending, Child, Addiction, etc.)
  286. How to identify if my child is ________________ (Fill in the blank: Being abused, Bullied, Depressed, etc.)
  287. Time Saving Tips for Parents
  288. Reiki: A Natural Remedy for ____________ (fill in the blank)
  289. Benefits of Yoga Pose _________ (fill in the blank)
  290. Top 5 Alternative Medicine Practices
  291. 5 Top Healing Practices Dating Back 1000+ Years
  292. It’s Weird, Beautiful and Edible! (List of things [flowers, etc.] that are edible)What is a ______ and Why it’s Encouraged (Fill in the blank with a traditional or Alternative medical test: Allergy test, Colonoscopy, etc.)
  293. Where does ADD come from?
  294. Reduce the risk of __________ (fill in the blank)
  295. How Can I Save the Environment?
  296. What is a Balanced Diet?
  297. What is the Paleo Diet?
  298. What is a Ketogenic Diet?
  299. What is Bariatric Surgery?
  300. What is a Fibroid?
  301. What is Environmental Science?
  302. What is Environmental Justice?
  303. What are the Causes of Cancer?
  304. What Happens When You Have a Heart Attack?
  305. What is Alzheimer’s Disease?
  306. What is Cognitive Development?
  307. How to Read Nutrition Labels
  308. Is Dairy Really Bad for Me?
  309. Is Sugar Really Bad for Me?
  310. The Chemistry of Nutrition
  311. Spiritual Energy Theme for Each of the 12 Months (Monthly Slot for an Upgraded Member)

February Awareness Month Events

  • AMD/Low Vision Awareness Month
  • American Heart Month
  • International Prenatal Infection Prevention Month
  • National Children’s Dental Health Month
  • Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month

February Awareness Day & Week Events

  • World Cancer Day (Feb 4)

  • African Heritage and Health Week (first week of February)

  • Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week (Feb. 7–14)
  • World Day of Social Justice (Feb 20)

  • Condom Week (Feb. 14–21)
  • Eating Disorders Awareness and Screening Week (Feb. 25–March 3)

March Awareness Month Events

  • National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month
  • Brain Injury Awareness Month
  • National Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month
  • Save Your Vision Month
  • National Nutrition Month
  • Bleeding Disorders Awareness Month
  • National Kidney Month
  • National Endometriosis Awareness Month
  • Trisomy Awareness Month

March Awareness Day & Week Events

  • Zero Discrimination Day (March 1)

  • World Wildlife Day (March 3)

  • International Women’s Day (March 8) 

  • Patient Safety Awareness Week – March 10-16
  • National Pulmonary Rehabilitation Week – March 10-16
  • Brain Awareness Week – March 11-17
  • National Sleep Awareness Week – March 11-17
  • International Day of Happiness (March 20)
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  1. Moira Hutchison

    Thanks for another great list of inspiration!! May I take the following titles:

    34. Know When Fear or Intuition is Talking
    67. Think Positive Live Longer
    161. Learning How To Accept Your Circumstances

    Thank you

      1. Laura Sharon

        Hi Ashley —
        It seems the title of my blog that was published today was changed. It was supposed to be 4 Tips for Healing from Childhood Trauma, not “Emotional” trauma. Is there a reason it was changed? I haven’t yet shared it via my social media platforms because I would like to know why the title was changed. I prefer the original title.


  2. Ahana Lara

    Thank you for this list – some great topics there.
    I would be interested in submitting the following:

    111. 10 Habits of Highly Successful People
    80. Marketing Your Business To A New Crowd
    47. 10 Tips to Spread Love and Kindness

    For the last topic (47), can I change it to 10 Tips to Spread Love and Kindness Through Your Business? Or do I need to keep to the topic. Please advise.

    Thank you

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      Thank you! They’re yours! 🙂 And yes, you can adjust the title to suit your needs, as these are not set in stone but rather additional inspiration.

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    I’d like to write the following for WU:
    #6 How to Get Rid of Procrastination for Good
    #9 3 Tips to Emotionally Release Stress
    #31 The 1 Thing You Need To Change To Build a New Habit and Keep It

    Under my name I’d like to write:
    #8 5 Most Strategic Ways to Accelerate Your Business Growth
    #20 How to Create the Perfect Pitch For Prospective Clients

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    #44 Recognizing a Toxic Relationship

    #108 How to be More Outgoing

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