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Minna Wong

Love what you Live, Live what you Love

In our society, ninety percent of people view normal as a good thing. Normal people are in the majority. Normal people go to an average school, get average grades, get an average job with average pay, have a ho-hum relationship at home and a raise a few normal kids.

The remaining ten percent—the abnormal, foolish people like us—want to excel. We want to succeed and strive to be better today than we were yesterday. We taren’t satisfied with the status quo because we know we can be better.

We can achieve a better financial position so that we can help others who cannot help themselves.

We can achieve better health so that we can truly experience life.

We can enjoy a healthier intimate relationship and truly become fulfilled and joyful.

We can experience greater engagement in a  job, contract, business, volunteer work or something else that genuinely fills our souls, drives our ambition, and contributes to society.

And, what the heck: we want nicer things. There’s no reason to be ashamed of that. What about a home that looks out to the ocean, where the waves can be heard hitting the beach? A fast car? Nice clothes? Meals at gourmet restaurants? Maybe even a private jet, or a yacht? Why the hell not? We work hard; we deserve it.

Normal people call us Foolish because we are different, not because we are dumb, silly, or stupid. We’re just different. And we make every effort to be different.

Of course, we’re both born on April 1, as well. So yeah—we’re The Foolish Couple.

Minna Wong

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