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Kimberly Bayne

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Breaking the Stigma of Suicide & Depression "This is not where the story has to end; today we will continue on." Spreading positive encouragement one Empowering moment at a time.


I am the Social Media Manager for The Wellness Universe. One of my joys is creating beautiful posts we share on social media. If you need memes and branding posts for yourself, please visit my site

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Like most, I have lived my share of challenges. The hardest being losing my father to suicide at the age of 12, and living the majority of my life with illness after illness.
After years of struggling with resentment, anger, frustration and numerous emotional feelings such as unworthiness and low self-esteem, I finally was able to break free and forgive.
I have also battled several dis-eases since I was 2 yrs old.
I have taken my life and my health back and  have since dedicated my life to helping others in their journey toward living a more empowered and positive life. I am a Certified Life Coach, Master Reiki Practitioner NLP Practitioner and an Ordained Minister. I am currently taking numerous classes in the Law of Attraction, Hypnosis, Past Life Regression & Writing.
Being an Empath and Intuitive, I feel more, sense more and hear more than most. It is my hope to Inspire, Guide, and Teach others forgiveness and Love.

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I have  a brand new website dedicated to Suicide prevention and awareness. It is my goal to break the stigma surrounding suicide & depression and am working on creating a foundation to do that, as well as help children who have lost a parent or family member to suicide. Please visit to learn more or to donate.


I am also the Media & Marketing Manager for

If you are looking for a Social Media Manager or just need posters created for your business page, I do that as well. Please have a look at my website 'Social Media by KBayne'

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Field Advocate for the AFSP American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

Kimberly Bayne

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