A Wonderful Journey – The Story of WU

What a wonderful journey it has been! In September of 2013, I was blessed with the vision to create an epic space for real people, really changing the world. I had an almost ‘urgent’ call to duty to serve. Our space, The Wellness Universe was being called into creation and I was excited and terrified of the whispers I received from the Universe regarding this journey I was about to embark on.

After a few months of keeping this vision to myself, I shared it with my friend Teresa. After a few more weeks I decided it was time to find a self-less soldier who will stand with me, who believes in the good of people, in the need for real solutions and healing for the world. I called on Shari to join me on this crazy mission to change the world. And from one crazy, inspired woman to another, she hopped on board without hesitation!

That was the very last week of December 2013. Come January 2014, we began to plan out the Mecca of wellness. Through The Wellness Universe, we wanted to create a unique space allowing those who actively participate in making the world a better place through their unique contribution to the world, a place to thrive. We wanted to create the epic space where healing takes place, friendships and deep bonds can be created and humanity, the planet and all living creatures can be served and feel supported. A space where world-changers are easily found. 

We recognized we were getting lost in the over saturation on social media platforms of mixed content, more disconnection happening and asked ‘How can we bring people together? How can we create a new paradigm and shift in thinking to achieve the results we seek? Where do people go to find the local or global practitioner to REALLY help their well-being? Are there enough co-creators of change who see our place of gathering as a non-competitive space, but rather an EMPOWERING place of like-mindedness?’ Social media has changed so much of us. The way we interact, share and how we do business. It has been an amazing blessing to the world and sometimes a curse. Somewhere out there the internet lacked a chiseled out space just for feel-good, hope and help filled content and resources for humanity. WE needed our own platform as conscious business people and anyone taking on the responsibility of supporting something positive.

Do I dare embark in the technology space? Who do I think I am to create this? Do I have the hope, strength, belief and determination to see this through? DO I BELIEVE IN WORLD-CHANGERS ENOUGH?

Yes. Yes I can and Yes I do!

But why do I have to build a platform? This was a huge risk and undertaking. Any entrepreneur knows the emotional toll, financial investment and time involved in building a sustainable business.  My status was well established on Facebook and across the internet as an inspirational leader and jewelry designer. I could easily have written books, created workshops, continued on with my jewelry, etc. My risk to bring this HUGE vision to life for the purpose to serve was bigger than what I wanted to have an internal dialogue over. In fact, there was no discussion, I just knew I had to do it. This was my calling.

We planned and planned and worked on the vision daily. In late August of 2014 we started a Facebook group to bring World-Changers together. In January of 2015 we launched the first version of WU that classified Facebook pages and a blog which only featured content from WUVIPs (Wellness Universe Very Inspiring People). This was the first stage and far from where we wanted to be. A Facebook page is not a person. We wanted people who help people to connect on a human level. In November with the dedicated help of Robert Clancy and his team at Spiral Design, we launched a community forum and profile site allowing world-changers to be represented.

Now here we are in 2017 and a fully interactive version of The Wellness Universe has emerged and we are far from done!

We are just as committed as the first day we began. Shari, myself and our amazing team Kim, Ashley, Jenny, Heather, Heather, Jennifer & Brian  show up every day with the full intention of creating a better world. We could not have come this far without our dedicated, trusted and supportive team we call family.

We are determined and stick to our core values to continue to bring a site and community together to serve the world! WU World-Changers and WU Friends have found a home to support their personal and professional journey of living in total wellness, mind, body, spirit AND planet. As a collective, we will change the world.

A special thank you to WUVIPs/WU World-Changers, early adopters, champions and soldiers who have been with us since the beginning, and who are here today cheering us on, standing by us and being in The Wellness Universe, sharing and contributing. Your energy and love has sustained us and keeps us going. You are the proof the Universe knows what it’s talking about! You are the proof of my vision and my personal satisfaction is knowing such amazing human beings exist.

Welcome home! Shari and I are committed to our community and the people needing your unique contribution.

We are completely member supported, so as we build WU we build it in your interest and rely on your support to thrive and move forward.

Thank you for believing in us and being part of our journey. 

We all grow bigger, stronger, better, through each other.

Wishing You Divine Blessings!


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  1. Heather Corinne Lang

    I am extremely grateful you followed your dream and are living your purpose. I’m deeply honored to be a part of your journey, helping create this incredibly brilliant space to bring together the wellness warriors, light workers of all kinds, healers, helpers, and uplifting, motivational and inspiring souls! A heartfelt Namaste…with Love, Heather