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From understanding how you became who you are today, to uncovering and removing the obstacles that have gotten in your way, it is my pleasure and privilege to work with you on your life journey.

The well-being of others is my passion, with goals of positively impacting communities through connection, encouragement and empowerment.  As an Adlerian, certified in Parent Training, with a Masters degree in Neuropsychology and second Masters degree in Counseling, I offer counseling, education, educational trainings, and consultations, identifying and focusing on strengths to support you, your children, and you family in thriving, creating the life that you were born to live.  You can read more about my philosophy here:

Parenting is a passion for Catherine.  Encouragement Parenting is the parent education and division of Gruener Consulting focusing on nurturing the enlightenment and empowerment of parents through experiential trainings, workshops, seminars, and online classes.  Catherine created Encouragement Parenting combining her knowledge from certifications in evidence-based and evidence-backed parent training programs, research, degrees in neuropsychology and clinical counseling, along with over 20 years experience serving others within the mental health field.  Encouragement Parenting is an enlightening and empowering approach, that uses intuitive, expressive, and experiential trainings to encourage parents to live their best lives.  Catherine shares her knowledge, teaching and guiding with enthusiasm, joy and kindness.  Visit Encouragement Parenting  or take a class online through the Lounge and Learn It Live

Intuitive, expressive, and experiential learning offers you an opportunity for depth learning and an expansion of your ideas about yourself and others.  Ask Catherine about any of these services or go to Our Main Website Gruener Consulting for counseling and psychotherapy if you are in Illinois.

For parent consultations or education in the U.S. or Internationally check out online learning opportunities at: Learn It Live and consider our secure and confidential video conferencing services: Online Appointments

You can purchase access to Pre-recorded webinars and download handouts and worksheets at: Encouragement Parenting

Catherine is nationally and internationally known for her work with Gifted and Profoundly Gifted Children and Families.  You can purchase her book "Parenting Young Gifted Children What to Expect when you Have the Unexpected" with resources and approaches for parenting your gifted children here: ACCESS THE BOOK  take an online course focusing on parenting gifted children here: Encouragement Parenting with Young Gifted Children or contact Catherine for an online or in-person consultation (872)216-5860

Awards and Affiliations

Catherine has been recognized worldwide for her outstanding leadership. The International Association of Top Professionals out of New York, presented her with their Top Female Visionary for 2018 at their recent Gala in New York.  She has been inducted into Elite American Educators, Elite Women Worldwide, Marquis Who's Who and selected as "Outstanding Professional of the Year" by Cambridge Who's Who.  She was also selected as "Top Female Executive" and was featured in a chapter in the "Top 101 Industry Expert publication." In 2016 named "Top Clinical Professional Counselor of the Year."  She is an active volunteer with and is affiliated with several national and state professional organizations including, the North American Society of Adlerian Professionals, the the American Counseling Association, and the Illinois Mental Health Counselors Association, the Illinois Counselors Association and currently holds an executive board membership as the Secretary for the Association for Child and Adolescent Counselors in Illinois.

Causes and Organizations

The Health and Wellbeing of Communities through Encouraging, Enlightening, and Empowering Children, Parents and Families

Owner, Encouragement Parenting

Secretary, Illinois Association for Child and Adolescent Counselors, 2017-present

Gifted Children and Families

Social and Emotional Committee, Illinois Association for Gifted Children, 2009-2015

Chicago Gifted Community Center previous Board Member and Parent Series Speaker

Speaker and Parent Trainer through National and Local For and Non-Profit Gifted Organizations


Expanding Consciousness Collective, Founding Member,

Catherine Gruener

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