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Rachael Taylor

Create more choices for yourself without guilt.

I'm a Certified Health and Life Coach that helps busy professionals follow through on consistent exercise, a healthy diet and natural stress management so they can advance in their career and business without emotional eating, gaining weight or burning out.
Often times your work will lead to extra stressors in your life – emotional eating, weight gain and physical burn out. Figure out how to manage these and not only will you feel better but your career or business will accelerate from your added focus, energy, confidence and hustle. I help busy professionals advance their careers by helping them figure out how.
I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue when I was 19 and ended up on 4 different kinds of medication. It turned out that I had some bad habits I needed to change: eating too much sugar, internalized stress, overworking, imbalanced eating patterns, inconsistent exercise, caffeine addiction, irregular sleep, the belief that I would never be enough & no way to kick out bad habits and make new ones. I had all these reasons around why taking care of myself wasn't important and I had built sabotages, bad habits and resistance around ever changing it. (Even if I thought I wanted to, I didn't actually want to).
I found that I could solve all of them through lifestyle changes and building consistent healthy habits that support my body and now I do the same for my clients.
xo Rachael

Rachael Taylor

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