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Rachael Taylor

Confidence Mindset Mentor & Coloring Book Illustrator

I'm a multi-passionate, creative woman that incorporates my natural talents into my daily business. Welcome to my page!

I'm a Confidence Mindset Mentor that will help you create unshakeable confidence with mindset techniques and practical tools. I will teach you how to add your innate creativity into daily life and empower you to leverage your natural talents and create your best life.

Work with me in mentor sessions to transform your mindset, increase your confidence levels and build your best life.

I'm also a Coloring Book Illustrator and have a self-published line of coloring books for children and adults. Use my coloring books as tools for natural stress relief, refreshing sleep and better balance to help you strengthen your mindset.

You can find my coloring books and mentoring services at

Have a great day!

Rachael Taylor

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