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If you are seeking wellness help during this challenging time, please check our WU Best Help to support your total wellness, offering free and reduced rates.

  • We are rolling out the red carpet, and trying not to drop our autograph pads, as we introduce the latest WU World Changers!! Don’t miss your chance to meet and introduce yourselves to our newest stellar members! We just know you will give them the WUVIP 5-star treatment that they deserve!

    We are in awe over these light-filled souls that are h…[Read more]

    We are rolling out the red carpet, and trying not to drop our autograph pads, as we introduce the la
    • Welcome new #WUWorldChangers!! So glad you’re here! 😀 I’m Ashley, the blog manager for The Wellness Universe. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the blog or how to submit. Blogging for WU is just one of the many perks of your membership, so please utilize this awesome resource! <3 Xo

    • Welcome to all of our new WU World-Changers! Absolutely thrilled to welcome you to the community. As the Co-Founder, it is my greatest pleasure to see more folks who are using their gifts to positively contribute to our planet and humanity. Thank you and SO look forward to connecting, co-creating and collaborating with you! Stay involved and you…[Read more]

      • Thanks~ Happy To Be A Part Of This Community of Brilliance

      • Thanks Shari. I’m looking forward to getting more involved with The WU. Im slowly chipping away at all there is to offer and its great! Happy to be here. 🙂

    • Welcome Welcome to alll the new fabulous members. So happy to have you as part of the most amazing community of World Changers. <3

    • Welcome to all of you wellness warriors, light workers and more! Incredibly honored to share this brilliant space with you! I’m part of the admin team, and if you need something, please let me know! Namaste! <3

    • Welcome new shining stars of brilliance and world change! Thank you for being the inspiration, support and guide to those seeking health and wellness. WELCOME!

    • It’s so exciting to be connecting with all of these beautiful new #WUVIP’s!!
       I am Jenny Tasker, WU’s Social Media Manager, and owner/creator of Jenny’s Positive Posts.
       I look after many things such as, the Lounge, Twitter, and our elite #WUTT Team (Wellness Universe Twitter Team).
      If you happen to be an avid Twitter user, and are interested in…[Read more]

    • Hope you all will join us at the new member meeting today at 4pm EST!

    • Hi, Ciara

      Please follow this link to be taken to our new blog submission form. Thank you!

    • I am thrilled to be with you all in the Wellness Universe. So happy to connect, share, and support one another.

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