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Rachael Taylor

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Helping small businesses and entrepreneurs grow their profits, brand and audience.

Ready to take your business to 6-figures and beyond? I can help you grow your profits, brand and audience with a proven-to-work, online marketing strategy that will cause you to stand out, shine and thrive.



+ Want to reach 6-figures and beyond with your products and services,

+ Know your business needs someone to be laser-focused on marketing,

+ Want to grow to the next level without working more hours,


+ Have the foundation of your business built and are focused on growth,

+ Want to consistently find your ideal customers online without paid ads,

+ Are interested in a strategy that will make you stand out among the noise,


+ Would love to have more leads coming in your door on a regular basis,

+ Enjoy the flexibility of using freelance and remote contractors,

+ Want someone to help you so you don’t have to live on social media,

Then you’ve found the partner you need.



Be your freelance content strategist and marketing partner, so you never have to worry about where your customers will come from and can confidently assign the detailed work of marketing your business online to someone you can count on.


My passion is helping entrepreneurs…

+ Create abundant incomes with their products.

+ Have more clients and help more people.

+ Turn their passions into a profitable business.

+ Grow their audience and change the world.



Creating content and posting it on your website under your name and brand, then strategically promoting that information through specific marketing channels.

Whether you have a physical office or location-free services and products, growing to a new income level of 6-figures and beyond requires your business to be on the eyes and thoughts of the people you can help.

It takes people seeing your business or product at least 7 times consistently before they’ll take action.

The best way to do that is through Pinterest - it’s a powerful search engine that has millions of users actively looking for solutions that you already offer!

The content on Pinterest can last for months (instead of the seconds or hours of other social media platforms) and has the potential to bring thousands of people to your website every day.

Don’t have enough hours in the day to invest in another marketing channel? Be stressed no longer - I’m here so you can do what you need to do.

As your marketing strategist and ghostwriter for customer-focused articles, I’ll make sure that your business brings your ideal clients off social media and into your world.

Visit to set up a free consultation.

Rachael Taylor

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