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Heather Durling

Founder of The Phoenix Gathering, Speaker, Writer, Co-Facilitator

I am the Founder of, an online resource for adult survivors of child abuse.  I am a fellow survivor who strives to learn new ways of thriving while sharing my knowledge and experiences with those on their own healing journey.  I am also a co-facilitator for a local support group, speaker, writer, and a closet herbal mad scientist.

My purpose is to help my fellow survivors of trauma and abuse, both childhood and present, get to a place of thriving while seeing their wonderful strengths and abilities. My goal is to help you completely knock out the negative self-beliefs, and self-sabotaging behaviors that commonly hold you back from seeing your own greatness and worthiness.

I have created an extensive website directory for survivors with various sites that provide resources, education, support, and empowering strength. If you are looking for daily inspiration and strength -  follow me for articles, tips, inspiration, and empowering quotes and blogs on my facebook page and twitter feed.

If you are a survivor located in lower Michigan looking for a local support group, please feel free to visit my support group web page > ASCA Outreach Brighton

I have also written an e-book called "The Survivor's Manifesto - How to Move Past Surviving and Start Thriving". This is available for free to anyone that would like to learn 8 steps to living your life the way YOU want. Sign up here for your free copy! > Free Manifesto

I would like to leave you with a powerful affirming statement that will help you start to find your own inner Phoenix: "I rise above the ashes of my past, defining who I am today. I choose to soar above what is behind me and fly towards the future that serves me best."

- Heather Durling, Founder

Causes and Organizations

ASCA Organization - Adult Survivors of Child Abuse (ASCA) is an international self-help support group program designed specifically for adult survivors of neglect, physical, sexual, and/or emotional abuse.

Male Survivor Organization

HAVOCA (Help for Adult Victims Of Child Abuse)

Heather Durling

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