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Rachael Taylor

Helping you get unstuck by creating confidence with mindset coaching

Starting a business and bringing it to a profitable place is more than learning marketing techniques, strategies and building a website. Your ultimate success in having a profitable business is your mindset and working on the day to day necessities that will convert clients, publish books, launch products and make money.

What am I talking about? I’m talking about the middle - the place that every business owner lives after they have a great idea and before living their dream.

This is where most business owners get in trouble - their mindset gets blocked with fears, insecurities, doubts, sabotage, negativity and overwhelm. If they don’t know how to protect themselves from all that clutter, it will threaten to take over their life, their business and ultimately their profits.

I have found that creating your best life and a business you love hinges on how much confidence you have in who you are and what you believe you are capable of.

Are you feeling stuck, unsure and overwhelmed? Like you keep circling the same mountain of problems over and over again? Terrified to move forward in your business? I'm here to help.

My confidence coaching teaches you how to strengthen your mindset with simple and practical actions - you can't build a business if fear is controlling you.

Your confidence is key to creating a life and business that fits your unique talents and passions.

Start with my Meet & Greet Session - a 30 minute coaching session between you and me. Message me directly for times or use the link Just like in-person networking, I want to meet you! Thanks to technology, we can be miles apart but connected as if we are in the same coffee house.

Book some free time out of my schedule so we can virtually shake hands, get to know each other and see if working together for the next 6 months would be a great fit.

Rachael Taylor

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