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From understanding how you became who you are today, to uncovering and removing the obstacles that have gotten in your way, encouragement parenting counseling provides more than a place to put your sorrows.

The well-being of others is my passion, and through connection, encouragement, and 30 years of clinical and wellness practice, I empower Gifted, Twice-exceptional, Parents, and Adults to connect with there essence and live their best lives.

Parenting in the 21st century has more challenges than any other time in our history.  Not only do we struggle with typical behavioral issues like power struggles and sibling issues, we have to contend with technology, the ever increasing exposure of developmentally inappropriate material or subjects to our children, mass marketing directed at our children that push unhealthy foods and activities, leading to disconnected social interactions, childrens' problems with socializing, unhealthy bodies and unhealthy minds.  Parents, you need more support now than ever.  Encouragement Parenting provides support to parents through weekly tips, Wednesday wisdom, online trainings, in-person trainings, consultations, and classes.

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As a Parent of a Gifted Child:

How many times have you listened to other parents talk about their children’s development and thought, I can’t share what is going on, they will think that I’m bragging or even worse, think I’m crazy!?

How many times have you wanted to ask a friend for support on what to do or where to go, but didn’t because they weren’t facing the same challenges that you were?  It seemed like no one had the same challenges as you.

Do you know that gifted is a term for a population of people who share common social and emotional characteristics, as well as psychological issues?

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Here is what you get in this free guide:
How to Explain the difference between Gifted and Talented to other Parents
The number one strategy for having a deeper relationship with your child
And 3 extra strategies to increase your confidence in how you parent

Your membership with Encouragement Parenting offers this and so much more.

As an Adlerian, certified in Parent Training, with a Masters degree in Neuropsychology and second Masters degree in Counseling, I offer counseling, education, educational trainings, and consultations, identifying and focusing on strengths to support you, your children, and you family in thriving, creating the life that you were born to live.  You can read more about my philosophy here:

Awards and Affiliations

Catherine has been recognized worldwide for her outstanding leadership. The International Association of Top Professionals out of New York, presented her with their Top Female Visionary for 2018 at their recent Gala in New York.  She has been inducted into Elite American Educators, Elite Women Worldwide, Marquis Who's Who and selected as "Outstanding Professional of the Year" by Cambridge Who's Who.  She was also selected as "Top Female Executive" and was featured in a chapter in the "Top 101 Industry Expert publication." In 2016 named "Top Clinical Professional Counselor of the Year."  She is an active volunteer with and is affiliated with several national and state professional organizations including, the North American Society of Adlerian Professionals, the the American Counseling Association, and the Illinois Mental Health Counselors Association, the Illinois Counselors Association and currently holds an executive board membership as the Secretary for the Association for Child and Adolescent Counselors in Illinois.

Causes and Organizations


Owner, Encouragement Parenting

Secretary, Illinois Association for Child and Adolescent Counselors, 2017-present

Gifted Children and Families

Social and Emotional Committee, Illinois Association for Gifted Children, 2009-2015

Chicago Gifted Community Center previous Board Member and Parent Series Speaker

Speaker and Parent Trainer through National and Local For and Non-Profit Gifted Organizations


Expanding Consciousness Collective, Founding Member,

Catherine Gruener

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