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Rachael Taylor

It's your time to have the body and health you want.

I work with women's health blocks. My clients find why they're stuck & change it with new habits. They learn how to match the right eating with the right movement for their body and by enrolling in the 90-Day program, my clients commit to learning WHY they don't have what they want and HOW to change it once and for all.

The key to changing our relationship to food and exercise is building an awareness and curiosity around our actions so we can build better, non-destructive habits into our lives.

Before working with my coach a few of my health blocks were mismanaged stress management, internalized emotions and frustrations, a lack of commitment to exercise and a fear of injury and pain from it, fatigue, fibromyalgia, depression, chronic anxiety, a deep love and addition to chips and red wine and hatred of vegetables, and an overall angst at my figure and a consistent, relentless focus on all the things wrong with it.

My coach took me through all these exercises that dug up all the emotional gunk that had been festering in my body all these years. We used anchoring, EFT, positive mantras, visualization exercises, and introspective exercises to break free from all the ick and make room for all the abundance. Having a coach was the key for me to identify that all my fears and insecurities were triggering me to reach for salt and sugar on the hour every hour to manage the stress. This lack of nutrition was actually adding to the existing pain in my body and my lack of energy was stopping me from daily movement.

Once I found the emotional triggers, I understood why I did the things I did. Once I understood why I did the things I did, I could change the habit. Once I changed the habit, I had my coach to hold me accountable to keep the change. And since my coach held me accountable to keep those changes, I now actually want to eat the foods that I used to hate. I actually want to get up off my…

Rachael Taylor

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